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The jewelry industry is very lucrative. Jewelry is worn by men, women and children of all ages. You can have the best jewelry but the packaging plays an important role in people liking or disliking your product.

The market is full of different options for jewelry boxes. Customized ones with logos are also available. With the right box, your products will look more enticing and you can get more revenue for the business.

This blog is going to cover everything you need to know about jewelry boxes wholesale. The best material, the perfect shape and the multiple ways in which you can use a jewelry box are all discussed.

Different Sizes of Jewelry Boxes – Wholesale from China

When you go out to buy jewelry boxes, they come in all shapes and sizes. Best of all, you can also get customized ones which can be in any dimensions you want. The most common ones can be divided into the following categories.

Common Shapes of Jewelry boxes: rectangle, round, oval and square

common shapes of jewelry boxes

Oval, rectangle, square and round are some of the most common types of jewelry boxes. The sheer simplicity is what makes these designs classy and elegant. For people who like to play safe, these are the preferred choices as they can go with the rest of the items on your dressing table too.

These are the oldest shapes that jewelry boxes come in. The reason is that the materials with which jewelry boxes were made were traditionally metal and wood. Shaping them in these shapes was much easier and the designs stuck. Antique pieces are mostly found in these shapes.

Unusual Shapes of Jewelry Boxes

Unusual shapes of jewelry boxes

Jewelry boxes come in different shapes also. Some of the popular ones are seashells, butterflies, diamonds and hearts. These are mostly customized and the new generation likes these better than the regular ones. The common shapes are easily mass-produced and have a bigger target market.

On the other hand, jewelry lovers also like to experiment. The only drawback is that these are not very practical. The entire space is not utilized as you can’t cram jewelry in the knocks and corners.

Small/Slim Jewelry Boxes

small/slim jewelry boxes

If you have a smaller jewelry collection, going for a smaller or slimmer jewelry box is a good idea. It will be practical and easy to handle. Mostly, the small boxes are specific for particular jewelry items. Smaller rectangular boxes can be used to store rings and small earrings. The slimmer and longer ones are mostly used for bracelets and necklaces.

Medium Jewelry Boxes

medium jewelry boxes

These are the perfect size. If you have a varied collection of jewelry including rings, earrings, bracelets and many more accessories. These boxes have specialized trays and compartments. The best thing is that these also come with a mirror included. Their versatility makes them a market favorite.

Large/Huge Jewelry Boxes

large/huge jewelry boxes

For people who love jewelry or don’t want to part with their pieces, large/huge jewelry boxes are a good option. Most jewelry lovers have big jewelry boxes that can cater to their collections. There are many compartments and trays in which you can easily keep the jewelry. Many wholesale sellers also sell these at a huge profit.

Different Materials of Jewelry Boxes – Wholesale from China

The jewelry box industry has come a long way from just metal and wood jewelry boxes. There are so many different materials that can be used in making these boxes that it can get a little confusing about which one to choose. The most common and popular materials are discussed below. It is necessary to know about the materials before buying wholesale, because it related with the wholesale price.

Cardboard and Paper Jewelry Boxes

Cardboard and Paper Jewelry boxes

These jewelry boxes are made out of cardboard or paper. These are mostly used for individual items like a pendant set, ring box or box for earrings. It has a small cushion or soft lining inside to protect the items. They are the perfect material for gifting jewelry items. They come in a variety of shapes, designs and sizes and are easily customizable.

Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Wood is the oldest material that has been in use for making jewelry boxes. The reason for this is the durability and elegance that it offers. The variety is great for this material. You can find jewelry boxes of all sizes and designs as wood is very easy to craft and environmentally friendly.

The most popular wooden jewelry boxes are carved ones. These resemble traditional furniture and bedroom chests. The inside does not have any lining like the cardboard boxes. The reason is that wood is very durable and the jewelry items will remain safe inside.

Faux/Leather Jewelry Boxes

Leather jewelry boxes are not manufactured with leather. They have a leather covering all over them. This is one of the most modern materials being used and gives a chic and modern look to the jewelry box. Moreover, it is very durable. You will find leather jewelry boxes that target men. This is because it has a rugged look as compared to the sophisticated and fine look given by women’s jewelry boxes.

Faux/leather Jewelry Boxes

The flexibility of leather allows it to be used for different storage options like jewelry rolls for bangles and bracelets. The interest of people has shifted from normal leather to faux leather. Reason being, the environmental cost of leather is very high.

Glass Jewelry Boxes

Glass jewelry boxes are popular because of the different sizes and shapes they come in. The smaller ones are used for individual pieces of jewelry. Larger ones are used as jewelry chests. The walls are made of glass but metal is also included to give support to the glass.

When compared to other materials, glass jewelry boxes are fragile. Nonetheless, durable glass is used in it. These are mostly used for decoration purposes and can be used by people who handle them with care. Hence, it is not for rough use.

Plastic Jewelry Boxes

However much we try to avoid plastic, we are literally living in the age of plastic. It is one of the most versatile materials which is used to make hundreds of things. Plastic jewelry boxes are popular because of their durability and affordable price. They come in different shapes, sizes and dimensions.

You will find individual plastic boxes and even bigger and medium-sized ones. The only downside is that they are not aesthetically pleasing and might come off as cheap. This makes them perfect for people who prefer practicality over beauty.

Velvet Jewelry Boxes

velvet jewelry boxes

Velvet jewelry boxes give a touch of elegance, grandeur and beauty to a jewelry box. It is commonly used for the inner lining of the box but also used to cover the exterior. Moreover, velvet gives a delicate and feminine look to the jewelry box making it look royal and regal. Compared to other materials, velvet is expensive. The cost of production is high, making it one of the most expensive materials in the market.

Metal Jewelry Boxes

metal jewelry boxes

Along with wood, metal is the oldest material that has been used to make jewelry boxes. It is highly durable and long-lasting. It also gives an antique look. Even the oldest metal jewelry boxes are still functional and are excellent hand-downs in the family. The inside is lined with velvet or has certain cushioning to ensure that the jewelry remains safe.

Different Usages of Jewelry Boxes – Wholesale from China

Usages of Jewelry Boxes

It is assumed that jewelry boxes are used only to store and protect jewelry items. Even though this is the main reason why we use them, it is not the only reason. You don’t need to limit yourself to the obvious. You can always experiment with jewelry boxes and used them in different ways.

Some of these ways are discussed below.

Family Heirloom

There are many items in the family which are passed down from one person to another. These are important family heirlooms. For people, these are very important and prized. They might not have a lot of monetary value attached to them but a lot of emotional value attached.

For such prized possessions, you can use a beautiful and traditional jewelry box. It can be modern or antique as per your preference. Your family heirloom will be safe and secure in it. Additionally, it can be showcased properly if you want to show it to others.

Keep Your Wedding Vows

Another unique idea is to keep your wedding vows in it. Most of us tend to lose our wedding vows even after keeping them in a safe place. The best way to keep them safe is to put them in a lovely jewelry box. Even a small one will suffice. Nowadays, this trend is gaining popularity and brides are getting customized jewelry boxes made for this very purpose.


The market is full of different options when it comes to getting jewelry boxes wholesale. If you want quality at affordable prices, China wholesale suppliers are the people to go to. You can source jewelry boxes in bulk and they also have the option of customization.

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