Air Freight

We provide reliable air freight services. It will save the transportation time, solve your anxious priority !


When Time is Critical
Air Freight is the Way to GO

Equator has the best logistic team in China, we have international office and shipping partners from all over the world. Before shipping, our specialist will handle all the process and safety inspection for your goods and make sure all of your products will directly reach your place in time.
All of us work hard for offering a smooth transportation from China to your place.

Equatorsc Helps You in Shipping from China to Your Place
Faster, Safer, Easier and Cheaper

Our Solution

For small business, we can help deliver small-quantity products from China to your country safely and fast. Never care about the amount of importing, our reliable and top-class carriers allow us to offer air freight
for your business.

Economical Plan

Economical Plan

For your more relaxed and time-extended cargo requirements, we have a dedicated affordable economy option.

  • Transit time 7+ business days
  • More flexible delivery times
  • Maximum savings

Standard Plan

We provide a premium service to fulfill your requirements for rapid, time-efficient deliveries.

  • Transit time 3 to 5 business days
  • Affordable rates
  • On-time delivery

Urgent Plan

Regardless of the size or frequency of your cargo, we will meet all your urgent and time-critical cargo requirements.

  • Transit time 1 to 3 business days
  • For urgent shipments
  • On-time delivery


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