One of the most economical ways to get goods for your e-commerce firm is by using Chinese suppliers. Despite having similar names, AliExpress and Alibaba are two distinct Chinese e-commerce marketplaces with different services.  

Their names’ resemblance suggests a relationship between them, and there is. The Alibaba group is the owner of both platforms, and there needs to be clarity for customers about which platform to choose. A detailed survey of Alibaba vs. AliExpress platforms can solve this confusion.

Alibaba and AliExpress are two websites that individuals utilize for product sourcing. You have probably heard of these businesses if you occasionally shop online or work in the e-Commerce sector. Discover which platform is best for you by reading the details about the features of each platform.

Which two is the best option for your company Alibaba and AliExpress? Are you still Confused? Learn all there is to know about them by reading our article.

Alibaba VS AliExpress – Which One Suits Your Business Best?

Every business has unique requirements. You can only know what suits your business once you have tried different options; the other way is to get complete knowledge so you never lose the trade.
In this chapter, we have discussed Alibaba and AliExpress in detail so that you can make a decision confidently.

What is Alibaba?

Alibaba is a B2B marketplace that enables companies to buy bulk from suppliers and manufacturers all around Asia, particularly in China. Manufacturing is a significant industry in Asia and China due to the availability of inexpensive labor.

Emerging businesses can safeguard their bottom lines by sourcing suppliers at competitive prices through Alibaba.

There is also almost nothing you cannot find thanks to the platform’s broad selection of products, which includes manufactured products, custom goods, and equipment parts.

The portal is a go-to spot for businesses seeking retailers due to its user-friendly layout. The platform also provides several payment options so companies can always find a practical way to pay for their goods.

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is a B2C marketplace that is perfect for customers looking for a wide selection of comparable goods at reasonable prices. AliExpress is the second-most popular e-Commerce site globally thanks to its simple navigation, quick delivery, and payment options.

Although China and Asia account for most of the merchants here, there are still some from other continents. There is no minimum order restriction, and the marketplace has many listed dealers and commodities. AliExpress offers products at a portion of the cost of Amazon and other similar businesses.

When to use Alibaba?

Alibaba is made explicitly for business-to-business exchanges, and Alibaba is a superior option for online shops looking to buy private-label or customized products. You may quickly request modifications — like imprinting your brand name or emblem on products at reasonable pricing because you always buy straight from distributors and manufacturers.

Most vendors on Alibaba offer wholesale prices because the platform was developed for business-to-business transactions. Yet, because of this, Alibaba could be more user-friendly. You ought to be all right if you have got prior expertise with bulk purchasing.

The Alibaba-Shopify connection may be challenging for new merchants, who might need help understanding what questions to ask to get what they require. You should experiment with the platform to figure out how to use different features like transactions and imports because the interface can be challenging.

When to use AliExpress?

The founders introduced AliExpress to cater to some specific customers. AliExpress focuses exclusively on B2C sales, which might benefit new traders who wish to launch enterprises using AliExpress dropship because of its essential integrations. This site often only provides ready-made, non-customizable products because it is created to target customers.

AliExpress might be more helpful for finding and testing goods for new online shops or small e-Commerce firms. Pricing is more expensive than Alibaba’s, and vendors do not impose minimum order conditions on AliExpress.

AliExpress has a far more user-friendly layout than other major e-commerce platforms because it was developed to serve customers. Users just perform a search, put what they require in their basket, and go to the checkout. Since everything is fully automated and they do not need to speak to the supplier, it is much simpler to utilize.

Comparison Table about Alibaba VS AliExpress

The following are the comparison tables showing the similarities between Alibaba and AliExpress.

  • Differences between Alibaba and AliExpress
Type Of SiteAlibaba is explicitly made for business-to-business exchanges.AliExpress focuses exclusively on B2C sales.
Customized products AvailabilityAlibaba deals in customer retail and they provide customized products as well at the request of their customers.AliExpress is designed with clients in mind and only offers pre-made, immutable commodities.
Methods of ShippingThere are options for shipping by air, sea, and courier.China Post, Yanwen, E-Packet, and Express are available options.
Product costPrices are adjustable and less expensiveAliExpress provides fixed prices. They are relatively higher.
User-FriendlyIt does not have a user-friendly layout. It can be challenging for new merchants having no prior experience in wholesale purchasing.It has a more user-friendly layout as it is designed to serve consumers.
Free ShippingFree shipment is subject to the supplier’s “generosityAliExpress provides its valued customers the facility of free shipping as well.
Policy For Buyer ProtectionAlibaba provides Trade Assurance for wholesalers. However, you need to find suppliers who add to this project and make sure they will pay for any damages to your orders.AliExpress consists of a buyer protection policy that guarantees secure transactions and shields clients from con artists.
  • Similarities of Alibaba and AliExpress
OriginThe e-commerce platforms Alibaba and AliExpress both are based in China.
Business TypeBoth Alibaba and AliExpress are online stores where you can buy products from other sellers.
Product RateBoth websites have significantly lower prices for their items than those of any US-based shopping website.
Payment MethodThey both accept many forms of payment, including credit cards, bank transfers, as well as AliPay.
Buyer Protection policiesBuyer Protection services are provided by both Alibaba and AliExpress which helps buyers to purchase reliable products.

Differences Between Alibaba VS AliExpress

Both systems are used for online commerce but serve entirely different objectives and operate very differently. The following are a few key distinctions between the two dominant eCommerce companies

Designed for Different Customers

The fact that each was created for different types of customers is the main distinction between Alibaba and AliExpress.

Because of this, the two platforms draw various merchants and offer unique benefits. To know how each website functions, you must understand the distinctions between Alibaba and AliExpress.

Alibaba was explicitly built to conduct business with other businesses. On the other hand, AliExpress was designed to serve specific customers. 

Which means, if you need to buy in bulk and cheap, you can visit Alibaba then find reliable suppliers. If you want to have a look at 1~2 samples, you can visit AliExpress because the sellers there never require MOQ.

Assistance to Customer

Businesses engage directly with vendors when purchasing on Alibaba rather than Alibaba itself. However, Alibaba offers support services, online forums, and locations to file formal concerns and disputes.

Additionally, customers can chat live with Alibaba support. Alibaba does not offer phone help, but email will put you in touch with your suppliers directly.

AliExpress offers a live chat feature and a help center but no phone support. AliExpress offers dispute management options for complaining against suppliers and claiming refunds on its website.

Quantity of Order

Most suppliers on Alibaba offer wholesale prices because the platform was created for business-to-business transactions.

Access to these prices may require you to show identification as a legal business entity. Additionally, minimum order requirements are frequently imposed by retailers, with a minimum of 50 products.

For sourcing and testing products for online startup retailers or small eCommerce businesses, AliExpress might be more efficient. There are no minimum order requirements, even though the prices on the website are higher than those on Alibaba.

Clients Feedback

Alibaba has a lot of great, trustworthy manufacturers, but there have also been many allegations of fraud enterprises there. In recent years, Alibaba has taken a lot of action to combat problems like service quality and fake items.

Due to the affordable custom product options Alibaba offers, many seasoned wholesale buyers have had great results.

The feedback on AliExpress is quite variable. Several companies use AliExpress to dropship products without any problems. However, many retail customers who purchase from AliExpress lament that their orders never arrive.

Some say that the wrong products are shipped and have trouble resolving disputes or getting refunds.

Various Shipping Techniques

Another critical variation between Alibaba and AliExpress is the methods of service delivery. Alibaba frequently offers both courier and China post, whereas AliExpress typically only offers courier or freight transportation.

Alibaba vendors may use carriers like DHL, FedEx, or UPS to ship small purchases. However, providers commonly choose sea freight for large shipments to keep costs down. While ocean freight could take up to 10 days, courier deliveries from China to Singapore often arrive in two days.

Cost of Products

You can use Alibaba and AliExpress for free whether you want to purchase or sell. Both platforms provide a variety of tools and options to make selling simple and easy.

Alibaba is unquestionably the best option if you want to purchase something at a lower price. The best thing is that Alibaba’s product prices are flexible and competitive. Additionally, you can compare quotes from other sellers and choose the one that best matches your budget.

But to take advantage of lower costs on Alibaba, you must purchase in large quantities. Before selling at wholesale prices, certain vendors may want documentation from you proving your legal status as a company.

On the other side, AliExpress is more expensive than Alibaba. The benefit of AliExpress is you do not need to buy in bulk quantities.

Available dropshipping Options

Many global buyers use AliExpress for their dropshipping businesses. Only some of Alibaba’s sellers usually offer dropshipping. Because AliExpress is a conventional eCommerce website, vendors there offer courier shipments.

However, a lot of retailers also provide dropshipping. With dropshipping, you can take images of a product from the supplier’s store and accept orders while the provider takes care of the fulfillment. You would not have to be concerned about supply or delivery.

Delivery Time

Delivery time

The goods available on AliExpress have already been produced and are prepared for shipping, and production time would not be an issue.

Your interests may be manageable to send via sea freight since you are utilizing AliExpress, and this significantly cuts down on the time needed to prepare orders. Only your shipment time, which might take 5 to 40 days, will be a concern for you here.

Your order preparation and manufacturing time will be shorter if you do not request any modification. The time it takes the supplier to determine the products you want, accurately fill your order amount, and prepare the finished product for delivery is included in the order preparation time.

This includes getting ready for preservation during shipping, particularly for intricate items. The duration of this period might range from 15 days to 6 months.

Similarities between Alibaba VS AliExpress

There are many similarities between AliExpress vs. Alibaba, even though they are two different platforms with various business models and fundamental differences.

They come together to form the most successful eCommerce business in the world. Here in this chapter, we have discussed some similarities between Alibaba and AliExpress so that you can easily decide for yourself.

Comparable Payment Methods

On Alibaba and AliExpress, there is a variety of different payment alternatives, including money transfers, debit cards, and, obviously, AliPay.

Both platforms offer multiple versions of their websites to overcome the language barrier and make communication with retailers easier.

Although their policies differ significantly, both firms offer buyer protection services for payments made directly on their websites.

Alibaba Group divisions

The fact that Alibaba Group owns and runs both platforms is their primary and fundamental similarity. In comparison to other well-known shopping websites like Amazon and eBay, both platforms offer a fair price.

As we say, affordability is king. So, if you get all solutions to your trade-related problems in one place, you must go for it.

Easy Buying Policy

Alibaba and AliExpress both offer buying procedures that are user-friendly as compared to other online sites. You have a fair possibility of finding high-quality goods from reliable sellers on Alibaba or AliExpress.

You must decide which platform will best advance your objectives. Find vendors who sell the products you wish to establish your e-commerce business on, and get in touch with them before placing an order.

For eCommerce Sellers: Top 9 Dropshipping Suppliers in China

Finding suppliers who provide high-quality goods at reasonable pricing is one of the issues we frequently hear about when beginning a new dropshipping business.

We have put together a list of the top dropshipping suppliers in China today with a focus on quick shipping and excellent customer support. You can find more details about each of our top recommendations in this chapter, along with links to their websites!



When it comes to Chinese apparel suppliers for dropshipping, Fondmart stands out from the competition since it offers a wide range of women’s clothing items. You may source any style of apparel you choose from one platform.

Thanks to the platform’s inclusion of popular women’s clothing items on the international market. Additionally, it offers dropshipping and wholesale fulfillment services in one place for online apparel sellers.

With its automated program, you can quickly synchronize your store orders between your Shopify and WooCommerce stores.



One of the quickest dropshipping providers in China is EPROLO. It offers you a complete dropshipping solution, including better products, stock management, quality assurance, completion, customized packaging, and international shipping. Additionally, it is a top dropship supplier for eBay & Amazon.

EPROLO gives you access to over 300K goods at a very low price by dealing with direct producers. Several are even less expensive than on AliExpress.



The most well-liked e-commerce site for beginning dropshippers is AliExpress, which contains millions of products and suppliers. On AliExpress, you may place individual orders or bulk orders, and the supplier will ship the product directly to your consumers.

You can find winning goods on AliExpress by using AliExpress Dropshipper Center, a product analysis tool. It was built especially for dropshippers.



Wiio is the second-best Chinese dropshipping vendor for dropshipping shops. The organization, like the other two platforms, may assist you in locating, acquiring, and purchasing any Chinese goods (more inexpensive than AliExpress, 100% assured). Furthermore, Wiio gives you the option of free 90-day product storage.



On Alibaba, you can find providers from various countries around the world, but mainly from Asia. It is a one-stop solution for all suppliers, traders, customers, wholesalers, exporters, importers, and manufacturers. It gives you solutions to all of your trading problems.

Affordability is one of the fascinating traits. So, we can say with complete confidence that Alibaba can be your next favorite dropshipping platform.



CJdropshipping is a quick and affordable dropshipping supplier in China. Since its establishment in 2014, the business has created a successful dropshipping network that includes up to 200 stores in China, the USA, France, Britain, Germany, and other Asian nations. As a result, CJ can deliver goods quickly anywhere in the world.


Geekbuying website

One of the top vendors in China for expensive dropshipping consumer electronics and interesting gear is GeekBuying. The company was established in 2012 and has created regional warehouses all over the world, including in China, Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland, and the United States.

Additionally, it has created a reliable delivery system that ensures that your items will be shipped within 48 hours and will arrive quickly.

Additionally, GeekBuying is a fantastic brand name dropshipping vendor that enables you to dropship branded goods from well-known manufacturers.



The unique aspect of Zaful is that it has a team dedicated to conducting market research to identify the newest fashion trends.

The company then collaborates with leading manufacturers and suppliers from across the world to quickly produce a large range of fashionable, high-quality, and affordable clothing.



One of the greatest Chinese suppliers of dropshipping watches and jewelry is NihaoJewelry. This website has over 100,000 things in store, all of which were created and produced in-house by the company.

In addition to jewelry and watches, NihaoJewelry also carries a sizable selection of current apparel, accessories, and home and living products that you can start selling.



Tiksuper is a good option for retailers looking for a quick private dropshipping agency to source products from AliExpress. It is a reputable Chinese fulfillment company that has addressed over 22K clients in Europe.

Tiksuper will allow you to focus on the marketing element while leaving the difficult administrative processes in the hands of the company.


Now the question comes to mind which is better, Alibaba vs AliExpress? There is no definitive answer to this question. It is easy to understand why.

You are the only one who truly understands your e-commerce business and its needs. So, you can pick whichever store you like.

We are aware that it is normal to get overexcited and place numerous orders, especially while shopping on AliExpress.

But before you place a large purchase, take your time. Get in touch with them, confirm all the information they have displayed, and request a sample.

Do you have any unanswered questions at this point? Please post your remarks; we will respond right away.

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