Nowadays wigs are growing popular because of hair loss and improvements in the lifestyle of people. Additionally, wig fashion has become extremely popular thanks to numerous worldwide politicians and celebrities. “Half of the celebs in Hollywood wear hairpieces,” it has been claimed.

All of this has increased consumer interest in and demand for human hair wigs. Many people use wigs on a daily basis to improve their styling, not just for special occasions like Halloween. Due to the high demand for wigs, there are numerous wholesale wig producers and suppliers who offer wigs in huge quantities at discounted prices.

China is one of the largest wholesale wig suppliers in the world. China supplies 70 percent of the world’s wigs. The purpose of today’s blog is to explore the wholesale market of human wigs in China.

Overview of Wholesale Wigs – About China Market

Overview of Wholesale Wigs

China is the world’s largest exporter of human wigs because China has advantages in this industry that other countries do not have. As a wholesaler, You should buy wigs from China because they have advanced technology and mature production. 

In the 1930s, China started making its basic hair products, but this was primarily based on the export of raw human hair supplies. Chinese businessmen gradually recognized the market potential for human hair export and started rough processing of human hair wigs in the 1970s.

After decades, now China has advanced technology and mature production which make them ideal for the wholesale wigs business. The second thing is China is the most populated country in the world which means they are a large element of raw human hair. Wig preparation, particularly for human hair wigs, is both time and labor-intensive. Most of them need to be created manually because it is not a straightforward machine production. For instance, it takes a competent worker about a week to hook hair all over the base. This does not account for the time needed to process the other part (like combing, dyeing, bleaching, perming, making the mould, and base, etc.).

Everybody is known to this fact that China provides the best quality and reasonable price. The production standards are very strict. The factories, especially for expensive wigs, operate at the greatest standards, whether it be for raw materials or processing technologies. Additionally, the finished wigs will go through numerous quality checks, and only perfect items can be sold.

Top 3 China Markets to Buy Wholesale Wigs

Top 3 China Markets to Buy Wholesale Wigs

Xuchang Wigs Wholesale Market

Xuchang produces 80 percent of hair products nationwide. Xuchang wig factories have expertise in the production of wefts, hair extensions, and female wigs. These products are very famous in Africa, Xuchang covers the African and other low-end sides of the world.

The demand for wigs in Africa has been astounding. The hair of Africans grows slowly and starts to curl when it becomes a little bit longer. Additionally, the hair is weak and thin, making handling it exceedingly challenging. The genuine hair is typically very short (only one or two centimeters long). The hair will naturally fall out and regrow once it reaches a specific length. Thus, there is a “strict demand” for hairpieces in Africa. Men, women, and children will all start wearing hair wigs as early as possible if they have the necessary financial resources.

Qingdao Wigs Wholesale Market

Qingdao is famous for its production of high-end black-cloured man wigs. Their main market is America, Africa, and Europe. In close proximity to the Bohai Sea, Qingdao is a contemporary coastal city with well-developed international trade and transportation.

Early on, Qingdao businessmen used their geographic advantages, diligently studied and introduced cutting-edge manufacturing technology, and utilized the expertise of Japanese and Korean businesses to develop the manufacture of human hair wigs.

Yiwu Wigs Wholesale Market

Yiwu is where more than half of the world’s headwear is sold. The factory in Yiwu primarily creates synthetic hair items, which over time evolved into party wigs and seasonal wigs (costume, Halloween, ghost, Christmas, etc.) as well as different hair accessories. These hair products are essentially budget items, and the majority of their customers are in Africa, America, and Europe.

Top 10 China Suppliers of Wholesale Wigs

Top 10 China Suppliers of Wholesale Wigs



Since its creation, Nadula has always been adhering to the principles of nature’s durability and luxury encouraging women to be confident bold, and brave themselves. Now Nadula has hundreds of wig products in  Categories that can lead to the different needs of women. Now you can see Nadula products in more than 50 countries on every continent of the world.

Nadula Hair always stayed true to its initial mission — to inspire women to be courageous, bold, and authentic. Similar to the brand, which constantly innovates, breaks the mould, and creates limitless possibilities, it stays true to itself and develops a distinct brand image.

Newtimes Hairs

Newtimes Hairs

Since the company has been expanding for more than ten years, New Times Hair is pleased to be recognized as one of the top high-end toupee producers and wholesale toupee suppliers. With more than ten years of export trade expertise, Europe, North America, the Middle East, and India are now included in their market scope.

New Times Hair is committed to the long-term delivery of various items, including men’s toupees, women’s wigs, toppers, and hair extensions, to the major distributors of human hair wigs in the US as their official supplier. They serve both big and small wholesalers, proprietors of online stores, salons, hairdressers, and local distributors of wigs and toupees.


TedHair was established in 2008. They offer top-notch hair wigs and business services to salon owners, hairstylists, shop owners, and internet vendors worldwide. providing virgin Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, closures, colored Remy hair, and more.

TedHair sold 50,000 or more wigs in 2021, with lengths up to 36″ and more than 50 popular styles. Offering best-selling 12+ textures in wholesale hair bundles ranging in size from 8″ to 40″. Top hairdressers in excess of 18000 confirmed our level of excellence.

China Best Wigs

China Best Wigs was established in 2010 and now owns 3 factories in total with more than 500 workers. They solely focus on middle-to-upper-end markets! Guaranteed to be of the highest quality, with expert after-sale service. The site offers a wide variety of wigs, including hair wefts and frontal lace wigs. Wigs can also be modified to meet your needs. They consistently maintain an adequate supply, which is crucial for your ongoing operation.

XBL Hair

XBL Hair began operations in 2001. They began to establish a hair extensions business while promoting happiness. They have a factory in Qingdao, Shandong, China. For 25 years, XBL Hair Hair has firmly believed that quality is the soul of business development and has gone through the possibilities and challenges that come with that belief.

Following the requirements of their customers, they consistently improve the quality of their processes and raw materials.  Consumer appreciation and support are the best indications of their effectiveness. Their brand promotes a way of life, the quest for beauty, and self-awareness in addition to fashion.

Baco Hair

Baco Hair products include hair bundles, lace closures, lace frontals, 360 frontals, hair extensions, and lace wigs. Baco Hair is a hair producer and wholesale hair supplier. With more than 10 years of industry experience, they are committed to providing the best hair to their clients. The hair is cuticle-aligned virgin human hair. From the top to the finish, it is very full and thick, without a tangle, and it is durable.

Rebe Hair

They are a top manufacturer in the sector with ten years of experience, enabling them to offer the best products at the most competitive prices. To maximize their profit, they want to ensure that their customers pay the fairest price. Their in-house design team will offer customers free assistance when customizing their packages! Their staff that produces packages can build yours efficiently and precisely.

Just Virgin Hair

A manufacturer of wigs, Just Virgin Hair combines sales, R&D, and production. 2015-founded, relaunched in the summer of 2018. Their business has roots that go back more than 11 years. They are a quality, virgin-only manufacturer, not the same kind of hair you would find on AliExpress. High-quality human hair wigs and women’s wigs are available from their factory in China, where they also produce and do wholesale business. They guarantee the same degree of customer care and personality you would receive from any local vendor of hair wigs.

Feel Good

Their main driving force is customer satisfaction. At Feelgood, they all work hard to give their customers the highest-quality goods and considerate services. They never accept anything less than the best in terms of quality. They make every effort to guarantee that the products you receive are of the highest caliber, from raw materials to finished goods.

Organic Hair

Including full lace wigs, lace front wigs, Jewish wigs, synthetic wigs, and doll wigs, Organic Hair wholesales a variety of human hair wig types. All of their wigs, excluding synthetic ones, are handcrafted with virgin 100% human hair from a single donor. As a supplier and producer of wigs in China’s Qingdao. They can provide wigs of the best quality at affordable prices. They exclusively utilize high-quality hair from Russia, and Ukraine, and the best Mongolian hair in all of their wigs. their Jewish wigs are made with high-grade Remy hair from Russia. 


How much should a good wig cost?

Wigs in the middle range, such as those you might purchase straight from a hair company, frequently start at $200 and increase from there. Spence advises spending between $400 and $600 on a wig of average quality (consider a lace front or full lace wig).

What is the best website in China to buy a wig?

There are many suppliers selling wings in China but the most trusted and reliable suppliers are Baco hairs, organic hair, Nadula, and Made In China.

Is a wig business profitable?

On the top end, companies that sell personalized medical wigs can make more than $10,000 per month. Businesses that sell $40 fashion wigs probably won’t sell enough of them each month to make this much money, but they can still make a consistent profit—and they frequently experience a substantial increase in sales around Halloween.


The best wholesale wig manufacturers and suppliers in China were compiled in this post. We hope that you have found this material useful in your supplier search.

It is crucial that you thoroughly assess the wholesaler before choosing to purchase from it, regardless of where you choose to buy in bulk—China, domestic vendors, etc. The key things you need to think about are good after-sales service, responsibility, and a fair price. If you still have questions, come to us directly.

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