The pet industry is growing rapidly and more and more businesses are entering it. With so much competition, importers are turning to China to import high-quality products at a cheaper rate.

Are you on the lookout for sourcing pet products from China?

Do you want to know which of the products are going to be profitable and which are not?

In this blog, we cover all the information you need to source pet products. Not only will we tell the places from where you can buy these but also which products are trending and which are not. So, read on to know all about your sourcing needs.

Trending Pet Products You Can Sell on Amazon 2023


Out of the hundreds and thousands of pet products, you need to be sure that the one you are investing in has a consumer market. Many people wonder why their business is not making a profit. At times, it has nothing to do with the person running the business.

It is actually the product that you have chosen. Sometimes, the products we want to invest in might not be the ones that consumers are looking for. The trick is to do proper market research and then shortlist a product you want to sell.

The good news is that we have done the hassle for you. We have shortlisted the top 11 pet products that are making a splash in the industry. These are products that have a huge demand and the market is not saturated.

Tip: If you see that a product has too many competitors in the market, competing with them might become difficult. A saturated market means that too many people are already selling that product. To make a mark, you might need to work harder.

Dog toothpaste

dog toothpaste trending

Pet owners are concerned about the overall hygiene of their pets. For most pet owners, a pet is just like a family member. As you can see from Google Trends, there has been an increase in the interest of people in dog toothpaste over the past five years.

This is an excellent but tricky market to get into. You need to be absolutely sure that the toothpaste you are selling has the right ingredients and chemical formulation for a pup’s teeth. Ensure that the toothpaste has passed all tests and has all the certifications that can be required. When your product is genuine, people will buy it more.

Donut Dog Bed

donut dog bed
donut dog bed trending

The Google Trend for a donut dog bed has been very steady over the year. There was a time when the demand fell but that has stabilized in the past month and has been increasing. These beds are ideal not only for dogs but other pets can also squish in and enjoy themselves.

Litter Products

Litter products are high in demand among pet products. These products are perfect for indoor pets like cats, dogs and others. Users are becoming very environmentally conscious. Try to go for biodegradable litter products. The biodegradable industry is a less saturated one and you might gain a competitive advantage by offering them.

Vitamins For Pets

Vitamins for pets

A pet’s health depends largely on what they eat. A balanced diet, the right amount of exercise, good hygiene and several factors determine health. Just like humans, pets require different multivitamins too to stay healthy. The Google trend clearly shows that the demand for these vitamins has drastically gone up!

You need to be sure that the vitamins you are sourcing are genuine and of high quality. With medical products, it can get very tricky to be sure of the ingredients. For this, it is best to visit the manufacturing facility in person or hire a sourcing agent like Equator Shipping to do the job on your behalf.

CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD Oil for dogs

CBD oils have been the talk of the town for a long time. There is enough scientific research to support that CBD oils help in many conditions like seizures, inflammatory problems, anxiety and pain relief. This is why the demand for these products is very high.

Cat Treats

cat treats

Every cat deserves a treat. The Google trend of cat treats shows that pet owners also agree. Cat treats are one of the easiest markets to get into. With food products, you need to be sure the ones you are selling are high quality with all safe ingredients. If you try to save money by compromising on quality, you can end up endangering the life of the cat.

Frozen Dog Food

frozen dog food

With the hectic routine nowadays, it becomes very difficult to make fresh food for pets again and again. Frozen food is both nutritious and saves a lot of time and energy. This is the reason why pet owners are turning to frozen food for their pets.


Over the past year, there has been a consistent interest in dewormers for pets. We don’t realize that it is important to deworm dogs every two weeks till they turn six months old. After that, they are to be dewormed every 3 months. This shows that the demand for a good dewormer is present all year round.

Ball Launcher

Having a pet is a 24/7 duty. Pet owners might not feel the desire to play with them all day long. This is why ball launchers are an excellent source of entertainment and exercise for pets. All you need to do is feed balls into the launcher and it will launch them automatically.

Pet Water Bottle

Pet water bottles are also in demand all year. Whoever has a pet usually buys a water bottle. A good quality one will spark the interest of the buyers.

Cat/Dogs Collar

dog/cat collar

Pet collars are another popular product in the pet industry. Collars are very frequently used for cats and dogs and even other pets. So, you can source these collars from China and sell them to others.

Buying Pet Product From China- What Are the Steps?

China Product

Now that you know the top products that can help you make a profit, you might be wondering how to source them from China. The process is simple, but you need to be very careful about which supplier you select. Many of these products are directly related to the health and well-being of pets. There is no chance of error.

If you end up selling a wrong or sub-quality product, you can harm and even end up being responsible for a pet losing its life. Therefore, we are here to help. If you follow these steps you will not only get the best products at the most affordable prices, but you will also get authentic products.

Analyze the Market and Decide What You Want to Sell

The first thing you need to realize is that the pet industry is huge. It is divided into many different categories and subcategories. A simple search on Amazon will show you how vast the category of pet supplies is. There are hundreds and thousands of products that are being sold. Their products further have multiple suppliers supplying them.

pet product amazon

So, which product should you sell? Which product will have enough demand and less competition that you can make a solid footing?

Deciding on the product is the biggest obstacle when it comes to new sellers. They often get confused about which one to select. This is where product research comes into place. There are some things you can do to ensure you invest your money, time and energy in the right product.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Don’t go for big products. Start with the smaller and simpler products.
    They should be lightweight and small in size. The first advantage this will offer is that the shipping cost is going to be low. Secondly, the price will also not be too high. When you are new in the market, people are more willing to buy cheaper products from new sellers rather than expensive ones.
  • Try avoiding selling fragile and delicate products. There will be fewer returns and refunds. The chance of damage will be less too.
  • Stay between the price ranges of 10 to 200 dollars. For starters, stay in the two digits.
  • Did you find a very frequently selling item? Is the item making many sales daily? Don’t rush and pick out this item. Check the competition. If you see that a pet product is making huge sales, check which is the highest-selling supplier. If a supplier has the major market share, there is a chance that they are leading the market. Getting into this market can become difficult so should be avoided.
  • Avoid seasonal products that make sales only for one season. As you can see from the Google trend of pet raincoats over five years, they make sales seasonally. There is a peak sales period and then the sales touch zero. This trend continues over the years. Don’t invest in these products.

Search for the Products Online on Websites

Online websites are an excellent source of gaining information as well as procuring your products. China has many authentic websites that sell products online. Some big and authentic websites you can source products from are:

Apart from these eCommerce websites, many companies are also offering and specializing in manufacturing pet products. The advantage of buying directly from these companies is that you don’t need to have a middleman. This helps keep the cost low too. Most of these companies have official websites on which you can contact them.

Select the Perfect Pet Products Supplier

Once you have shortlisted the pet products you want to sell, it’s time to select the best supplier that can provide you with those products. No one can be a hundred percent sure that a supplier is reliable and legit and that you will have a good experience with them.

Again, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that the supplier is good.

  • Check the supplier’s profile.
    When you are dealing online, check the online profile. You can also check the original website to be sure. Nowadays, all suppliers/manufacturers have some sort of social presence. If not, that can be a red flag to look out for.
  • Check for trade assurance and other parameters when you are buying online.
  • Check for reviews.
    Most online platforms don’t allow the suppliers to make any changes to the reviews left by the buyers and customers. This allows you to see the actual feedback from past clients. If you see that most of them are not happy and have left a negative review, this can mean that the supplier is not up to the mark.
  • Response time is very important.
    In online transactions, it is important to have constant communication with the supplier. If you see that they are not responding quickly in the initial conversation, there is a big chance that the communication will not be very fluent down the lane too.

Ask for Samples

Asking for samples might just be the most important step in evaluating the reliability of a supplier/seller/manufacturer. Buyers mostly need to pay for the samples and they are not free. This is still good as you can get to know the quality of the product before you place a bulk order. Even for customized products, samples are important.

Verbally telling what your demands are and seeing them in the final product will allow for better feedback. Samples can be refined again and again until you are happy with the end product. If a seller is not willing to provide you with samples, it puts a question mark on the reliability of the seller.

Why are they not willing to give samples when you are ready to pay for them? This can mean that the pet product supplier is not reliable or legit and is trying to hide from sending samples. Don’t go for a seller, however inviting the price they are offering. Only make a deal after you receive samples.

Place the Bulk Order

When you are satisfied that you have got the best product and the best supplier, go ahead and place a bulk order. Suppliers have different minimum order quantities (MOQ). The first order should be small. Try to order the MOQ and nothing more than that. This will allow you to see how you sell the first batch. Once you are satisfied, you can order in bulk.

What Type of Pet Products You Can Sell Online?

The pet products that you can sell online can be divided into four major categories. Each category has further sub-categories and you can pick any or more products that you are interested in.

Pet Food

Pet food is one of the biggest categories when it comes to pet products. This is something that each pet owner needs to buy. As most of the pet products are dry or frozen, they can be brought for months in bulk. Some examples are catted food, dog food, cat treats, frozen dog food etc.

Owners are becoming aware that food that is appropriate for human consumption is not appropriate to be consumed by pets. The meat is also not the same and specific pet food should be used for specific animals.

The pet food industry is huge. There are many major players who are already selling products. The sheer size of the industry allows new sellers to come and make profits. The demand for pet food never decreases. In fact, it is on the higher side and there has been an increase in the demand drastically after 2020 and is consistently increasing.

Pet Accessories

Pet accessories are all those items that can be used for your pets. These include pet bedding, pet grooming gadgets, pet play accessories and much more. Again, this industry is big and there is a lot of potential for new suppliers. All the suppliers are selling more or less the same products

With a little product differentiation and proper marketing sellers can make it big. You just need to market and place your product wisely.

Pet Clothing

Another interesting category you can go into is the pet clothing category. With a strong trend, it shows that profits can be made when the product is of good quality. Sellers are usually surprised when they search this market segment. Pet owners literally dress their pets as kids.

Pet clothing includes jackets, skirts, dresses, shirts, hoodies, knitwear and sweaters, coats, boots, socks, raincoats and even swimwear. Yes, the market is huge. Bring in something different and see how those profit margins score up high!

Medical Supplies for Pets

Medical suppliers make a large category of pet products. These include collars and bandages, respiratory aids, surgical supplies, gloves, first aid pet kits and much more. The only thing you need to be careful of as a seller is the certifications of all the products you are selling.

It is important to check the dates, manufacturing conditions and certifications required for these supplies. Don’t compromise on the quality for a few dollars. If you are not sure about the authenticity of these products, don’t step into this particular market. If your medical supplies are not genuine and of a high standard, you can end up in a legal suit.

What to Look For When Buying Pet Products From China?

Chinese exporters have been supplying high-quality goods to the importer from all over the world. There are many reasons why the world is importing products from Chinese manufacturers/suppliers, low cost and high quality being one of them.

There are many unique products that the Chinese market has to offer. The manufacturers are not afraid of taking risks and coming up with new products. Moreover, they offer many varieties of the same product. This allows for the products to maintain their uniqueness.

The question that bothers most buyers is what to look out for when buying pet products from China. Even with low costs, there are many other factors to consider. The following is a list of considerations that buyers need to keep in mind when buying from China.

Supplier’s Authenticity

It is imperative to check the authenticity of the supplier. Just being present on E-commerce websites will not ensure that a supplier is authentic. There are hundreds and thousands of suppliers on one website. Even with the strict check and balances that websites have, scammers can fool these websites.

Just having an online presence does not mean that a supplier is authentic. You need to check and cross-check. Do your homework properly. Always contact the supplier and ask for a physical address. You can go online and check the supplier’s profile. Also, check the supplier on different forums. If possible, ask someone to visit the address that the supplier gives to you in person to know they are real and exist.

Supplier’s Reviews and Ratings

Knowing that a supplier is authentic does not mean that it will provide good quality products or keep its promises. Check the reviews and ratings of the supplier. The official website also has reviews from customers but that might not always be authentic.

If you have selected a supplier present on websites like Alibaba, Aliexpress, 1688, DHGate etc, you should check the supplier reviews and ratings. If the supplier has a low rating, this means that the buyers are not happy with either the products or something else related to the supplier.

We suggest contacting the buyers who have left a negative or bad review. This will allow you to understand the problem they had. If there are a few bad reviews out of hundreds, it is understandable. If the ratio of bad reviews is more, try avoiding that supplier.

Certifications and Paperwork

There are some products in which certifications and paperwork are not very important or affect the quality of the product. On the other hand, products like pet products require proper certification and paperwork. Categories like pet food, medical supplies and even pet toys need to meet certain standards and procedures. Some things to look out for are:

  • Proper documentation and labeling
  • The seller should be ISO certified
  • Check the validity of the supplier’s business license etc.

Variety of Products

As mentioned above, there are thousands of products in the pet category ranging from food to medical supplies. A product that is profitable for one seller might not be profitable for you. Your target audience can be different, geographical location can play a major role in the success of a particular product etc.

Do proper market research and product research before selecting products that you want to sell. Each business is different. Picking the right product can mean all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business.

Top Sources in China to Buy Pet Products

pet product fair

There are many sources through which you can buy pet products from China. The best and most preferable is always visiting China in person and going to different companies and manufacturers to see for yourself. But, this does not mean that if you are not present in the country, you can’t source products from China.

The three top and most reliable sources to get pet products from China are discussed below.

Online B2B Sites

Online business-to-business websites are an excellent source of buying pet products in bulk for your business. The cost is affordable and the quality is good. If you do proper research, you can shortlist the best suppliers in the market. Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress, Global Sources etc are just some of the websites you should visit.

Some buyers are reluctant to purchase from these websites in case they get scammed. This is a genuine apprehension but not something that should stop you from buying. There are many ways in which you can ensure that you will not get scammed.

Some of these points have already been discussed in this blog. Checking the seller profile, ratings, asking for samples etc are just some of the examples.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a good way in which you can meet multiple pet product manufacturers under the same roof. Apart from the general trade shows, many pet fairs and shows are solely related to showcasing pet products. You can meet different people, check the samples and even make deals there and then.

Some must-visit pet shows are:

  • Pet Fair Asia: This is the biggest fair related to pet products that are held in August. It is the biggest in the Asia Pacific Region. More than 1,400 people are participating globally. You will find pet products ranging from different categories here. It is surely a pet lover’s paradise.
  • HKTDC Fair: This fair is not solely related to pet products like Pet Fair Asia. There are thousands of products from all over the world. A segment of the fair is the “World of Pet Supplies”. This has a large number of different pet products.
  • Canton Fair: The second phase of the Canton Fair is held twice a year in Guangzhou. Again, it is not solely related to pet products but has every imaginable product.
  • China International Pet Show: This is one of the fairs that are solely related to pet products. It takes place in Shanghai and there are more than fifteen hundred participants in the show. There are thousands of pet products that you will find here.

China Sourcing Agents

For people who are not in China and even those who are present in China and only want the best for themselves, China Sourcing Agents are the best option. Sourcing agents like Equator have a strong market hold in China. These agents have worked with multiple suppliers over the years and have a wide network of connections. We are professionals in the sourcing fields and can provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Pet Products Require Any Certifications?

Some pet products require certification. The certification depends on the type of product in question. Different marks on products have different meanings. PET fit means that the product is good for use for pets. PET Owner Fit means that the product is suitable for pet owners. You can check with your sourcing agent about the certifications a particular pet product requires.

Can You Sell Pet Medical Products on Amazon?

Sellers that are authorized and cleared by Amazon can sell pet medical products on the website. There is a complete approval process which requires the submission of related documents. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to sell products like supplements and vitamins, mosquito repellents, topical treatments etc.

Where to Buy Pet Products in China?

There are many places where you can buy pet products in China. You can visit trade fairs and markets if you are physically present in China. If you are not present in China in person, you can always check online and other eCommerce websites. You can also contact a sourcing agent to do the sourcing for you.

Which one is Good-PetSmart or Chewy?

Chewy is better than pet smart. The reason is not only the higher quality that Chewy offers but also the range of products they have in store. Pet Smart also has a good selection of products but they are not as good as Chewy. So, Chewy takes the lead.


We have also included the top categories of pet products and the top 11 products that are high selling in 2022. Investing in these products will surely help you gain profits.

If you are still not sure or want to settle for nothing less than the best, you can contact us at Equator Shipping. We will take care of all your sourcing needs. We will get down with you and discuss your needs and requirements. Keeping those in mind, we can discuss terms of business.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Leave us a message today!

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