The Made in PRC mark is frequently found in electronics, apparel, toys, and other products. But are you aware of what PRC implies?

It is similar with “made in China” tag. There is no question that China is the world’s largest producer of products. The phrase “Made in China” is used by Chinese manufacturers to label their products. However, some people today believe that Chinese goods are low quality just because they are cheap. And they also believe that goods made in China are fake and of lesser quality. Chinese producers come up with a unique solution to address this issue.

That’s why they replaced “Made in China” with “Made in PRC” on their label. The phrase “Made in PRC” refers to People’s Republic of China. We’ll go over what PRC actually means in this blog post and explain why Made in PRC is preferred by foreign consumers over Made in China. The advantages of purchasing goods with “Made in PRC” labeling will also be covered.

What does Made in PRC mean? Are Made in PRC and Made in China the Same?

PRC stands for “people’s republic of China.” It is employed to speak to the place of the product’s origin. A product is considered to have been produced, assembled, or manufactured in China. In some industries, the word PROC is also used. If a product is marked “made in China” on the label, it was made or produced there. Although their manufacturing may be in China, it’s feasible that the product will be American or Russian.

The terms “Made in China” and “Made in PRC” are similar. People’s perception that goods with the “Made in China” label are inexpensive and of inferior quality led to the creation of the Made in PRC brand. On the other hand, the majority of consumers often don’t comprehend what PRC means. Increasing sales is what prompted the label modification. Additionally, it may dissuade customers from having a false impression of “Made in China” items.

Reasons that Global Buyers Choose Made in PRC rather than Made in China


Made-in-China is a recognized label. But there is a period of transition in everything in this. Be it a tag, product label, or brand name! Changing Made in China into Made in PRC is all part of a marketing strategy. Even though consumers are less familiar with the made-in-PRC label, it nevertheless has amazing results. There is no difference; some buyers and nations just dislike the Made in China label.

It facilitates manufacturers’ use of the official name on labels

Only a few individuals are familiar with China’s official name. The official name of China is the People’s Republic of China. PRC is an acronym for it. Because of the Made in China labels that businesses used on their products, the majority of people believe that China is the actual name of the nation.

Manufacturers understood the importance of switching to the “Made in PRC” marking. It assists in spreading knowledge of the official name. The world has favorably embraced the change in the label name. PRC is currently recognized as China’s official name around the world.

It boosts sales

Because people were questioning the quality of the products with the “Made in China” label. The sales rate of Chinese products become low because global buyers consider like that from long time ago.

So manufacturers change the label because some buyers were avoiding to buy made in China products. This tactic has been shown to be effective. Customers at first were perplexed. Of course, the quality of products are also improved a lot now. They were unaware that China was the source of both products marked “made in China” and “manufactured in PRC.”

Some clients learn about the resemblance later. While other buyers continue to think that those two designations belong to distinct nations.

Top 5 Misunderstandings of Made in PRC/China

Made in China -2

Misunderstandings of Made in China

Inferior and substandard

some buyers think the products that come from China are inferior in quality yes it is true some sellers were selling cheap goods but not all Chinese products have low quality. However, a number of Chinese producers have long since solved the issue of poor quality. Numerous premium goods are manufactured and assembled solely in China.

Standards for Compromise Products

Another misconception regarding made-in-China products is that producers frequently alter product standards. The supplier may have other mistakes as well. The buyer should give complete detail of the product. The Chinese government has launched new policies to protect the right of the intellectual property of the owner.

You’ll observe that Chinese producers don’t emblazon their products with well-known companies’ logos or taglines. Even replica product producers refrain from doing it. It demonstrates how knowledgeable Chinese manufacturers are about intellectual property rights.

Not trustworthy

Some buyers have misconceptions about Made in China labels because they think they are not trustworthy. They think China produces a cheap quality product.

Mistreated employees

People also think that Chinese manufacturers mistreat their workforce. Keep in mind that with time, Chinese laborers’ living standards improve. Because there is an available skilled workforce in China, several well-known brand corporations established their factories there.

No quality check before shipping

There is also one more misconception among people that Chinese sellers do not execute proper inspections before shipping. Of course, if you give the supplier total control today, this could occur anywhere in the world. The easiest way to handle this situation is to hire a third-party quality inspection agent like Equator.

Misunderstanding of Made in PRC

Made in PRC has better quality than Made in China

There is no difference between “ Made in PRC” and “Made in China”. Some people don’t know the meaning of PRC so that’s why they think it is a different thing. Although some people know the meaning of PRC they think PRC products are better than “Made in China” products. There may be several factors at play when a manufacturer switches from Made in China to Made in PRC. The purpose of this label may be quality control, but you must evaluate each product individually.

Made in PRC is different from Made in China

As I said earlier PRC means China therefore there is no difference between Made in PRC and Made in China. Both words are used legally and interchangeably on labels for Chinese goods.

It is unlawful for imported goods to claim “Made in PRC”

Made in PRC is used by Chinese manufacturers on their products to represent their country China. It is just like Made in China. Made in the US, USA, or United States are trademarks that US manufacturers may use. The same is true for Chinese producers. They can use produced in China, People’s Republic of China, PROC, or China. These phrases are acceptable not only in China but also in every other nation on earth.

The “Made in PRC” products’ raw components are likewise Chinese

It is the most common misconception among people that Chinese products are less in price and lesser in quality. This perception is based on several factors, including the fact that manufacturers use inexpensive raw materials and pay minimal labor costs to maximize profit. But this is not how things are.

There is no doubt that China is a global hub and many brands have their factories in China. For example, Apple is the biggest innovation and technology company. Foxconn, Apple’s Chinese manufacturing partner, has taken on their outsourcing of manufacturing.

Top 5 Benefits of Buying Made in PRC Products


Good efficiency

The factories of China are famous around the globe for their speed and efficiency. The manufacturing process can start right away after the production lines are set up with little to no interruptions. This situation is also excellent if you have a strong demand and cannot afford to waste even a day.

Less production cost

There will be no union issue and also no labor regulation issue buying through Made in PRC. These issues can stop the work before its begins. China is a very business-friendly country. You may obtain the results you need without spending a fortune because of the low cost of labor and parts. Additionally, you can reduce your costs by 20–30% if you hire a Chinese manufacturing partner who understands how to conduct business internationally.

Worldwide shipping

Because the product is made in PRC you can ship your product around the globe easily. The main benefit of Chinese manufacturing is that you don’t have to be bound to only the domestic market. You can now distribute and sell your goods concurrently to customers on other continents thanks to the global market.

Quality of products Made in PRC

Thanks to improved manufacturing practices and quality norms, China is improving its quality over time. China is currently the world’s manufacturing hub.  Consumer demand for items with long shelf lives and affordable prices and Made in PRC fulfill customer demands. China is therefore a great location for manufacturing. You can see that there are several advantages to having your products manufactured in China. Low production costs will lead to cheaper prices, which will please both investors and buyers.

Political stability

Political stability plays a vital role in any country’s manufacturing process. Manufacturers are also favored by Chinese government measures, such as lower tax incentives. Better access to resources, raw materials, and industrial materials is made possible by these regulations.

What is Made in China 2025? How it Can Benefit Your Business?


Made in China 2025 is the new strategy developed by the Chinese to upgrade their industry thoroughly. This strategy is created in 2015. The main goal is to make Chinese industries more efficient and integrated. The key goals of this plan are to transform the manufacturing industry as a whole. The suppliers will prioritize quality above quantity and concentrate on manufacturing that is driven by innovation.

They also prefer green development. The made in PRC means the manufacturing will be eco-friendly. The goal is to tap into China’s increasingly wealthy home consumer base as well as the value-added global sourcing segment. To fulfill the project the Chinese government released a Made in China 2025 document in 2015 pushing for leadership in a variety of fields, including sustainable energy, information technology, and robots.


FAQs made in PRC

Why is “Made in PRC” stated on some products?

Many Chinese manufacturers have changed their label “Made in China” to “Made in PRC”. The products with the label “Made in PRC” is belonged to China.

How Are Products Made in PRC Shipped?

You can choose between express, air, and ocean shipment. Chinese vendors are responsible for the made-in-PRC products.  So, you can take into account all shipping options that are available for products created in China. Additionally, the shipping costs and documentation stay the same.

How Do I Select the Correct Item With a Made-in-PRC label?

Verify the product specifications again or go to the authorized manufacturer. These specifications can be compared to those of items from other brands. The made-in-PRC label is just that—a label. You won’t have to think or worry about product quality if you select a reliable provider.

Are Made-in-PRC products reliable?

Yes, products created in the PRC are frequently of high quality, durability, and affordability. But the best course of action is to purchase them from a reliable vendor. Obtaining high-quality made-in-PRC products won’t be difficult if you already have a positive working relationship with Chinese vendors.


We examined the distinction between “Made in China” and “Made in PRC” in this article. We also learn about the misconceptions surrounding made in China and made in the PRC, and we are also aware of the advantages of Made in PRC.

To summarize,  PRC stands for the People’s Republic of China. Changing the label to read “Made in PRC” helps Chinese suppliers obtain positive feedback. However, the buying process won’t be impacted by this slight label change. You will still require a trustworthy agent to procure goods made in the PRC on your behalf.

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