For most of small businesses who are looking for home decor products at the best prices, we’d like to introduce China wholesale markets to you.

There is no doubt that China has the biggest wholesale market for all kinds of products. Differing from other countries’ wholesale markets, China also owns cheap labour which also could cut a lot in the final cost when buying from those suppliers. No one can beat them in producing home decor items in large numbers at an economical rate. 

There is a vast amount of manufacturers and suppliers of home decor items in China. They may assist you in growing your company by offering a wide selection of high-quality home decor items. In this article, we will discuss Home Décor Wholesale Suppliers in China. And also find out the tips and tricks for Finding the Right Home Décor Wholesale Supplier. And discuss the main items of home decor sold in 2023.

Need to Know About Home Decor Wholesale Suppliers in China

Home decor suppliers

What Kind of Home Decor Products Can be Bought from China?

There are countless items that fall under the category of home décor goods. Home décor has no precise definition because it is entirely up to the user to choose what should be utilized to decorate his home.

In general, everything utilized to spruce up or beautify interior areas is referred to as “house décor”. There are many home decor products that China manufactures are digital clocks, glass flaws, table lamps, cushions, candles, rugs, vases, and art. The most beneficial thing about Chinese wholesalers is their prices.

They offer most cheap prices as compared to other worldwide wholesalers. Just to satisfy their customers, Chinese manufacturers provide home décor goods that are both affordable and of the best quality.

Types of Material Used in Home Items

For the production of home decor, a wide range of materials can be used. The product’s design will determine which materials are best, according to our analysis. Crystal, glass, leather, ceramic, wood, stainless steel, and textiles are the most often utilized materials for home décor. Importers have the choice of buying items that have already been produced by the manufacturers or ordering OEM goods that are made from their original designs.

Regulatory Certifications Needed for Home Decor Wholesale Products

a. SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit)

Businesses can evaluate a supplier’s working conditions using SMETA, Sedex’s social auditing standard, which covers labor, health and safety, the environment, and corporate ethics.

b. SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange)

SEDEX was launched in 2004. It intends to, very simply, provide a platform for supplier firms to share their audits with numerous clients, so helping to improve the effectiveness of buying companies’ ethical trading initiatives.

c. BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative)

The Foreign Trade Association of Brussels created the European social monitoring system for ethical sourcing, known as the BSCI (FTA).

d. ISO 9001

The international standard known as ISO 9001 is used to describe the specifications for a quality management system (QMS). The standard is used by businesses to show that they can consistently deliver goods and services that adhere to legal and customer standards.

When you start your own business, make sure that which certification is necessary for your e-shop, do ask for it before making the wholesale order.

Minimum Order Quantity of Wholesale Home Decor Sellers

The minimum order quantity of Wholesale Home Décor Sellers varies from a few orders to thousands of orders. It also depends on the product type. If you are buying existing home products that the manufacturer has in stock the MOQ would be low but if you buy a custom-made product then there is a possibility that the MOQ will be higher.

Finding the Right Home Decor Wholesale Supplier – Tips and Tricks

home decor wholesale supplier

Check Supplier’s Reviews and Track Record

Before placing an order for home decor items it is important to check the suppliers’ reviews and track orders. Suppliers reviews mean how the supplier is performing against the agreed key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLA).

There are some methods that companies mainly do to check the suppliers’ performance and track records such as visiting their sites, contact with suppliers’ customers, phone call with suppliers, and checking the ratings of the suppliers.

Check Whether the Supplier’s MOQ justifies the Quote

You must first request samples from the supplier before making a formal order. Demand forecasting, scenario planning, volume discounts, and inventory carrying costs should all be considered while figuring out the best MOQ for your company. Then, you can choose the smallest number that is suitable for your company.

Does the Supplier Have a Wide Variety of Available?

It is also crucial to understand that the providers offer a sizable selection of the goods you need. The diversity of the supplier is crucial in this situation since it will encourage the creation of new goods and services. While they owns variety of products, you could buy wholesale from the same supplier and it will save your time in finding manufacturers.

There will be more possibilities for what to buy and what is good for your business if the provider has a wide selection.

Does a Wholesale Home Decor Supplier Have Authentic Certifications?

Home decore wholesaler suppliers should have authentic certification. A wholesaler is a person or company that creates or acquires goods to resell them to a retailer. A wholesaler, by definition, does not sell directly to the final consumer. As a result, a wholesaler is no longer regarded as such if it engages in retail sales. The wholesaler must give the vendor a completed copy of the REV-1220, Exemption Form when making nontaxable purchases.

Is the Supplier Communicative and Supportive?

Wholesale suppliers should be open and helpful to all sorts of enterprises.  A long-term relationship between a buyer and a supplier can be cultivated through effective communication. Both sides can comfortably exchange information in this way. By including more creative solutions and encouraging open dialogue between the supplier and the buyer, the process can be made better.

Chinese Home Decor Suppliers – Equator’s Shipping Top Picks

When you are looking for Chinese Suppliers, you could find out that there are millions of choices. One of the biggest advantages of China’s wholesale market is the big quantity of suppliers, it also troubles global buyers because they have difficulty in filtering them.

Equator has cooperated with China suppliers for many years, and we listed the top suppliers for home decor products below.

Fuzhou Sweet Home Decor

Fuzhou Sweet Home Décor was established in 2018. Fuzhou Sweet Home Décor is one of the leading companies in china that delivers home decor items. It is located in Fuzhou, China. The company provides different furnishing and home décor items made from metal, MDF, solid wood, and other materials. 

The range of furnishings offered by Fuzhou Sweet Home Decor includes items for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and other spaces. These goods consist of consoles, mirrors, and tables. They also provide MEO services for buyers.

a. Primary Products

  • Wall-mounted mirrors for bathrooms
  • Coffee tables
  • Mirrors in windows
  • Metal dining room furniture
  • Mirrored furniture
  • Decorative timepieces

b. Certifications

The company has the certification of BSCI.

c. MOQ

Not mentioned

d. Contact Information

The operational address of the company is 5th Floor, Building 2, No. 33, Guanzhuang Road, Chendianhu Industrial Zone, Ganzhe, Fuzhou, Fujian, China.

Binbin Arts & Crafts

Binbin Arts & Crafts was established in 2007. Binbin Arts & Crafts are famous for creating picture frames and home decoration items. They also offer busts and utensil holders. 

They handle Long-term and close cooperation with over 200 suppliers with rich sources. They have professional and experienced sourcing staff and the fashion design team offers novel new items. Customers who purchase furniture from the company can also make use of OEM services for items like kids’ furniture, office furniture, and hotel furniture.

a. Primary Products

  • Home deco
  • Wall decoration
  • Kids décor
  • Artificial plants
  • LED
  • Photo frames
  • Living room furniture

b. Certifications

They have the certification of both BSCI and SEDEX.

c. MOQ

Not mentioned

d. Contact Information

Binbin Arts & Craft’s contact number is.

Tel: +86-574-87741328

Mob: +8618667885171

You can also contact them by email.

Email: /

Address: No.#789, Tonghui Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo, China

Fujian Dehua You-Yong Crafts

For more than 20 years, Fujian Dehua You-Young Crafts Co., LTD has concentrated on producing high-quality ceramic goods in China. They began as a workshop, but today they are one of Dehua, Chinese top suppliers of ceramic products.

You-Young Crafts is currently regarded as one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of high-quality ceramic goods, including tableware, drinkware, ceramic décor, art ceramic, and crafts. Fujian Dehua You-Young Crafts Co., LTD is located in Dehua the porcelain city in China.

a. Primary Products

  • milk bottles
  • sets of sugar canisters
  • Teapots
  • sets of cups and saucers
  • tray for serving eggs
  • sets of pepper shakers
  • cake holder
  • Pitchers
  • Money vaults
  • necklace hangers

b. Certifications

They have always believed that the caliber of the goods they provide directly influences every aspect of our company’s success. The ISO9001 audit of their factory’s quality control system was successful. They have successfully passed the audit of significant international corporations like Avon. The Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit is one of the factory audits they currently have on hand.

c. MOQ

Not mentioned

d. Contact Information

Contact person: Rossion

TEL: +86-595-27250988

MOB: +86-18650011802

FAX: +86-595-27250688


Fashim & Tarshim Decor

FASHIM, which integrates design, production, and sales, is essential to the interior design and furnishings sector. They provide vases, candlesticks, sculptures, beautiful trays, boxes, jars, picture frames, wall decors, chessboards, and other home décor accessories.

They have been providing years of consistent service to a variety of clientele, including furniture shops, home decor e-malls, interior design firms, etc.

a. Primary Products

  • Vases
  • Candle holders
  • Chessboard
  • Picture frames
  • Wall décor
  • Sideboard
  • Bookend
  • Art glass
  • Storage and boxes

b. Certifications

ISO 9001

c. MOQ

Not mentioned.

d. Contact Information

Mob: +86 13420070095

Mob: +86-760-87687480


Shenzhen Merlin Living Collection

Shenzhen Merlin Living Collection was established in 2013. They launch 5000 plus décor designs every year. They also EOM service for their customers. They specialize in manufacturing products made of ceramic, metal, marble, glass, PU, fabric, and wood, including decorative vases, flowerpots, artificial flowers, porcelain dinnerware, and accessories for home décor. Their yearly sales surpass US$10,000,000.

Their 50,000 square meter facility and 35,000 square meter inventory warehouse allow them to provide mixed container service to clients worldwide. Asia, Australasia, South America, North America, Western Europe, and other regions are some of their primary markets.

a. Primary Products

  • Ceramic vases
  • Fruit trays
  • Cooee vases
  • Bud vases
  • Marble candle holders
  • Pillar candle holders
  • Ceramic statues
  • Metal vases

b. Certifications


c. MOQ

Not mentioned

d. Contact Information

Visit their site for more details.

HFU Glass

glass wholesale supplier

For more than 13 years, HFU Glass has operated in China as a wholesaler of glassware. Their conventional business model is centered on meeting the need for high-quality glass dinnerware or décor glassware on a global scale. Their main goal is to assist their client in creating their glassware projects and quickly locate handcrafted glass or machine-made glass products. The company produces table wares, decors, and kitchen glass accessories.

a. Primary Product

  • Glass decore
  • Glass teapot
  • Drinking glass
  • Vase
  • Glass candle holders

b. Certifications

Not mentioned

c. MOQ

1,000 pcs

d. Contact Information

Contact Person: Ms. Ji Yin Xiao or Ms. Jingwei Wang  

Tel: (029)88620354 or 88619688

Cell: (86) 18629615560 or 


Postal: 710003

Ginde Glass

a. Primary Product

  • Laminated glasses
  • Tinted glasses
  • Clock glasses
  • Louver glasses
  • Mosaic glasses
  • Photo frame glass
  • LED lighting glasses
  • Acid-etched titanium ice flower glass
  • Golden titanium-coated mirror glass
  • Obscure glass
  • Float glass
  • Glass sheet

b. Certifications

Not mentioned


1 pcs

d. Contact Information

Phone: +86 13931911140


Garbo Industrial

Guandong Garbo industriy was established in 1993. It mainly produces glass pitchers, shot glass, and other glassware like dishwashers and baking stove safes. According to information they have 4 factories and also have a warehouse which covers more than 15000 square meters. They have a stock capacity of 100,000 pieces.

Guangdong Garbo Industrial Co., Ltd. is a sizable company that integrates the production and commerce of household glassware. It specializes in developing, designing, producing, and selling these products. For more than 28 years, GARBO has been one of China’s largest suppliers. They can give you the best quality, lowest price, quickest delivery time, and best service because they have their factories.

a. Primary Products

  • Glass plates
  • Glass candy pots
  • Glass vases
  • Glass ice cream cups
  • Baking glassware
  • Glass tumblers
  • Shot glass
  • Glass pitchers
  • Glass decanters
  • Glass bowls

b. Certifications

Guandong Garbo industriy is certified with ISO 9001.

c. MOQ

Not mentioned

d. Contact Information

Tel: +86 20 8479 1380

Fax: +86 20 8479 1918


Wah Tung China Arts

Wah tung is specialized in making handmade ceramic collectibles, decorations, and vases. They specialize in exquisitely crafted ceramic collectibles that are reasonably priced and excellent for decorating, everyday use, and gift-giving. Interior designers and wholesalers are both invited. They can also create something, especially on customer requests.

a. Primary Products

  • Traditional rose vases
  • Vases made of blue and white china

b. Certifications

Not mentioned

c. MOQ

Not mentioned

d. Contact Information

Tel: (852) 2873 2272
Fax: (852) 2873 2615

Tianjin U-LIKE intl

U-LIKE is a global manufacturer and designer of indoor furniture with its headquarters in Northern China. Since its founding in 2006, U-LIKE Furniture has been committed to creating innovative goods that are both highly affordable and of the highest quality.

Their headquarters are in Tianjin, and they have plants spread out over China to make use of the advantages of each location. Their partners are dispersed across the globe. They mostly offer furnishings in European markets. However, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the UK all welcomed their furniture. The variety of their customers is a reflection of the wide range of products they provide.

a. Primary Product

b. Certifications


c. MOQ

Not mentioned

d. Contact Information


Sales Director



DC Sourcing (HK) Limited

DC SOURCING was established in 2012, and both its factory and headquarters are situated in Quanzhou, China’s Fujian Province. A DC Sourcing company is Creative and Innovation Crafts Quanzhou Co., LTD. It concentrates on creating and producing innovative products. 

They provide a large selection of goods, including miniature fairy gardens, house decorations, household items, lawn furniture, and gardens made of materials including resin, ceramic, metal, paper, and plastics. They won the trust of many clients by providing products of excellent quality, at an affordable price, and on schedule.

Additionally, they have a skilled business team and design team that can assist customers with everything from graphic design to product manufacturing. In every step of the process, they take their customer into account. Periodically, the design team will produce fresh, innovative products for clients.

a. Primary Product

  • house decorations
  • household items
  • lawn furniture
  • gardens made of materials including resin, ceramic

b. Certification


c. MOQ

Not mentioned

d. Contact Information

Phone: +86 0595-22793272

Trending Home Decor Products to Sell Online in 2023

It is necessary to know about the top trending products before starting wholesale. Trending products will help in sales. We listed some of them for you in this part.



These days, pillows are frequently used to decorate homes. Cushions come in a variety of designs or styles that can alter the appearance of your home. They are essential to home decorating. You might be able to sit more upright by using a sitting cushion. The ergonomic layout promotes a straight back and a comfortable sitting position and guards against any health problems.

Table Mats

Table mats are another popular item for home décor. They maintain the table’s cleanliness in addition to changing the appearance of the house. Their main purpose is to shield the dining table from smudges, stains, and heat damage. specifically, placemats fashioned with lace or silk, which also function as decoration.

Window Curtains

Window curtains are crucial for every home. If you select the right design according to the house, it also provides the property with a stunning appearance. Window curtains are a popular home décor item since there are countless styles available online. Using curtains will prevent dust from invading your space.

Wall Stickers

wall stickers

Because they are simple to apply and offer countless design options, wall decals are common home decor. They can appear to be quite creative. Because they are releasable, wall decals are more practical to utilize. Wall decals may be used to adorn your home because they contain no chemicals at all. The majority of wall decals are made of thick, plastic-like materials, making removal relatively simple.


Lamps are mainly used to decorate the house. The main purpose of table lamps is to create illumination. They are often placed on the side tables in the room. Along with reading light, they also contribute to nocturnal luminosity.

Decorative Artwork

The utilization of decorative artwork gives the home a distinctive appearance. They are a favorite among decor accessories. It provides the home with a focal point. Any visitor will immediately draw attention to these artworks as they enter your home. it fills in the blank space and contributes to the narrative’s unity.


Rugs give the house an ancient look. They also reduce noise. prevents harm to your floors. Floors are vulnerable to damage from heavy objects, furniture, pet claws, and sharp objects that can scratch them.


The earliest people to use vases were the Egyptians. They are the ones that keep flowers in them for decoration. Vases are just another decorative item we utilize in the modern world. There are now several case kinds and styles, some of which are transparent. Nowadays, transparent vases are more common than others.

Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are a popular type of contemporary home design. The house has a particular texture because of the wall mirrors. They are suitable for usage in tv launches, restrooms, and bathrooms. They may also contribute to making your room brighter. Without a doubt, a wall mirror can raise the value of your space.


Clocks are usually used to measure time but in our modern world, thousands of wall clock varieties make them a popular décor item. Wall clocks are great for last-minute decorating because of their exquisite shapes and unique designs, which instantly liven up a space. Clocks of any size can draw attention to or interest on a wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Alibaba Sell Home Decor Products?

Yes, you can get any type of home décor product from Alibaba. They have a vast range of home décor items. There are 103634 products available for home decoration. Most of the products are from china. They offer different types of products such as room decor, wall mirrors, vintage, vases, tables, kitchen accessories, lamps, and many more.

What to look for When Searching for Home Decor Wholesale Suppliers?

You can get your order from the internet because some wholesale home decor companies work online. You should first decide what kind of home décor supplier you need because not all of them are the same.

  • Are you a chain with one location or many?
  • Are you just getting started with a minimal budget or are you well-funded?
  • a blend of the two, only online, or both?

The quantity and planning requirements for each of these company kinds’ inventories will vary. The following categories of wholesale services are available to them all.

Does Cushion Require any type of certification?

The cushion does not need any certification but the thread or fabric that is used to make cushions does have certification. Products with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification have undergone testing for dangerous compounds to safeguard your health.

This marking guarantees that the product has undergone thorough testing against a list of up to 350 harmful substances. This testing includes the fabric, thread, and accessories.

Where Can I Buy Home Decor Products in China?

Numerous Chinese websites sell home décor goods online. On Alibaba, you may also locate tens of thousands of Chinese home decor items. Wah Tung, HFU Glass, Ginde Glass, Shenzhen Merlin Living Collection, and other businesses are also mentioned in our blog which are selling home decor items in China.


Before placing a purchase, it is crucial to fully understand the supplier. It will be advantageous for your company. It’s also critical to confirm that the provider meets your requirements. Reading testimonials from previous customers is the greatest way to identify a reliable provider in China. Examine their prior work as well.

We previously covered 12 Chinese companies that specialize in home décor, some of which only sell one or two items while others provide more. We advise you to consider them carefully before making your final decision. If you need any other help which is not mentioned in the blog, please contact us.

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