Squishmallow pet bed


If you own a pet or know someone who does, you must be familiar with the squishmallow trend that began in 2017. Squishmallows have gained popularity over time. These adorable squishmallow pet beds have developed a fanbase in a year of loss, loneliness, and uncertainty.  

Everything you need to know about squishy pet beds is covered in this blog. What are they comprised of, how should they be cared for and cleaned, and what kind of material is ideal? In addition, we’ll discuss where to find the finest squishmallows at wholesale prices.

What is a Squishmallow Pet Bed? How it Became Famous and Hot-selling?

Squishmallow pet bed

Squishmallow is a toy company specializing in stuffed animals. This was introduced in 2017 by Kelly Toys Holdings LLC and has become popular since then. These come in various textures, sizes, colors, and forms. The cost varies with over 1000 distinct characters, and has a smooth, spongy touch. This is why both people and animals love these squishmallows so much.

How Squishmallows Became Popularity in the Market?

During the pandemic, the popularity of Squishmallows has skyrocketed. There are now thousands of designs available. Squishmallow pet beds are the newest craze, and these have been expanded to include pet beds.

Squishmallows are no longer just used as toys, they are employed for various other things. For all types of pets, Squishmallow pet beds are popular.

A large number of pet beds have been added to the collection. The squishmallow pet bed’s softness is now available for your pets to enjoy—no more sleeping on hard surfaces. Think of the comfort your best companion must receive from these plush beds.

Why Pet Owners Always Want to Buy a Squishmallow Pet Bed?

Squishmallow pet bed

Pets soon grow to be a significant part of our lives. This indicates that they desire to give their pets the best care possible. The majority of owners, therefore, question if it is reasonable to purchase a separate bed for pets, let alone spend money for a Squishmallow pet bed.

Pets must have unique beds for them, and they demand special care. It is advantageous for both the owner and the pet. Following are some of the reasons for pet owners to buy squishmallow pet beds:

Support and Facilitation

suqishmallow pet bed -2

Have you ever passed out on a couch before? Or on the carpet, if you’re exhausted? In fact, we all have. We experience a harsh and unpleasant awakening. With our pets, the same is true. Pets must have adequate body support while they are sleeping. Pet beds are made to support a pet’s bones and muscles. Hence, stiffness is decreased.

It has been shown that posture becomes more critical as pets age. Muscles age and bones become brittle. A good bed that offers adequate support becomes even more crucial. The pet beds from Squishmallow are plush and cuddly. Squishmallow were created particularly with pets’ various demands in mind.  

Personal Space for Your Pet

he ability to work correctly depends on having your own space. You will live a life with your pet. Many people assert that falling asleep next to a pet calms and supports them when they are distressed.  

Wherever your pet rests, a good pet bed is required. With all the turning and tossing to find a comfortable position, sleeping with a pet every night may become a hassle. The result could be cramping or backache. Having a pet bed is, therefore, a good idea.  

Squishmallow pet beds are adorable, cozy, and relatable. Pets frequently adore them as they come in a variety of forms, dimensions, and characteristics. You can choose the style, size, and color that your pet will adore.


comfort squishmallow pet bed

Sometimes it gets really cold on the couches and the floors. Human beds are inappropriate for pets as well. They may find the temperature to be either too high or too low. Pet beds are made to fit your pets’ sizes. You can make your pet comfortable by placing a pet bed in a cozy area of the house.

A comfortable pet bed ought to be a shelter for your pet away from the chaos of your house. Pets value having a comfortable spot.

Health and Well-being

Better health for both you and your pet may result from sleeping apart. For both, getting a decent night’s sleep is crucial. The pet is healthier and happier when well-rested.  

No matter how well-kept our pets are, there are still some things that can interfere with our sleep and wellness. The most common cause of allergies in people is pet hair, and the solution to this problem is a squishmallow pet bed.

Cozy and Soft

Cozy and Soft pet beds

Squishmallow pet beds are incredibly comfy and plush. In addition to many additional benefits, they are made of cloth that is breathable and soft against the skin. They are, therefore, vibrant, simple to maintain, germ-free, and adorable to look at. Pets are more likely to fall asleep and stay asleep all night long on a comfortable bed that soothes their body.

Safety and Security

A feeling of security is crucial, even for animals. Your pet needs a space that they can identify as being exclusively theirs. The necessity of a pet bed increases when you have several animals. Each pet is aware that this is “MY” space and that nobody else is allowed there.

Pets require a restful night’s sleep just like humans do to keep healthy. For example, the older and larger breeds of dogs, which need a little more sleep than their younger, smaller counterparts, should pay particular attention to this.  

How to Wash and Clean Squishmallow Pet Bed?

How to clean squishmallow

Smaller pet beds from Squishmallow can easily be cleaned in the washing machine. If you have one for a squirrel or rodent to sleep in, you can throw them in. A complete Squishmallow pet bed cannot be washed in the washing machine because of the larger pets. Even the massive, industrial ones are incapable of supporting a full bed. This makes hand washing them required.

Read the instructions carefully

Toys from Squishmallow come with instructions on how to clean and care for them. The exact instructions are included with certain squishy marshmallow pet beds. It is crucial to carefully read these instructions to see whether there is anything, in particular, you should or should not be doing.

Spot Removal

clean the ped beds

Spot cleaning is the most effective approach to keep your pet’s bed clean and from losing its smoothness. Only the components that appear unclean can be cleaned. Because pets frequently play outside and track dirt indoors, this can occasionally be challenging.  

Nevertheless, you can use the spot-cleaning method whenever you notice a bit of dirt. By doing this, you can prevent the bed from becoming so filthy that major cleaning is required.

The Squishmallow can keep its form and softness by only being hand-washed. Before you continue with the complete process, test the fabric. A cotton swab should be coated with a small amount of fabric cleanser or spot remover. Apply a small patch of the Squishmallow pet bed with the cotton swab.

Use a Washing Machine

Manufacturers of Squishmallow toys and pet beds don’t recommend washing them in the washing machine. But if done correctly, a washing machine might be the best way to clean your Squishmallow pet bed for good. It is a good option if the pet bed is small enough to fit in the washing machine.

It would be best if you were careful not to throw your pet bed in the machine directly. It would be best if you had it in a safety net or pillowcase of a bed sheet (depending on the size). This will keep it safe from direct contact with the machine and its contents.

Utilize the cool water cycle exclusively. Although hot water would be better for cleaning off dirt and bacteria, this is not the case with Squishmallow pet beds. You cannot use hot water on them since they are so soft and fluffy. Use the gentle cycle as well. It will take up to a few minutes.

Dry by Patting

Any form of Squishmallow can be dried most effectively by patting it and then letting it air dry. Never put it in the dryer. If you want it to dry off immediately and you’re in a rush, lightly pat it with a dry towel as much as possible. Avoid leaving it in the sun. Keep it in the shadow outside so that air may circulate and dry it.

How to Filter the Best Squishmallow Pet Bed When Buying Wholesale?

The variety of pet beds available on the market will amaze you. Even if you have focused your search and chosen to go with a Squishmallow pet bed, there are still a lot of possibilities. Pet beds come in a wide variety of sizes and forms, just like pets do. Let’s look at how to choose the ideal pet bed from among the many options available.

Pet Size

The most obvious factor is your pet’s size. Unfortunately, this is the stage where the majority of pet owners misjudge. Some animals, such as cats, hamsters, rats, etc., are roughly the same size. For them, any typical bed will do, and the size will be appropriate. Dogs, on the other hand, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Your dog should not be curled up in bed with its paws resting on the floor.

The most significant error that pet owners make is getting their dogs a giant bed. They believe that the puppy will ultimately mature into a dog and want to refrain from investing continually in purchasing beds. Younger and smaller dogs enjoy cuddling. They feel secure as a result. You ought to get a smaller bed as a result.

Behavior and Health of your Pet

Each pet is unique compared to the others. Which bed to choose can be determined by your pet’s behaviour. Choose a Squishmallow pet bed with raised edges if you notice that your pet is uneasy and only goes to bed when it is agitated. The pet will feel secure as a result of this.

Some animals like to chew. If you get a Squishmallow pet bed, you must watch out that your pet doesn’t chew it up the first time they use it. Choose premium Squishmallow pet beds to avoid this. The nice ones don’t rip off easily, yet they are soft and squishy. The cheap ones won’t survive a day for chewers.

Pet beds provide support for the joints

 ped beds

Dogs and other pets frequently get arthritis as they age. In this situation, it is preferable to choose a bed after consulting your veterinarian. Pet bedding made of marshmallows is not the most excellent option. Therefore, after consulting with a professional, choose memory foam or an orthopaedic bed.

Simple to Clean

The fact that Squishmallow pet beds are machine washable is their most significant benefit. It is relatively simple to wash a smaller bed in the washing machine. To remove the hairs or dirt from the bed, you don’t need to scrub it repeatedly. A healthy and content pet will be the result of routine cleaning and care. You can even wash the Squishmallow pet bed with a damp towel.

Non-slip Bottom

It is crucial to get a bed with a non-slip bottom. This might get annoying if the pet continues moving the bed around. As soon as the pet moves or jumps on the bed, you want it to stay on the spot. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure the pet bed’s bottom is stable.

Analyze your interior

This is supplementary advice that can help you choose a Squishmallow pet bed. Make sure the pet bed you choose blends in with the room’s decor. A decent one will prevent you from dragging it around the house when you have visitors. The bed should coordinate with the home’s décor.

Individual Bed for Each Pet

Each pet should have its bed. People occasionally buy a single large bed for several pets. This is incorrect. They need to realize that every pet has a distinct identity. Animals don’t like to share beds. They require their area of comfort. Additionally, it may be unhealthy to house multiple pets in one place.

Best Websites to Buy Squishmallows

There is no better place to go if you want to purchase Squishmallow products at the lowest possible cost than internet retailers. Chinese vendors offer the best quality at the lowest prices. The majority of internet wholesalers are Chinese. The top five websites that provide quality products at the lowest costs are listed below.


Amazon pet beds

The official Squishmallows may be purchased through Amazon, which has an accessible storefront website. The American corporation Amazon was founded to sell books. Later, a variety of products were sold by it. It is currently among the global eCommerce superpowers.  

On Amazon, you may buy a wide variety of Squishmallow products, including beds for pets, kid’s toys, and pet toys. The fact that it doesn’t give the prices that you can obtain on other wholesale websites is its only negative. The costs are elevated.

Global Sources

global sources pet beds

A Chinese wholesale website called Global Sources was founded in Hong Kong. Customers from all over the world can choose from a variety of products. The fact that most providers have a large minimum order amount is the only drawback to purchasing here. This indicates that small and medium-sized firms make little money from it. The price of samples is likewise on the expensive side.


DHgate pet beds

DHGate is one of the top B2B websites for small businesses to visit. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking to buy Squishmallow products in large quantities. The rates are reasonable, and the quality is excellent. Many customers use it globally since it is reliable and safe.  

China’s DHgate.com is a cross-border e-commerce platform for business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions. It makes it easier for suppliers to sell manufactured goods to small and medium merchants. It is one of China’s biggest forums for B2B cross-border trade.


alibaba pet beds

Chinese eCommerce portal Alibaba is well-liked by retailers and distributors. The reasonable pricing it offers is the cause of this. Chinese wholesalers and manufacturers, who sell their goods directly, make up the majority of the vendors. Since there is no middleman, they can maintain lower rates than usual.

Because of this, it has grown to be the largest eCommerce website not just in China but worldwide. Alibaba is the site to visit if you’re seeking high-quality Squishmallow items.


1688 pet beds

China’s top B2B marketplace is 1688.com. The service offers incredible prices as most customers work with buying, wholesaling, and exporting business models. A variety of Squishmallow goods are available here. The only things you need to watch out for are swindlers and substandard goods. You should exercise caution if you think a Squishmallow product’s price is meager. Before placing a large order, you can evaluate the quality by requesting samples.


Aliexpress pet beds

Chinese marketplace AliExpress handles online sales of goods from Chinese manufacturers. In actuality, it is a website that connects numerous small manufacturers who sell a wide range of goods, including apparel, toys, electronics, accessories, sporting goods, and much more. If you are looking for a squishmallows bed pet, you can get it from AliExpress.


What occurs if a squishmallow is washed in a washing machine?

A squishy marshmallow can be placed inside the washing machine. Just make sure to use a delicate cycle and cold water. Squishmallows’ fabric may become harmed if washed with hot water. Furthermore, the squishmallow will degrade if you choose the incorrect cycle that agitates more vigorously.

How frequently should a squishmallow pet bed be changed?

Your pet’s bed should be replaced every few years. It only requires changing some of that regularly. The fact that Squishmallow pet beds are so simple to keep and clean is by far their most significant benefit. By doing this, you avoid having to change it repeatedly. The bedding may be made to look brand new with just a little cleaning and washing.

How can a deflated squishmallow be fixed?

Allow the squishy marshmallow to air dry for about an hour, or if in a hurry, put it in the dryer and tumble dry it at the lowest temperature setting. You might need to fluff or squeeze your stuffed bed a few times to get it back to its original shape if it seems deflated or has lost its form.

How can your squishmallpw pet bed be cleaned?

To remove everyday dirt off the bed, use a portable vacuum. A Squishmallow pet bed can be thoroughly cleaned by wiping with a moist cloth and cleaning specific areas. If your pet has an accident, wipe it down and liberally sprinkle baking soda over the affected area. Any odour or smell will go.

Are squishmallows expensive or cheap?

Squishmallows are somewhat pricey. The price of the limited and promotional editions is in the hundreds of thousands. They are so rare and distinctive because of this. Other Squishmallows are less expensive because they are made in large quantities. The costliest Squishmallow in the world is Jack the Black Cat.


Don’t you feel better lying on a soft, cloud-like pillow on a comfortable bed? Everyone feels better lying in a cozy, comfortable bed. The same is the case with pets. Your pet will have a soft, supportive, and comfy environment to rest in, thanks to a squishmallow pet bed.

Everything you require to know about Squishmallows and Squishmallow pet beds is covered in this blog. We’ve provided the instructions so you may choose the best Squishmallow bed for your pet. If you still have questions, come directly to Equator. Our specialists could help you in sourcing and shipping.

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