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China Post is responsible for delivering parcels and mail items throughout China and beyond. This postal operator handles a massive volume of goods shipments from Aliexpress and other similar trade sites, which have exploded in popularity in recent years.

China Post requires a unique tracking number following the $10 standard of the Universal Postal Union for every registered mail item (consisting of 13 symbols).

Vendors who sell online marketplaces like AliExpress, BangGood, FastTech, and eBay frequently use China Post to deliver your products. Tracking shipments from China involves many other factors. Therefore, we should investigate these factors to gain more insight into the topic.

So in this blog, we will discuss the essentials of tracking packages from China.

Tracking Package from China – Primary Shipping Methods

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When deciding to import goods from China, several factors must be considered. You want your items to arrive on schedule, undamaged, and at the most affordable shipping prices possible.

Each importer’s preferred shipping method is different. However, the regular post is the most common one. The regular post refers to 2 to 5 weeks delivery times for packages sent by services like China Post. It is the best and most affordable choice for small packages and samples if you have the patience to wait or are not in a rush to get your goods. Additionally, you can keep track of your shipment online.

Shipment costs cannot be the only concern for most firms, but they are a vital factor and crucial for many businesses.

Economy Shipping

Chinese businesses can ship domestically or worldwide using various inexpensive courier services. As a result, it is advisable to compare courier charges before ordering delivery services.

Online shipping price calculators are available. Enter your shipment details in these calculators to receive price quotes. Goods shipped via economy line can take anything from 20 business days to 60 business days to arrive at their destination. Naturally, that depends on where the client is located.

Consider these strategies for importing from China while minimizing shipping expenses.

a. Epacket

China Post and Epacket, both part of the China Post Group, are the two most popular shipping methods today.

In China, Epacket is widely used as a shipping method, so you can find it offered by many different stores online. This option is cost-effective when sending smaller, lighter packages and offers shipment tracking. There are 13 digits total in the tracking number, the first two and last two of which are letters.

If Epacket doesn’t operate in your country, then China post can be used as an alternative.

b. Yanwen

Yanwen helps sellers in more than eight countries with their logistics needs.

It has agreements with mail delivery companies and carriers like China Post and DHL. Delivery of packages typically takes 14 to 28 days. Some Yanwen ship models depend on China Post and use its services.

c. China Post

China Post is a standard delivery service. It works well for businesses that provide free shipping.

When the shipper absorbs the cost of shipping into the cost of the products, that’s when you save the most money. Additionally, you can track shipping from China in real-time online.

If you’re in China and can speak Mandarin, you’ll have no trouble finding a support number and talking to an agent. But, there is a setback when shipping internationally from China via this method. China Post doesn’t offer help in English. Thus, some customers switch parcels to different carriers upon their goods leaving china.

Because no help is available via phone, it can add to the confusion. This is one of the cheapest solutions, but it may also be one of the most time-consuming.

So, unless you need your goods immediately, it is the ideal alternative if you want to save money on shipping.

Special Line Shipping

It’s the quickest way for Chinese businesses to send packages domestically and internationally. Domestic or international shipping options include air and ground transport.

Since it’s not the postal service, your shipments will be safer in delivery, and the online tracking will save you a bunch of time.

Once your shipment has left the facility, you will receive a tracking number. Unlike with services like Epacket, you can utilize this way to send heavier packages. It could take up to three weeks for shipping.

Below are some choices for special line shipping methods.

a. 4Px

Express shipping, international shipping, and freight forwarding are the main focus of 4px tracking. It collaborates with sellers across multiple e-commerce platforms to provide them with shipping options.

TNT and Aramex are just two of the many foreign couriers that the organization collaborates with. Your 4px package tracking number will allow you to check its status on their website.

The 13-character tracking code is a combination of letters and digits. The client’s location determines how long it takes to ship (12-35 days).

b. CNE

CNE is a global express shipping service. It accepts shipments from retailers and delivers them to customers in China and beyond.

When the shipment reaches its final destination, the business hands off the last mile of delivery to local partners. Also, the CNE 13-character tracking number is a mix of letters and numbers.

c. UBI

The UBI system is an intelligent parcel network with express delivery and postal services. It’s a service that comes right to your door.

In addition, it can provide worldwide semi-tracked services if the client wishes.

d. Yunexpress

Tracking your packages through Yunexpress, an intermediary provider, is effortless. It possesses a global network of Chinese suppliers and local carriers.

The company will pick up packages from the businesses and deliver them to the customers’ designated locations. Once packages reach their destination, the second half of the delivery time is determined.

Express Shipping

The cost of express shipping is higher than that of standard shipping. EMS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL are the most well-known courier services.

Each has pros, but the total shipping expense can vary widely depending on several aspects. Dimensions, actual weight, and the final location of delivery are all included.

The most excellent express shipping choices for customers worldwide are outlined below.

a. UPS

UPS operates on strict timetables. Its main benefits are most noticeable in the United States, Western Europe, and Southeast Asia. Both large and small items offer benefits in terms of time and money.

b. FedEx

Packages sent via FedEx typically arrive within 2-8 business days. Accordingly, this service is widely used across the continents of Europe and South and Central America.

FedEx’s website provides up-to-date tracking information, and the company responds quickly to customer inquiries.

c. EMS

EMS delivers everything from food, medication, printed books, gadgets, and silverware.

It may take a week or two for delivery. Depending on your geographical location, this timeframe may be different.

d. DHL

When shipping packages that don’t weigh more than 21 kilograms, DHL is the best option because of the inexpensive rates they offer. Naturally, this is most effective when sending packages to less developed nations. The cost for packages to developed countries is reasonable even if the weight exceeds 21 kilograms. It’s not unusual for the company to offer sales to its customers.

According to surveys, it has a 90% approval rate among customers looking for a faster transshipment. Moreover, it’s the safest way to send an urgent package internationally by express shipment.

The standard waiting period is between 3 and 10 days. However, they have a fantastic service mentality and are very quick to respond to customers’ queries.

Tracking Package from China – How to Choose the Right Shipping Method?

Nowadays, purchasing items from China is quicker and simpler. However, if you choose the appropriate delivery option, it is beneficial.

Furthermore, the delivery techniques and the tracking procedure are closely related. So, pick the appropriate shipping type if you wish to track your items quickly.

Here are some of the primary considerations you should keep in mind when deciding which shipping option is best for your shipment.

Shipping Time

Remember that regardless of the delivery option you choose, timetables frequently change. This is due to either avoidable or unavoidable conditions.

Also, be aware that the free shipping options have the slowest delivery times.

Low Priorities with Free/Standard Shipping

Express delivery choices are prioritized over free shipping methods or standard shipment. In peak volume periods, such as the middle of the year, the New Year, and annual sales, express shipping items arrive earlier than regular shipments.

Optimized Tracking Option

tracking option

Everyone desires to track items after dispatch. It assures the delivery schedule. Additionally, it ensures that your items are secure and en route.

Almost every shipping method uses the same tracking procedure. In addition, customers can now track their packages by mobile device or computer. Therefore, they have access to everything, which improves their shipment tracking experience.

No Guarantee with Standard Shipping

Packages with incorrect addresses or those whose owners are away may become lost. Therefore, there is no assurance of delivery for standard shipping. Express delivery services permit two delivery attempts. Additionally, it offers compensation for lost packages.

Best Sites to Track Packages from China

You may have already ordered and purchased your items. So, what are the finest websites for tracking your package or cargo from China? Fear not! Here are the five most popular alternatives among customers.


Using Packagetrackr, you can track most of your packages in one location. In addition, national postal services and private couriers are also supported.

Package Radar

Package Radar provides immediate information regarding your packages. However, it begins functioning once you receive a tracking number from your online retailer.

It monitors packages from more than 15 Chinese online retailers, including WISH, Gear Best, and AliExpress.


The parcel tracking service 17Track has everything you need. The system is compatible with more than 700 postal and courier services globally.

It’s perfect for customers who need to enter multiple tracking numbers simultaneously. There can be no more than 40 digits in a block on the website.


Smaller packages sent from China can be tracked with Trackposylka. It is compatible with sellers on sites like eBay, Joom, AliExpress, and Bangood. It can monitor packages sent via Yan Express, SF Express, and China Post.

Parcels App

Parcels App is the first company to offer a mobile application in addition to an online service. It allows you to track packages purchased from DHgate, Victoria’s Secret, Joom, Wish, eBay, AliExpress, and Amazon, among many others.

The app operates automatically. For instance, it retrieves the tracking details from purchased items. In addition, it is compatible with the vast majority of national postal services, such as China Post, POS Malaysia, Brazil Post, Post NL, etc.

Things You Should Know About Tracking Package from China

Shipping Charges vs. Custom Charges vs. Import Duties – What is the Difference

a. Shipping Charges

A courier service is not uncommon to request additional payment after you’ve shipped items from China. So, paying taxes and fees is standard practice. Following European Union regulations, consumers making international online purchases are responsible for paying all applicable taxes and charges.

The consumer is responsible for these expenses if the seller does not cover them. So, inquire if the seller will cover the customs fee.

Remember that you’ll have to pay extra cash to cover these costs. However, even with a tracking number, your package may still get held in customs if you don’t.

b. Custom Charges

The worth of a shipment is determined by adding the costs of shipping, insuring, clearing customs, inspecting, and stocking the product.

  • Expenses Incurred by Warehousing
    Warehousing Costs associated with using a customs warehouse as temporary storage for goods before their shipment’s scheduled pickup.
  • Fees for Inspecting
    Expect to pay a fee when your item is subject to examination. Checkups like that happen all the time. The government will inspect your cargo if they have any reason to doubt its authenticity.
  • Charges Associated with Clearing Customs
    The cost of clearing customs is the administrative fee a country’s government charges to allow foreign-made goods to enter the country.

c. Import Duties

Customs charges change from country to country. For instance, value-added tax and customs fees may apply when importing products into a European Union member state. Their prices apply to all purchases, regardless of where the goods were made or imported.

The Value-Added-Tax (VAT) rate varies from country to country. For instance, harbor maintenance or product processing fee may impose on Chinese imports to the United States.

How to Track Packages Bought in Bulk?

There is a lot of ground to cover when discussing shipping from China.
In this scenario, the type of cargo plays a determining role:

  • Transport via the Air
  • Transportation via Sea
  • via Train

So, before sending a large order, ensure you have the supplier’s tracking code. After payment is made, most shippers will provide it automatically. Shipping goods by sea? Be sure to get the name of the ship from the seller. The package’s whereabouts can be followed using the tracking number once the ship has arrived at the final port of call. Use 17Track or another software along those lines.

Checking up on massive orders could be difficult. However, with the help of these businesses, tracking your packages is a snap.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Track Package from China to the USA?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is available to track packages from China. It is an autonomous division of the United States federal government.

It’s a US postal service provider. Delivery confirmation and USPS tracking information are included with all packages sent from China via China Post. Packages sent through Registered China Post Airmail, China Post EMS, Air, Sea, or Epacket can also be tracked via the United States Postal Service.

Why do Items get Stuck When Importing from China?

Your shipment may spend the next week waiting for you in a transit station or elsewhere in China. As a result, you should wait a few days to check on it. Similarly, it may be delayed due to a buildup of items, which will transfer once the backlog problem is resolved.

After 30 days, you may lose it, so it’s best to get in touch with the supplier as soon as possible so they can help you figure out what’s wrong. Others get delayed by a week or more in customs; this calls for a declaration to be issued to customs or a tax clearance to be filed by the seller.

Why Can’t People Track Packages from China?

If you haven’t received a tracking number or other shipment details from the seller, they may not have shipped your order yet. It’s also possible that you accidentally entered the wrong numbers.

Get in touch with the seller to find out if they’ve sent the package. Moreover, double-check the figures to ensure their accuracy.

How to Check if Tracking Number is Fake or Not?

There are 13 different symbols in a genuine China Post tracking number.

Small packages begin with the letter R, while large shipments begin with the letter C. Some of them start with A, E, or L.

The last digit is CN. Only numbers appear in the symbols between the first and last letters. Yours is undoubtedly a fake if it looks any different. Additionally, you can paste the tracking number into the Parcel Monitor China Post tracking by copying it. You’ll receive immediate updates on your packages.

Why China Post takes so long to deliver?

The truth is that parcel delivery times differ depending on location. Regarding package delivery, certain areas are lightning fast while others are painfully slow.


It seems like a complex task, tracking shipments from China. You can contact an agent for assistance if you encounter a problem. It will help if you use caution when making purchases from online marketplaces. The hands of con artists are not inevitable. Their bogus China Post tracking numbers can fool you.

You can still make secure purchases and deliver them to your door, despite the shady reputation the internet retail industry has earned. If you are still not able to track products from China, you can always reach Equator for more information. Our experts will guide to this whole process.

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