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Every business owner wants their company to succeed in the long run. It would be best if you put some work into the required procedures to do this. Additionally, you have to make sure that all customer orders are fulfilled on schedule.  

Furthermore, make an effort to include specific actions to improve the company’s efficiency. The clients will be pleased as a consequence. Receiving praise for on-time delivery makes you feel fabulous every time.

The order Fulfillment process takes place between receiving new orders and distributing the products to customers. Therefore, the delivery time is determined by how quickly orders are filled. Processing orders, which includes picking, packing, and delivering goods, is the first step in the procedure.

This blog provides a complete guideline that will help you choose whether the order fulfillment process is essential for your business.

Order Fulfillment Explained – Why is it Important?

Order fulfillment includes the entire procedure, starting with the point at which a transaction occurs and ending with delivery to the consumer. Supply chain fulfillment and inventory fulfillment are other names for order fulfillment.

This chapter will explain the process and importance of order fulfillment.

Why is Order Fulfillment Important?

Depending on your business type, the path to fulfillment might take on quite diverse shapes. A less tangible service, like a consultation, will need you to approach customer satisfaction differently than if you are selling a physical product.  

Proper planning and organization are required for your business to run smoothly. Your firm will continue to lure clients and satisfy them with your items if you have a clearly defined and efficient order fulfillment process.

Should You Use Order Fulfillment Service for your Business or Not?

To run a successful business, you must fulfill your consumers’ demands and expectations. Those expectations, in terms of fulfillment, are enormous. Order fulfillment, therefore, is essential for your business and must be done correctly because inaccurate, delayed, or missing shipments can all drive away customers.

Following are some of the benefits of implementing the order fulfillment process into your business:

i. More Concentration on Selling

Order fulfillment is more accessible for smaller organizations, but it gets more complicated and resource-intensive as you scale. You might need more time for other aspects of your profession as the orders come in from various sales channels, include internet, in-stores, and sales occasions.

The main advantage of outsourcing fulfillment is that you can reinvest the time used for label printing and box tape into your company. With the aid of an order fulfillment service, you can dramatically increase sales peaks and reduce them as necessary.

ii. Fewer Workers

order fulfillment -1

A company that provides fulfillment services does not need to recruit, educate, or manage employees; you do not have to fire any employees if sales drop. Your primary focus should be getting your products to the fulfillment services provider in the numbers needed to satisfy demand.

iii. Reduced Shipping Fees

Free shipment is a great marketing strategy. Shippers will only provide your products to clients at a cost. Using an order fulfillment business with a local, nationwide, or global network allows you to take advantage of their mass shipping discounts, resulting in reduced shipping charges for your consumers if you need to be larger to operate facilities across the nation.

iv. Capability to Expand into New Markets

Without making excessive capital investments, an order fulfillment firm can increase your reach. You will only have to spend money and resources on extending your infrastructure if a new market you’ve entered works out.  

The infrastructure is provided by your order fulfillment services partner, who scales it over time to increase with the size of your company. You are not required to commit to significant and maybe dangerous new overhead expenses.

v. Ability to Concentrate on Your Core Strengths

An organization that specializes in order fulfillment has management and staff that are knowledgeable about the process. By hiring them, you may free up time and resources to work on enhancing your product rather than training and recruiting new order fulfillment staff.

vi. More Satisfied Clients

oder fulfillment -2

More satisfied consumers result from faster, more affordable shipping, precise delivery details, a worldwide reach, and increased time spent on sales and marketing. Outsourcing the order fulfillment process can significantly increase your chances of success.

vii. Capability to reduce fixed expenses

When you keep stock, you will continue to pay for warehouse space through rent and utilities, even if sales are flat or declining. A contract with the provider of order fulfillment services that fixed costs become flexible costs. Your expenditures for order fulfillment decrease when business is sluggish. Naturally, they also increase when sales rise, but it is well worth the price.

How Does the Order Fulfillment Process Work?

How Does it works

In e-commerce businesses, the most important factor is quality services, and the order fulfillment procedure is essential because of this. Implementing an order management system will help you do this, and it assists in making sure that you correctly fill out the orders.  

To keep up with the quality of your services, you should always follow a checklist. In this chapter, we will introduce you to the steps of order fulfillment according to our list.

Getting the Inventory

The first step is to get the proper inventory. You can’t successfully start your business without finding out the best products at the most reasonable rates. Even if you make your products yourself, you have to get the best possible raw material available in the market. Make sure you double-check all the inventory before starting off with the next step.

Storage of Inventory

Oder fulfillment warehouse

Receiving and Storage of inventory is the initial stage in fulfilling orders. It is beneficial when you have items from several locations.

Additionally, it aids in ensuring that the quantity and quality of your goods are appropriate. In essence, this procedure aids in the inspection and counting of incoming inventory.

Processing the Order

Product packing and picking are authorized by an order processing management system. Therefore, it occurs whenever a consumer order is received.

Additionally, this technique offers online store owners an extra benefit. You can incorporate order management software. As a result, there is no longer a need for human intervention in any of the phases. Automatic order processing can only be initiated on an e-Commerce website with a shopping cart.

Picking up the Product

Robots in automated warehouses assist in picking. According to the directions on the packing slip, they choose things from the warehouse. The slip contains precise details. The data includes a list of Product lines for each item, the quantity sold, the product’s colors, and its sizes.

Picking of the Product

Once every item in an order has been selected, it is time to box it safely. Some third-party logistics include packing supplies as part of fulfillment services, while some charge for them.  

In addition to protecting your products, your third-party logistics will select packaging materials that sum up to the least practical dimensional weight. Some allow you to supply your customized boxes or utilize plain brown boxes if you’d prefer to keep your brand prominent.

Boxes, packing tape, bubble mailers or poly bags, bubble wrap, and air filling are some examples of these materials.

Shipping the Product


On behalf of the merchant, the majority of Third-party Logistics will buy shipping labels from the shipping carrier(s). Some fulfillment suppliers examine shipping prices from several carriers, while others prefer carriers with which they work. The latter makes sure that each given shipping option has the lowest price feasible.

The fact that significant carriers pick up orders directly from Third-party Logistics fulfillment centers and ship them is a significant advantage of outsourcing fulfillment. You get order tracking details once the order ships.  

You can either communicate this information with customers automatically or manually, depending on the technology used by the third-party logistics.

Returns If Any

The most challenging stage is return processing. To ensure the refilling of the goods, you must manage the process carefully. It must take place after a customer returns goods for a refund or an exchange. Once a product is defective, it cannot be restocked.

You must be sure to conduct quality control inspections during the return processing. Additionally, it would be best if you looked into sorting out incoming products.

Delivery of the order

Delivery of the order

Delivery of the order is a crucial process. Reliable delivery and efficient shipping of a product to clients must use many carriers on your delivery routes. A package might be picked up by a carrier like FedEx at the fulfillment facility. It will eventually be delivered to the customer’s residence by Postal service, e.g., USPS.

You may be sure that the product will arrive even in remote places with this type of shipping arrangement.

Types of Challenges You May Face in Order Fulfillment

challenges ahead

Implementing the order fulfillment procedure is challenging. Delivering items on time should always be your goal if you want to enter the e-commerce market.

Fulfilling online orders involves more than just door-to-door service. Being familiar with what it implies is essential.

Delays in Shipping

Delays in shipment lead to the cancellation of orders by the customers. The needs of the customer are overlooked if orders are processed manually. Make sure to automate your order fulfillment procedure for safety.

A reliable shipping company can also be hired for this purpose. Most of these carriers provide discounts and incentives for large purchases. This will help you in providing your clients with discounts as well.

Managing the Inventory

The majority of customers dislike receiving an out-of-stock message after ordering a product. When this occurs, they can quit placing orders which means you have lost your valuable customer.

You must put up a product recorder point to prevent this. You can also determine the level that will prohibit excessive inventory. To be able to identify system inefficiencies, you can choose to conduct routine inventory audits.

You will receive updates on the inventory that is available through a system that manages inventory. Additionally, it will provide you with the information you need to carry out your objectives.

Picking up the Wrong Order

Making sure your consumer does not receive the incorrect product is essential for maintaining your brand. You risk losing them if you do not do this. Therefore, be sure to automate operations related to order fulfillment.

Modern tools can help you eliminate human error. Additionally, rigid quality procedures and guidelines can be established. These guidelines can be used to evaluate orders before sending them to clients.

Dealing in Multichannel Order Fulfillment

It is challenging to strike a balance when dealing with numerous offline and online retailers. The optimization of order fulfillment balances out in that way. Additionally, delays might occur when orders originate from other platforms. Avoid delays and incorrectly chosen orders using.

This can only be stopped by putting in place a centralized system. The technology would help manage orders from all platforms, along with real-time updates. It also helps in avoiding delays and incorrectly chosen orders. Therefore, incorporate software that will make it simple for you to manage everything.

Should You Opt for Order Fulfillment?

A crucial first step for your organization is understanding what order fulfillment includes. You may reduce losses, returns, and other problems by using an effective order fulfillment process. Therefore, having a robust order fulfillment process is essential.

It Can Lead to More Sales


A rapid order fulfillment process will increase sales for your company. It is one of the best strategies businesses employ to assist clients in receiving their products quickly.

Customers value it when they know they are getting value for their money, too. Knowing that whatever they bought is being processed will put customers at rest.

The way your orders are fulfilled has a direct impact on your customers. Quick delivery with personalized boxes can help you provide a better customer experience.  

It will encourage repeat purchases in contrast to slow shipping speeds and dull, generic boxes that will leave customers unimpressed and unexcited about your brand.

It Helps Get More Buyers

Consider your customers’ needs in order to grow your sales. Only by having a flawless order fulfillment process can you guarantee this.

Customers respect dedication. They anticipate receiving their orders from you quickly and without interruption. The more explanation you provide for them to select your goods, the more likely it is that they will choose you over your competitors.

Therefore, always have a transparent process in place for fulfilling orders. It will enable you to work with happy clients.

It Can Help in Getting a Positive Image

A perfect order is one that is delivered on schedule, is undamaged, and is complete. You can be sure your firm will suffer if you can’t handle the needs. If it does, consumers will find their products elsewhere. To prevent this, invest in efficient and quick order fulfillment.  

How Can You Optimize Your Order Fulfillment Process?

order fulfillment

Most people in business are concerned about the progress of their business. They want to get optimum benefits from their business and make profits. In this chapter, we will tell you various tips to optimize your order fulfillment process.

Find Out Which Working Model is Best for Your Business

Order fulfillment can be optimized through in-house, hybrid, drop shipping, and third parties. The only thing left to do is determine which model will work best for you. Additionally, you should be aware that the size of the business will affect the model you choose.

The in-house fulfillment performs best when there are few orders. However, third-party fulfillment is most effective for companies that want to grow.

Make Sure to Have Clear Communication with Warehouse and Storage Facilities


Clear and straightforward communication is essential for every organization to function effectively. You must make sure that you are monitoring what your product’s suppliers are doing. It is beneficial to have a suitable channel for communication.  

You can therefore enable a phone or online chat option in your store. You may establish a solid, long-lasting relationship with clients by being communicative with them. Therefore, always be sure to give your customers access to the package tracking information. Additionally, email them a “Thank you” note.

Strategically Separate the Inventory

Separating the inventory aids in accelerating the picking procedure. You must maintain popular items close to the shipping locations in order for this implementation to be effective. It facilitates a quicker order fulfillment procedure.

Please keep the temperature-sensitive products in one location. Additionally, you can store delicate things in a safe location inside the warehouse.

Keeping the Inventory Accuracy

Accurate inventory management is essential to warehouse operations. You need a real-time inventory monitoring system to assist in maintaining stock levels.

You get to prevent your consumer from ordering a product that is out of stock by doing this. You defend your brand’s reputation as well.

To prevent running out of goods, you could need a successful stock control solution. Additionally, it will aid in reducing excess stock.

Work on End-to-End Supply Chain

There are numerous minor steps in the supply chain. It begins with the receipt of the goods and finishes with the final delivery.

Real-time supply chain analysis is hence functional. It aids in keeping the maker and seller informed and in making future plans. Its further advantages include

  • Continuous activity flow across the supply chain
  • Decreasing delays and identifying any problems in the supply chain
  • Improved interactions with consumers and suppliers
  • Complete transparency can forecast and plan for market changes, and lower risks
  • Reduced expenses for materials and labor by getting rid of trash during the process

Consider Using Smart Warehouse System

warehousing services

Modern trends include robotic warehouse management systems. Their technological innovations increase precision and efficiency and reduce human error.

Additionally, they support package tracking and provide real-time inventory information. The benefits of using an intelligent warehouse system include the following:

A Rise in Effectiveness

You may simplify your processes and cut down on errors with the aid of intelligent warehouse technologies. Your activities will be completely visible thanks to an innovative warehouse system, which is the first step toward optimization and improvement.

More Effective Decision-Making

You can make well-informed decisions regarding your goods, deliveries, and warehouse operations if you have real-time data at your fingertips. You will not need to rely on gut feelings or intuition to make decisions anymore since you will have the information required to make wise choices that boost your bottom line.

Decreased Costs

Smart warehouses can operate with less manpower, which will both lighten the load on your current staff and significantly lower your labor-related expenditures.

Common Types of Order Fulfillment Methods

Amazon order fulfillment

There is no single route to success. Whenever you set foot in the practical world, you find many ways of doing the same thing. For order fulfillment, you will come across different types of methods. You have to choose the one that suits you the most.

Here we will help you increase your knowledge and select the best strategy for your business.

In-house Order Fulfillment

Within your business, there is a mechanism to complete orders. The process of fulfilling orders is handled and completed by your workers.  

The term “in-house fulfillment” best describes it. You opt to handle everything internally when you choose internal fulfillment. You thereby control each procedure on your own.  

This method allows you total control over each step, but it could result in more accidents. Additionally, it can prevent you from expanding your firm. The technique is a viable low-cost alternative. As a result, it is appropriate for both new and established businesses.

Third-party Order Fulfillment

A third-party logistics provider aids in inventory management. Additionally, it delivers and packages goods to ensure prompt delivery to customers.  

Different plans are available from third-party providers depending on your needs. You are able to consider more options with these plans. Additionally, you can pick the services that best meet your company’s needs.  

Your company should take advantage of the inbound and outward logistics knowledge that 3PLs have to offer. They are crucial if your business grows or you need to speed up rapidly and deliver orders accurately because they also have the necessary infrastructure to transport higher order volumes.

Dropshipping Process

Your contract with a third party to handle your order fulfillment in dropshipping. However, dropshipping has one additional benefit for you. It includes that you do not require inventories.  

You can order goods from the manufacturer or dealer using this method. All of your orders are handled by the suppliers, who also transport products to clients. Sellers no longer have to purchase items in large quantities. Instead, people can buy goods as needed.  

The products do not belong to the third-party fulfillment firm, and the products are owned by the provider or dealer.  

Dropshipping is, therefore, a popular alternative among many eCommerce and new retailers. In order to handle their tasks, they use a reputable dropshipping agency.

Combinational Fulfillment (Hybrid)

Does your business require additional flexibility, or is it expanding quickly? The most excellent choice, in that case, would be hybrid fulfillment.  

A firm uses the order as mentioned above fulfillment choices in this strategy. To implement it, you can choose from a variety of order fulfillment choices. The most popular items may be processed internally by a business.  

A hybrid model is essentially a blend of two or more of the three models mentioned above. For instance, a firm might decide to handle order fulfillment for all or simply favorite products. Still, it might also choose to outsource fulfillment at busy times, like vacations, and drop ship large or heavy items directly from the supplier.

Three Suggestions to Ensure Proper Order Fulfillment

online shopping

Before getting towards the closure of the blog, we want you to know the three golden suggestions from our side to boost your sales while playing safe.

Receiving of Products

You should make sure that the receiving portion of your order fulfillment operations is optimized so you can respond quickly if you are in charge of it. To make sure that your consumers receive their packages swiftly, all of your shipments should be processed as soon as feasible.

Make a backup plan

backup plan

There are many other elements that affect product shipping that is beyond your control. It is possible for goods to be harmed, carriers to decide to raise their prices, unusual weather circumstances to affect your delivery, and unusual increases in the price of raw materials and inventory, etc.  

You should always have a second plan to encounter such situations. For instance, delivery delays can be avoided if you have a solid backup plan for your order fulfillment.

Make Every Effort to Predict the Demand

To meet demand, you must maintain a sufficient stock of items in your inventory. If this is not your first year in business, you might want to start by looking at your data from the prior year to see if your market has any regularity. Getting more inventory than demand is also not good for your business. Try to keep a balance.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Does Order Fulfillment Mean?

When an order is in fulfillment, it is still under processing and has not shipped yet. Once fulfillment is completed, an order is delivered to the customer, and the process is complete. So, order fulfilment is the process between the time when previous order is dispatched and new orders are taken.

Is Logistics Fulfillment the same as Order Fulfillment?

Processing logistics involves logistics fulfillment. So, everything happens between checking out and delivery of the item. It is common to confuse this phrase with order fulfillment.

Does Amazon Offer Any Order Fulfillment Services?

Yes, Order fulfillment is the responsibility of Amazon fulfillment centers. In other words, Amazon warehouses act as both product storage facilities and distribution hubs where employees rapidly and effectively choose, label, and deliver the product.

What is Order Fulfillment Rate?

The order fill rate is another name for the order fulfillment rate. It serves as an assessment of efficiency. You determine it by dividing the total number of orders by the number of orders processed.


An essential component of an e-commerce business is order fulfillment. Despite being challenging, it is vital to the survival of your company. Therefore, make sure that your online store succeeds in the challenging business environment. Only by having a top-notch order fulfillment process will you be able to control this. Therefore, apply the techniques described previously in this blog.

Equator had helped a lot small to large size businesses in building their own order fulfillment services, and we always complete the shipping and storging services for those online sellers. If you are also interested in it, speak with our customer service representatives.

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