Do you ever wonder why some pillows are more comfortable than others?

A significant component of accomplishing a healthier lifestyle is resting soundly. The right pillow with perfect pillow stuffing plays an essential role in having comfortable nights. Purchasing a quality pillow relies upon a ton of elements, for example, the kind of pad stuffing, the volume of stuff, and your financial plan.

Your pillow’s stuffing characterizes its nature, whether it is comfy or not. Contingent upon the sort of pillow stuffing and the amount utilized, your pillow can be remarkable, and according to your inclinations: delicate, firm, strong, and comfortable. Some pillow stuffing is perfect for a few people; on the other hand, it could be a bad dream for other people.

Our article guides you through the various sorts of pillow stuffing – their advantages, disadvantages, and cost to assist you with choosing the one that is simply perfect for you.

The Best 10 Pillow Stuffing to Sell on Amazon and Its Wholesale Price

pillow stuffing-1

The pillow business is at best on amazon and other e-commerce websites. You can actually earn a decent amount of profit by selling pillow stuffing if you buy them wholesale. People change their pillows after every season so that you can have orders from the same customers frequently. The better-quality wool will benefit your business in the long run as the customers return for quality products.

To deal with the product, you must have a thorough insight into all the different types of pillows and their properties. In this chapter, we have tried to inform you about the best pillow stuffing briefly.

Down Pillow Stuffing

If you are searching for the absolute fluffiest pillow fillings, down cushion stuffing is what you would appreciate under your head. Since they are not simply feathers, you could view this as a material that is costly to purchase. In any case, when it suits you, it is impossible that you choose any other filling.

Also, the down pad is more breathable and pliable. Down is the undercoating of the plumes on the chest and underside of birds. These are delicate and feathery and are utilized for different cushions and bedding. These down filaments are purely white in colour and are gentler, contrasted with other pillow stuffing.

The advantages of down pillow is that down pad stuffing is lightweight and simple to carry and they can keep going for a considerable period if maneuvered carefully. However, they are costly contrasted with other stuffing, so it is not pocket friendly for everybody.

The wholesale price of pillow stuffing ranges from $2.69 – $8. You can sell the pillow in the form of groups of pillows by keeping a constant profit on the retail price. You can even also add extra services like customization of pillowcases, a full set of differently shaped pillows etc., to earn more profit.

Polyester Fiberfill Pillow Stuffing

Polyester Fiberfill Pillow Stuffing

Polyester Fiberfill or Polyfill stuffing is made up of man-made, little, twisted polyester strands. Polyfill stuffing is the most well-known stuffing type, inferable from its delicate, sturdy, and very soft nature. This stuffing is one of the most excellent choices for outdoor pillow filling.

Polyester fiber stuffing is a more reasonable choice than the other fillings. It serves sleepers that love down stuffing but do not prefer bird feathers. Also, you can wash polyester fiber easily.

Feather Pillow Stuffing

The people who find down stuffing expensive can, without a doubt, search for the feather pillow stuffing material as another option. The filling is easily available in the market and accessible at a reasonable price. Feather Cushion stuffing comprises delicate quills from the wings and backs of the birds.

The feather pillow loses its shape exceptionally quickly, and the plumes likewise begin to pop out sooner or later. They are frequently joined with the down to give a blend of strength and reasonableness.

Memory Foam Pillow Stuffing

Memory Foam Pillow Stuffing

Memory foam pillow stuffing is made from polyurethane as well as different mixtures, and it is broadly utilized as a pillow stuffing. When you sleep on the pillow, it conforms to the shape of your head and neck. You will feel comfortable because it matches your sleeping posture.

The other advantage is that this stuffing scores over others is that memory foam has inbuilt holes which prevent bacteria, germs, and moisture to accumulate. The holes allow for proper air circulation too.

Block and Shredded Memory Foam

The material can be tracked down in two structures –shredded memory foam or block memory foam. Out of the two, it is seen that the shredded variant is easily moldable, gives a shape, and feels plushier and more comfortable.

Block adaptable filling is wrapped inside a pillowcase while the shredded memory foam is filled inside the cushion to give a soft and cushy experience. Memory cushion stuffing is perhaps one of the most recent innovations that adjust to the state of your head and assists you with keeping your spine lined up with the remainder of your body.

a. Buckwheat Hull Pillow Stuffing

buckwheat hull pillow stuffing

The demand for Buckwheat pillow stuffing has risen over the course of recent many years. They are comprised of external shells of buckwheat seeds, and each cushion incorporates around 10 to 12 pounds of buckwheat frames to fill. Buckwheat cushion stuffing is known for being a superb temperature controller and the best airflow promoter.

To that end, it is the best option among sleepers with perspiring issues. They are a lot thicker when contrasted with other cushion stuffing and are likewise an incredible choice for somebody who needs spine alignment.

b. Kapok Pillow Stuffing

kapok pillow stuffing

Kapok is a tree found in Mexico that produces blossoms with a cotton-like, smooth and soft feel. Kapok Cushion stuffing is the ideal decision for sleepers who are searching for organic pillow stuffing choices. They are also called Ceiba Pentandra and are an ideal fit for individuals who have sensitivity issues and need a 100 percent natural option.

Although the Kapok cushion stuffing material is not cotton silk, it gives a comparative satiny and delicate feel underneath the head. The filling comes from natural tropical trees, permitting you to rest comfortably. In addition, it makes your pillow fluffy and delicate to guarantee better rest. Moreover, it is not much expensive.

c. Cotton Pillow Stuffing

cotton pillow stuffing

If you are searching for cotton stuffing material, then you are picking a profoundly breathable and fluffy filling for your pillow. With a delicate touch, cotton stuffing is naturally able to reduce the risk of allergies. That implies it will not aggravate your sensitivities, and you can have comfortable nights.

Furthermore, it comes at a less cost alongside more durability. Cotton may be the most accessible and generally utilized pillow filler. It is delicate and gives an extravagant vibe when you lay. Also, it is somewhat more firm when contrasted with down, foam filled, or polyfill. Cotton likewise manages body heat in warm places.

d. Wool Pillow Stuffing

wool pillow stuffing

It is the most easily accessible stuffing in a reasonable range, and the fleece pillow stuffing gives a high solace level in chilly winters and sweltering summers.

In addition, for people living in colder regions of the planet, wool pillow stuffing even offers more protection, and they are considered to be breathable in all four seasons.

A couple of additional realities about such stuffing are that they can retard flame and also possess dust bug-repellent features. Wool stuffing for pillows is customary stuffing because of its breathability and protecting properties. The wool filling is warm, delicate, and feathery. They are ideal for individuals with sensitivities and can give extraordinary solace in both summer and winter.

e. Latex Pillow Stuffing

Plastic cushion stuffing is very well known, yet entirely it is costly. Like memory foam, latex materials are also seen in block or shredded structures, permitting you to change the cushion according to your need. Likewise, it makes your pillow milder and softer to get a comfy sleep.

Natural foam is the other name for latex; we can get it from a particular rubber tree sap. Natural foam is exceptionally difficult to separate and subsequently is costly. The block latex foam is highly durable. On the other hand, the shredded latex foam is malleable and gives you greater customizability.

f. Microbead Pillow Stuffing

microbead pillow stuffing

Microbead cushion stuffing is artificially prepared. It is an alternative option in contrast to buckwheat structures. Microbeads are little polystyrene globules. It is not accessible promptly in the market, contrasted with other pillow fillings.

They permit smooth airflow and are flexible also. Nonetheless, they will generally fuse and lose their shape and are not eco-accommodating.

The Best 3 Pillow Covers to Sell on Amazon and their Wholesale Price

pillow cover

This chapter will introduce you to the best pillow stuffings that are currently available in the market. The buyers can buy these pillow stuffing from a different retail store. On the other hand, these pillow stuffings are also available for wholesale buyers at cheap rates. You cannot source the best pillow stuffings until you have tried some of them yourself, and we have done that job for you.

Cotton Pillow Covers

cotton pillow covers

Cotton is considered the most suitable pillow cover as it is known for its delicacy and breathability. It is an ideal choice for individuals having sensitivities. It provides an individual with a luxury feel at a reasonable cost. Cotton is natural absorbent, adaptable, and easy to clean.

A few drawbacks incorporate the material clustering up effectively, leading to the formation of non-permanent crease marks on the face. Also, cotton fiber can retain moisture which makes the pillowcase a favourable place for the breeding of dust mites and microbes.

African Mud Cloth

African mud cloth

The African mud cloth is hand-made and hand-dyed and is 100% cotton textile. This fabric material provides authenticity to pillows. It comes in different shades. Modern homes prefer Indigo colour. It is considered a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Minimum cleaning with mild soap is required for African mud cloth. This is necessary to avoid fading.  

This is essential because this fiber is handwoven and often comes in tie and dye prints that may fade or get washed away if the washing instructions are not followed accordingly. They must be washed when required, and unnecessary washing damages them progressively.

Polyester Pillow Covers

polyester pillow covers

Polyester pillow covers are a promising choice owing to their durability and easy washing, and cost-effectiveness. Synthetic textile fibers are used for making polyester. It is hypoallergenic, which makes it the best choice for individuals having allergies. Its adaptability makes it a flexible texture to use for stuffing.

It can be used in combination with other materials according to your choice. All polyester materials are made differently. It can contain synthetic materials like lead and mercury, which are known to cause serious health conditions if the product is not handled carefully.

Certificates of Pillows You Should Check When Buying Wholesale Pillow Stuffing

certification of pillow stuffing

It is always the best practice to check for the certification of the seller when buying any wholesale product. You cannot bet on your hard-earned money and lose it to merely a simple mistake. If you ignore the certificate verification step, you will also risk your business also. Your customers might as well ask you to show the certificates or file compliance on receiving a poor-quality product.  

In this chapter, we have discussed all the crucial certificates related to wholesale pillow stuffings.

Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)

global organic textile standards-GOTS

A major requirement of GOTS is that textiles must have a minimum of 95% ensured natural fiber and precludes the utilization of unrefined components and synthetic substances that are unsafe to the human body, like formaldehyde, heavy metals, harmful solvents, and dyes that are prone to cause different types of allergies.

GOTS is among the strictest accreditation in the textile industry. GOTS guarantees the natural status of materials from the collecting of the unrefined components through the environment and assembling the entire way to its labelling, providing a guarantee to the customers that it is reliable. They also take into account responsibility both socially and environmentally.


GOTS provides credible and certified pillow stuffing material leading to reliable and better choices for buyers that have high standards of organic fiber. GOTS network is extended in more than 70 countries which makes it easier to make certifications efficiently and at a low cost as well while maintaining the same expert auditing and certification procedures.

Organic Content Standard (OCS)

Organic Content Standard (OCS)

The OCS is issued by a U.S. non-profit organization Textile Exchange. It is applied to all non-food product that contains organic material ranging from 5-100%. Audits and Inspections are conducted by the OCS over product quality framework, process and risk control of the organic product, as well as planning of organic production. The OCS certification is the demonstration of the organic raw material portion that is present in the final products.

Difference between GOTS and OCS

The accreditation of GOTS includes three aspects: management of production, environmental safety, and social accountability. At the same time, OCS is predominantly focused on the management of production.

The Objects for Accreditation are Unique

The objects of the OCS are non-food items made with organic materials, while the objects of GOTS are restricted to textiles produced with natural fibers. For acquiring the certification of GOTS, the product must have a minimum of 70% of organic fibers while OCS requires only more than 5% of a recognized organic material for certification.

Responsible Down Standard (RDS)


RDS is aimed to protect animals, and its basic purpose is to ensure that the animals are protected from pointless harm during the supply chain of feathers and down. Through RDS certification, organizations can ensure that the product is manufactured, carrying humane practices during raw material collection.

It is a significant way of driving interest and demanding strong practices for animal welfare. The standard provides both the organization and the customers with a tool that helps them to know their product constituents and for making precise assertions. Pillows stuffed with RDS-certified feathers and down are more favoured choices for animal lovers and humanitarians.

Objectives of RDS

RDS ensures that no animal is harmed during the acquisition of feathers and down in the supply chain. Providing the organizations with a device for knowing their product constituents and making precise assertions. It also guarantees strong chain custody for the material that is certified as they travel through the store network.

Cotton LEADS

The Cotton Leads certificate program is launched by the U.S. and Australian cotton industries together. This program aims to lead sustainable cotton obtaining and making in the supply chain worldwide. Cotton LEADS provides the sternest and dependable criteria in the cotton industry.

This program connects textile producers, brands, and sellers with various ways of progressing supportable cotton manufacturing. Cotton LEADS is focused on five basic rules that are reliable with manageability, the utilization of best practices, and identification in the supply chain. Cotton LEADS makes sure that cotton is delivered capably. It provides transparency in the supply chain.



The latex industry considers eco-INSTITUT (ECO) as the most authoritative certificate. The label of ECO on latex pillows confirms that the product contains less hazardous constituents and is safe and healthy for human bodies.

ECO is not linked with the latex product quality directly, and it can confirm the percentage of organic latex present in the item. Only the products manufactured using 100 percent organic latex are certified by the ECO label.

Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)


GOLS certification is launched by the Control Union World Group to target non-food latex products. It has earned the title of the world’s first global organic latex standard. GOLS has become an extensively acknowledged certificate in the latex industry. GOLS attributes value to companies looking for more feasible products.

The objective of GOLS is to identify products made from latex rubber that is grown organically. In addition to the certified natural rubber latex, these products may contain other endorsed extra materials and frills. For the final product to bear the GOLS label, all the raw materials constituting the product must fulfil the protocol in compliance with the prerequisites on organic origin.

Benefits of GOLS

GOLS provides a straight path and process from the level of the farmer to the certification of organic latex products. Apart from other factors, the producers approved for producing organic products under the name of GOLS must follow the required social and ecological guidelines.

GOLS empower the producers, dealers, and exporters to feature an exclusive product of organic origin, socially reasonable, harmless to the ecosystem, and discernible all through its worth chain.


You may give your cherished pillow new life with pillow stuffing, or you can use it to save a new buy that did not work out well. There is a stuffing to assist you out and add volume to your pillow whether you wish to support buckwheat, cotton, polyester, down, or memory foam pillow.

You can choose the ideal pillow stuffing for your requirements. This can be done by taking into account the selected material and the quantity of stuffing required. We are positive that you will discover something on our list that suits you the best. If you have any queries left unanswered, you can ask us in the comments.

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