SHEIN has become the most popular e-commerce website of US teens except Amazon. When you opened, you may feel difficult to close the website.

You may find all kinds of clothes at a quite low price on the website, especially for fresh users, it will give a 70% discount coupon and you can buy anything you want there. The cheap product is one of the reasons why global buyers love it, the other is that it has a quick turnover.

For many fashion brands, they may update products in 2~3 weeks, while SHEIN only takes 3 days. According to SHEIN, there will be more than 1000 new launches in a day. Which means you can always get new lookings from SHEIN ASAP.

However, after ordering, how long will you receive the order? As SHEIN is a China e-commerce website, how long does SHEIN take to ship? This article will explain Shein’s shipping methods and how long it takes to ship.

Is Shein Worth the Time and Money?

How long does shein take to ship

Shein isn’t just fast. It’s ultra-fast. It has a large target market. Customers are from Asia, the Middle East, the United States, and Europe. It also has worldwide warehouses throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Its demand has exploded in recent years. Its popularity has increased as a result of its affordable and fashionable clothing. 

The prices are so low that people think it’s too good to be true. Shein used to focus on women’s clothing mainly. The growth of Shein has resulted in the launch of men’s and children’s clothing, bags, accessories, and shoes, among other fashion goods.

When you order from Shein, you get what you pay for. That means that if you have a limited budget, you might not be able to acquire high-end clothing sewn to perfection. Before making a purchase, you can read customer reviews on several sites. By reading customer reviews, you can decide whether you want to buy something or not.

Customers can purchase from Shein using both their website and their app. As a result, Shein has become one of the most popular and downloaded apps. It provides discounts and competitive prices to draw in more customers. However, remember that Shein offers free coupons and exclusive deals in the app.

3 Kinds of Shipping Methods are Offered by Shein

Shein offers three shipping options. It includes Economy shipping, Standard shipping, and Express delivery.

Your location and mode of delivery determine delivery times. Natural disasters might cause delivery delays at times. Or storms that make flying unpredictable.

Shein Standard Shipping

Standard shipping is the best way to ship something because it’s the most cost-effective. It will take less time than economy shipping, you may be guaranteed to get your order in two to three weeks.

In most countries, there are traditional methods of shipping. If you want your goods to arrive on time, you should use standard shipping. It is a good compromise between price and time. Because of this, it is the most popular in most countries.

Shein Express Shipping

Shein’s fastest shipping method is express shipping. But your package will take one to two weeks to get where it needs to go. Compared to the economy and standard shipping, it’s pretty decent.

On certain occasions, it also takes fewer days. Its premium shipping service has become the most expensive shipping choice. However, you can ignore it since you’ll receive your packages faster.

Therefore, you should choose express delivery if you need the order as soon as possible. But don’t let it happen right away. The processing of the order takes two to three days.

Shein Economy Shipping

You may need to wait a month to receive your order with the economy shipping method. As a customer, economy shipping allows you to save money. It utilizes China Post, a service similar to ePacket.

Economy delivery may be the best option if you order some clothing one month in advance.

The shipping period will change depending on where you are. As a result, it is the most economical shipping method. Use economy shipping when you are not in a rush to receive the orders.

Shein’s Free Shipping – Myth or Truth?

Shein's Free Shipping - Myth or Truth?

Does Shein Offer Free Shipping?

When you spend more than a certain amount, Shein offers free shipping. Additionally, some Asian nations provide free shipping with no minimum purchase limit.

For instance, the average cost of free shipping in Asia is between $55.00 and $75.00. You must spend more than $49.00 to get free shipping in the US.

For orders above $39.00, free shipping is offered to Germany, Italy, and France for European customers. Additionally, free shipping is available for orders over $49.00 in Australia.

At times, Shein offers promotions through deals and coupons. So, below are some ways to get free shipping from Shein.

a. Free Shipping Coupons Outside the Shein App

shein coupon code

This approach prevents Shein’s free shipping coupons from appearing on the Shein app or website. Instead, you will locate them online at various websites.

You must visit every page to receive free shipping and collect coupons. Even though it looks like a lot of labour, the finished result is receiving the vouchers.

b. Free Shipping Coupons Inside the Shein App

Shein occasionally offers free delivery coupons for orders of less than 20 euros.

You must download their app or sign up for their newsletter to receive these coupons. When you place an order, these coupons are added to your list of coupons.

c. Get Free Shipping When Purchasing A Product

If your order is 29 euros or more, you are eligible for free shipping (equivalent figure in currency in your country).

The minimum order quantity required to qualify for free shipping is lower in places like Mexico. Instead of using the website, you should utilize the APP.

d. Free Shipping On Sundays

Free Shipping shein on Sundays

Shein will not charge you for shipping on Sundays. Shein may provide free shipping on some Sundays, at their choice.

As a pleasant surprise, Shein will provide free shipping on Sundays and throughout the hours between Saturday and Sunday. So, if you use the app to place an order, you won’t have to worry about shipping costs.

Do not worry that you will miss out on this opportunity! A timer will appear on the front page of SHEIN whenever free delivery is offered.

The countdown timer will show how long customers have to place an order to qualify for free shipping. To obtain such discounts, you must pay close attention.

e. New Buyers Can Get Free Shipping

Occasionally, Shein may offer free shipping to new customers. You are eligible for free shipping if you get an offer notice when you visit the homepage.

Therefore, you can sign up for a Shein account and try your luck. If you’re not fortunate, you could open one for a friend. If they are lucky enough to be selected, you can both take advantage of the free delivery offer.

f. Play games to Win Coupons for Free Shipping

There are a few games on SHEIN, including roulette. As a reward, you can get coupons for playing.

You can gather up coupons if you play these games regularly. Then, you can use these coupons to pay for your shipping costs.

g. Get Free Shipping Through Live Broadcasts

Shein broadcasts live (offers) during Wednesday afternoon/night on the APP. The time frame is determined by the country you are currently in.

You get to see emerging trends in these lives. Direct offer vouchers with free shipping are now available with a minimum purchase amount of fewer than 29 euros.

You can join these lives frequently to earn free shipping discounts. However, you must use the coupon within two hours after receiving it. They have a short lifespan.

Is It Really a Truth?

free shein shipping Is It Really a truth

The answer is definitely yes. We’ve all seen those bogus Facebook sites advertising garments that look entirely different when you get them.

Shein is not among these websites. We recommend you read the reviews of the item you are interested in. People who purchased the item often submitted images for you to see how they fit them. 

Shein Shipping- How Long Does It Take?

shein shipping how long does it take

Shein delivery takes roughly 1-3 weeks on average. Shipping times differ depending on location and mode of shipment. For your convenience, a shipping timetable is given below.

  • 3-4 weeks for economy shipping.
  • 2-3 weeks for standard shipping.
  • 1-2 weeks for express shipping.

From the time you place your order, it takes 1-3 business days. The seller has set aside these days to process your order.

Customers from Asia will benefit from faster shipment times. Because the goods are manufactured in Asia, they reach their buyers quickly.

The average delivery time for packages to reach Europe and North America is two weeks. Similarly, orders to remote areas take longer to arrive. It is best to verify the shipment duration ahead to avoid surprises.

Contact Shein’s customer support within three months if you don’t receive your package.

Where Does Shein Ships From?

Shein started in China. Because they are online sellers, they primarily ship their products from China. Shein has temporary locations all around the world. Pop-up places can be seen in Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York.

Shein has set up several overseas warehouses. This is due to the progress Shein has made throughout the years. 

These warehouses are strategically placed near Shein’s large client base. This includes Asia, Europe, and the United States. Shein was initially supplied exclusively from China. Because of the company’s success, they now operate warehouses worldwide.

Shein continues to ship lots of goods from China. All of its clothing is made in foreign factories. The cost of producing clothing in foreign factories is lower. Because of this, Shein’s items are inexpensive.

Shein makes the clothing and delivers it to their storage facilities. As a result, your order will be sent more quickly. They will have to produce and ship your item from China if it is not in stock.

Nonetheless, it enables you to buy clothing items at a reasonable cost. Shein is able to reduce expenses while still meeting client demand. Shein is attempting to shorten shipment times by maintaining multinational warehouses.

International Warehouse Locations of Shein

international warehouse locations of shein

There aren’t any confirmed reports of warehouses anywhere in the world.

As a result, other articles’ descriptions of Shein International Warehouse are misleading.

However, I believe they have coordinated logistics and transportation and cooperative logistics transit warehouses. The parcel is delivered from China, then to these logistical transit facilities, and finally to the buyer.

As a result, their package delivery periods are sometimes 3–4 weeks.

Processing time of Shein’s Orders

Shein requires two to three days to process your request after you place an order. The order delivery time does not include the time it takes to process the order.

Average Shipping Time of Shein

Shipping options include economy, standard, and express shipping. However, various factors influence parcel delivery regardless of the method you use.

Your Shein orders won’t ever arrive at the same time each time. For this reason, an estimate is given. Your order can come sooner or later than the estimated time.

If there is ever going to be a delay in the delivery of your item, it is best not to stress out. While talking to customer service, you can monitor the delivery of your package.

Your location, as the final recipient of the shipment, is also an essential factor. Shipping times will increase accordingly based on your location close to the warehouse.

Return Policy at Shein

shein return policy

Shein provides a return policy for goods that are broken. You could get in touch with Shein to return items if you received them damaged or in the incorrect size.

You can return the product through the Shein website. Then you can provide information about why you wish to return the product and the product itself.

The product will then be inspected by the staff and will be returned. The cash is therefore refunded to the account if the reason is authentic.

Is there any change in delivery time during Covid-19?

Covid-19 has impacted people from all areas of life, including delivery services. Because of the Covid-19 problem, more people prefer to shop online. While it affects shipping, it also impacts production.

If there is a Covid-19 breakout, the entire unit must be shut down for a specific period.

In addition, due to the Covid-19 precautions, part of the workers stays home. To some extent, all of these elements have influenced shipment and delivery times.

However, Shein and its crew are working hard to ensure that all products deliver on time. They are also confident that Shein will return with a faster shipment once the Covid-19 crisis is fully resolved.

Shipping duration to Middle Eastern Nations

All Shein standard shipment to Middle Eastern countries is handled by Aramax Logistics, Fetchr, and Naqel. The delivery time varies based on the city of destination. However, it usually takes between 5 and 10 days.

Shipping times might range from 3 to 7 days during a big sale, such as Black Friday. During Ramadan, delivery times may also change.

If you want to know when your order will arrive, you can monitor it on the Shein website. You can track the information of your courier company.

Shipping Time to the United Kindom and the United States

Shein has warehouses in Europe, Asia, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East, which helps in the shipping process. If your local warehouse has the things you ordered, your order will be shipped right away.

However, the majority of the inventory is shipped from China. Yodel handles practically all Shein orders in the UK and all customs matters.

Standard delivery in the UK typically takes 8 to 13 days. Express shipping takes around 4 to 10 days.

Shein also ships to the United States and offers a variety of delivery options. With standard delivery, the estimated arrival time is 7 to 11 days. Express shipping takes between 3 and 7 days.

You can use your order tracking details to trace your order. Order tracking will help you determine where your order is and how long it will take to deliver.

Tracking Your Order on Shein – The Steps Required to Track Shein’s Order

Tracking your order on shein

A customer can check the status of their order with Shein and have a better idea of when it is expected to arrive (EST). You can follow the step-by-step instructions in this chapter to track your order after placing it on Shein.

Log into your Shein’s Account

You must sign in to your profile. To log in to your account, go to the Shein website and sign in. After logging into your account, navigate to your order list.

Click the “My orders” option in the menu to view your order list. There you can see a list of all your orders. You can check all of your orders as well as their current status.

Go Towards the “Track My Order”

Choose the product for which you wish to see information from the list. There is a “View Details” button in front of each order. To view the specific order’s details, click the “view details” button.

The ‘Track’ option will appear alongside the order if the product has already been dispatched. You may track the order using the “track” option. To proceed, select the “Track” option.

Put in Product Tracking Number

When you select Track, you will see the current delivery status and tracking number. You can copy the tracking number and then put it into the search bar at the top of the website.

Copy and paste the tracking number into the search field and press enter. Then you’ll be able to see all of the tracking information for the product.

Verify Details and Estimated Shipping Time

Shein offers global delivery, and you can track your order from anywhere.

The tracking information helps to track the order and calculate the approximate delivery time. The tracking number can help you determine your order’s exact location.

Use Mobile App to Track Shipping Time

You can track your order with the Shein smartphone app. You can download the application from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

You can track your order with the app. To follow and receive order information, use the same steps described previously.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about shein's  return processing policy

What is Shein’s return Processing Policy?

Shein’s return policy allows for a refund 45 days after purchase. You will not be billed for shipping on your first order. You can ask Shein to return the product if it doesn’t fit correctly or you received a defective item. To return the product, request the product on their website.

Your request to return the item must include a justification, and a staff member will contact you.

Does Shein have International Warehouses?

Shein previously only had warehouses in China. However, because of their vast international consumer base, to accelerate the delivery process, Shein maintains warehouses in numerous nations. America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, all host its warehouses.

What Types of Shipping Courier Service Does Shein Use?

Shein uses a variety of shipping and courier services. Yodel Services delivers packages to the UK. China Post delivers orders to the US. Later, USPS for standard delivery and FedEx for express delivery deliver them to the intended receiver.

Different courier firms deliver packages to Australian customers. DHL offers packages for Canadian buyers.

Customers from the Middle East are not forgotten. Aramex, Fetchr, and Naqel are courier businesses delivering those sides.

It is crucial to note that during festivals, delivery times may differ. It may also change when major deals are ongoing, such as on Black Friday.

How Can I Update My Shein Shipping Address?

When you first check out, there is an “edit” button. Change the address by clicking on this button.

If you have already paid, modifying it is unnecessary because it won’t be possible—the package will be delivered to the given address.

Can You Change the Shipping Methods Listed on Shein?

To switch the shipping method, go to “My Orders” and cancel your shipment before it ships.

Order the items again and choose the correct delivery option. While your order is marked as “shipped,” you cannot attempt to change the shipping method.

So, always pay attention while entering information like the delivery address and shipping choice. In essence, it helps in preventing hold-ups and confusion.

Does Shein Function as a Dropshipping Website?

Shein is a shopping website and not a professional dropshipping site. If you are looking for a dropshipping supplier for Shein products, you can contact us. Equator Supply Chain will arrange the products for you.

Does Shein offer free Sunday Shipping?

Anytime on Sundays, Shein offers free shipping. There is no way to predict when this will happen, but you will be able to recognize it because a banner will appear on the home page of the website and the app.

Why is Shein taking so long to ship my order?

Depending on the shipping method you select. It typically requires 15-20 days.

Is the projected delivery date from Shein’s correct?

Shein’s delivery estimate is correct. However, it might change slightly based on several circumstances. Users occasionally receive their orders before the scheduled delivery date.

Where can I find the status of my Shein order?

You may monitor the status of your order through either the Shein website or the Shein mobile application. You have the option of viewing further information regarding the order that you choose to track. Select the track option that is available with the order details.


Online retailer Shein is a reliable store. It sells fashionable apparel for a reasonable price. Additionally, you get to buy what you want and have it delivered on time. Shein has an easy-to-use website interface and app. You’ll enjoy shopping there. 

We hope it will give you a better understanding of Shein’s shipping and return policies. Moreover, if you are still confused about buying from Shein, you can always reach Equator Supply Chain contact page for more information.

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