Convert Asian Sizes to US Sizes


For a business owner customer satisfaction is the primary goal. If you are a cloth or apparel drop shipper in China, it is important to know about the Asian sizes to us size conversion, so you can address your customer needs accordingly.

There are cultural differences between countries when you look for a 16 sizes one-piece in China, you will find out that they are marked XXL on the label. That may cause a lot of trouble when you are importing clothes or shoes from China.  

This post is for you if you already work with a supplier from another region, preferably Asia, or if you intend to do so. You may learn everything you need to know to effectively change clothing from Asian sizes to US sizes here. Your sales may be negatively impacted if the sizing does not correspond to your target market. 

Asian Size to US Sizes – How It Will Affect Your Business?

Convert Asian Sizes to US Sizes

The worldwide supply chain makes it possible for you to purchase clothing from reliable Asian vendors. There is only one issue if you sell your product in many nations throughout the world: not all continents utilize the same size. If you want to prevent dissatisfied consumers and refunds, you must establish adequate measuring conversations.

As is common knowledge, clothing in Asia is smaller than in the US. For instance, the large size of clothes in Asia is equivalent to the small size in the US. Additionally, Asian clothing’s large size is equivalent to European clothing’s medium size. The size conversion is based on a few key factors, which we’ll go over in more detail below.

Although converting Asian sizes to US sizes may seem tiresome, clothes e-retailers depend on it being done correctly. You will deal with diverse measurement systems if you sell to or engage with overseas customers or buyers. Customers are more likely to leave a negative review and return the item if they purchase the incorrect size since you failed to account for that. You’ll be deeply in the red if you make too many returns.

Additionally, there are numerous apps available on the market that can assist you in converting Asian to US clothing sizes. Shopify offers a few examples of these apps, including clean size charts, ESC size and chart, and Avada size and charts. The apps listed above are all respectable options for adding sizing charts to your store. All of them provide free plans and have quite comparable features.

Asian Size to US Sizes – Why Should Learn?

Convert Asian Sizes to US Sizes

Sizing is the most crucial thing when you are selling your clothes in different countries. Maybe you have the best product in the world but if your sizing did not satisfy the customer, your brand will fall instantly. When the manufacturer manufactures clothes, they stitch them according to the targeted market. For example, your targeted market is China, so they will tailor your clothes according to Chinese measurements.

The sizes should be communicated to you by your target market. You should also learn how to change your product’s size to various sizes. Asian sizes come in a variety of sizes from nations such as Japan, India, Korea, and China. You must have a chart that compares the sizes of these nations to US sizes.

To run an online store you should have good knowledge of conversion of sizes. It will aid clients in choosing the appropriate clothing and accessories. It is useful to understand how to convert between US and Asian sizes. You can utilize size conversion programs or learn how to convert.

A conversion chart is offered by many online retailers. This is so that customers may determine the size they are for a particular product. regardless of where the buyer of the commodity is from.

Asian Size to US Sizes – How to Avoid Issues?

We can provide you with some advice on how to prevent size problems.

Order Samples First

Before placing the big order you should the sample first. It will help you to know the quality and sizing of the clothing. Observe the sample and then come up with a conversion chart. Samples were provided for size comparison and measurement. To check how the samples fit, let your models try them on. Additionally, you may find out what standards were utilized to create the sizing chart.

The size variances should be made apparent to your customers. Additionally, mention the conversion technique. To prevent returns and dissatisfied customers, it will aid in the effective display of the conversion.

Clarification of Size Charts

Provide your customer detailed size chart. If you provide a poor credential chart to your customer it will confuse your customer. A good size chart will take into account the various needs of your customers. The length, weight, waist measurement, age, gender, and body type will all be included.

Different sizing should be included in a decent size chart. Customers from various geographic areas, including Asia, the UK, and the US, should be catered to. To sum up it should provide all sizes like small medium and large.

Use Your Supplier’s Measurements

You should use the measurements provided by the suppliers it will help your customers to get precise measurements.

Additionally, it will spare you from having to find a conversion table. Additionally, please follow the measurements that your supplier tells you. A dispute in sizing will result from combining your supplier’s dimensions with those of other suppliers. Almost most of the suppliers use standard-size charts.

Reference to rival companies

You can also give the reference of the size chart of your rival e-commerce companies. On occasion, your rival might have a sizing chart with greater specifics.

So, look at the online stores of your rivals. See if you can utilize them on some of your products by consulting their sizing chart. They can serve as motivation for you in this situation, your manufacturers may differ, which could have an impact on sizes. To fix this problem, utilize sizing charts that correspond to your items.

Communicate Clearly With the Supplier

For a good business good conversation with suppliers is very important because with a good conversation, you will get exactly what you ask for. When communicating, you might request a certain size or a blend.

There are many size recommendations. Suppliers could follow different rules. You’ll both be on the same page if you and the provider have open lines of contact. So request your supplier to send China vs US size chart or if he does not send the chart you can use the standard us vs china size chart. If you let them know what you need, the manufacturer or supplier will give it to you.

Tables of Asian Size to US Sizes

Convert Asian Sizes to US Sizes

It’s not that difficult to convert Asian sizes to US measurements. To help you comprehend the distinction between Asian and US sizes, we have compiled data from reliable sources and created some charts. You can use it to suit your customer’s size requirements.

You may wonder what an American large in an Asian size is while purchasing women’s and men’s clothing from a provider. This chart will lead you to your required answer.

Asian Sizes to US Sizes – Women’s

China SizeJapan
XS4-64-6160-165/ 84-86S 36 544
S8-1010-12160/165 84/86M 38 944
M12-1614-16167-172 /92-96L 40 1166
L18-2018-20168-173/ 98-102LL, XL 42 1377
XL22-2422-24170-176/ 106-110XXL 3L 1588
XXL26-2826-284L 17 -5

Asian Sizes to US Sizes – Men’s

XS14-14.5S 36-3790
S15-15.5165 88-90M 3995
M15.5-16170 96-98L 40-41100
L16.5-17175 108-110LL XL 42-43105
XL17.5180 118-12244110
XXL185 126-130

Asian Sizes to US size Chart – Kid’s Clothing

Kids’ clothes have also a chart from which the user can customer the sizing.

EU SizeUK SizeUS SizeAU Size
80 CM12CM12-18 m
80-86 cm18m18-24m18m
86-92 cm24m23/24m2
92-98 cm2-32T3
98-104 cm3-44T4
104-110 cm4-555
110-116 cm5-666
116-122 cm6-76-77
122-128 cm7-87-88
128-134 cm8-99-109
134-140 cm9-101010
140-146 cm10-111111
146-152 cm11-121412

Charts for Converting Jackets and Suits from Asian to US sizes

a. Men’s Bttoms & Trouser Sizes

UK/US SizeEU Size

b. Women’s Bottoms & Trouser Sizes

UK/US/AUS SizeEU/ Japan SizeGeneral Size

Conversion Charts for Asian Shoe Sizes and US Sizes

Finally, the charts below can assist you in converting Asian shoe sizes to US ones.

US SizeUK SizeChina SizeJapan SizeKorea Size

b. women’s shoe size conversion

US SizeUK SizeChina SizeJapan SizeKorea Size

c. Children’s shoe sizing chart

UK SizeEU SizeUS SizeJapan Size
4204 ½ or 512 ½
4 ½215 or 5 ½13
521 or 225 ½ or 613 ½
5 ½22613 ½ or 14
6236 ½ or 714 or 14 ½
6 ½23 or 247 ½14 ½ or 15
7247 ½ or 815
7 ½258 or 915 ½
825 or 268 ½ or 916
8 ½269 ½16 ½
9279 ½ or 1016 ½ or 17
102810 ½ or 1117 ½
10 ½ or 112911½ or 1218 or 18 ½
11 ½3012 ½18
12311319 or 19 ½
12 ½3113 or 13 ½19 ½ or 20
13 ½32 ½1 ½20 ½
1331 ½ or 221
2342 ½ or 322

Tools You Can Use for Converting Asian Sizes to US Sizes

Convert Asian Sizes to US Sizes

There are many tools you can use for converting Asian sizes to US sizes. We list the most common applications which you can get from the internet.

Avada Size Chart

With the Avada Size chart, it will be easy to create different size charts for various types of products such as bags, shoes, clothes, etc. There are 11 templates available to apply instantly to your store products. The templates can be altered to suit your preferences. When you set the size chart at the backend, the Avada size chart enables you to preview the size chart. As a result, it aids in deciding how and where it should be placed on your website.

Size Chart

This app can be used for displaying your business information. Size charts, refund policies, product listings, and other information can all be included.

There are two plans for this size chart app. The paid version of this size chart app is available. Additionally, consumers have access to a premium ($7.99 per month) plan.

Best Fit by Relentless

On best fit, you can create different-size charts for your product. you can create charts for shoes, clothes, and many items. Best Fit features 3 plans. First up is the Free Plan. Additionally, there is the $4.99 monthly Premium Plan. The Development Plan, which is also free, comes last. Development stores are permitted to utilize it up until they move to a premium Shopify plan.

ESC – Size Guide

They allow the admins to create charts according to their requirements. Additionally, you can choose from the several templates offered and alter them to match your brand.

Using the program, you may convert size charts from lengthy words to tables that the client can easily understand. The size charts can also have motion added by admins to make them more appealing. Eastside Co.’s Size Matters is available without charge.

Ultimate Size Chart

This app functions similarly to other size chart apps. They offer a straightforward user-friendly layout. This implies that you can modify the service to your desire.

The software offers a sizing chart that includes fundamental details like product size, color, and cost. Additionally, administrators can modify the supplied template to fit their brand.


Convert Asian Sizes to US Sizes

Is Asian Size Bigger or Smaller than US Size?

In general, Asian apparel sizes are smaller than US sizes. 

Should I buy clothing in one size or a free size?

If a piece of clothing is “free size” or “one size,” do not purchase it if you are an American size 4 or larger.

What do average clothes sizes include?

Shoe sizes comprise width and length, whereas clothing sizes include bust, waist, and leg circumference. Make sure to request samples from your suppliers so you can gauge the sizes of the goods on your own and give clients precise pointers.


Asian manufacturers have distinct measurement standards from those in the US and Europe. You’ll likely need to convert the sizes in your business if you sell clothing made abroad to local standards. It is crucial to have accurate size conversion information when buying products from Asian suppliers.

Your needs can be better expressed by an agent. The blog also give you complete information about the sizes differences between various countries. To handle your sizing requirements, you may also think about engaging a sourcing agent like Equator.

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