Are you looking to sell day-to-day clothing? Or, are you trying to make it big in the fashion world? Whatever the case is, you must be looking for the best clothing manufacturers to source clothes from.

Websites like Alibaba, AliExpress and many others have made business much easier. Only a click is required and you can connect with Chinese suppliers/manufacturers from all over the world.

This blog will cover all the details you require in 2023 to find the best Chinese clothing manufacturer.

Why Should Buy From China Clothing Manufacturers?

Made in China

As we all know, China is known as the “World’s Factory”. If you are looking to source quality products at low costs, China clothing manufacturers should be your first choice.

Even big brands like Prada, Gucci, Channel, Louis Vuitton and others have their factories in China. The reasons why you should go for Chinese suppliers/manufacturers are discussed below.

Cheap Labor Force

The biggest reason China is leading the world production market is because of the cheap labour force. The wages for labor are really low as compared to the rest of the world.

This is because of the simple rule of demand and supply. The supply of labor is greater than the demand, which is why people are willing to work at lowers wages.

In other parts of the world, the labor force is very expensive. The cost of labor will also depend on how labor-intensive your product is.

Low Manufacturing Cost

Low Manufacturing Cost

China has an abundance of resources. This, along with cheap labor, results in low manufacturing costs. Raw materials cost less and most Chinese manufacturers get the raw materials from China itself.

Moreover, there is an entire production network and almost all the products in the world are already being produced there. China has achieved economies of scale in most production.

Option of Customization

The best thing about working with Chinese clothing suppliers/manufacturers is that majority of them offer the option of customization. Most manufacturers have their research and development department in which they carry out research for different customers.

All you need to do is to tell them your requirements and what sort of product you are looking for if you want customization. They will make a prototype and provide it to you.

Once you are satisfied with the customizations, you can go ahead with the production process. Suppliers/manufacturers usually charge a separate fee for customization.

Advanced Equipment

China is at the forefront of the production industry. They are way ahead of many other countries when it comes to technology. The manufacturers are working with high-end technology that allows them to achieve production efficiency.

Many processes have become automated and the element of human error has almost reduced to zero. Quality is consistent and production is quicker.

Main Questions You Should Ask Before Buying From China Clothing Manufacturers

Main Questions Buying From China

There are a few important questions that you should ask the China clothing manufacturer before you strike a deal with them.

Doing your homework is very important if you want to save yourself from getting scammed or ending up with a product you are not happy or satisfied with.

Following are some obvious but very important questions that you should ask the potential supplier you are about to shortlist.

Will They be able to Make Your Product?

Even though this seems like a very simple question, it is very important to ask. When it comes to clothing, there are many types available in the market.

Day-to-day garments require different expertise to make as compared to exercise and outdoor clothing. The former requires waterproof fabrics like lycra. You need to make sure that the manufacturer can make the clothing you are interested in.

The best option is to choose a manufacturer who already specializes in the clothing products that you are interested in. If you are into gym clothing, don’t approach a manufacturer that does not have experience in that.

What is the MOQ (minimum order quantity)?

MOQ is the minimum quantity order that a supplier/manufacturer takes. Most of the manufacturers have a set MOQ. It is important to check with them beforehand.

Some suppliers set very high minimum orders like 2000 or 3000 units. They don’t accept orders for any less. Therefore, it is very important to check if the MOQ is manageable by you are not.

If you think you will not be able to buy in bulk, you can then look for other manufacturers who have a lower minimum order quantity.

What is the Cost Take for Product Customization?

Bulk production means the same product for everyone. If you are a seller and want to customize a current product, you should go for manufacturers who provide the option of customization.

Do talk with them about the cost of customization. Some manufacturers go way out of the league and can charge you a lot. You need to clear these things before you think of making a deal.

Do they provide samples?


If a manufacturer refuses to provide you with samples, it is a big red flag.

Samples are usually paid by the buyer but all the reliable and good manufacturers provide samples. This is because you can easily gain the trust of the buyer by allowing them to check what product you are manufacturing.

Once you get the sample, you can check for the quality and order in bulk without any worry. If the manufacturer is not willing to provide samples, you’d better not do business with them.

What is the maximum production capacity?

Generally, the first order that you give is not very large. Most sellers don’t even think of asking about the maximum production capacity.

This is a huge mistake. What will happen if your business starts booming and your products start selling out quickly? What will you do if the demand for your clothes increases over time?

This is why you should have a fair idea about the maximum quantity that the manufacturer can produce. Have information about the lead time and turnaround time.

You should know how many products they can produce and in what time frame. You should not be waiting weeks and months for products to be made. That can lead to a loss in sales and customers.

What are some quality standards they are maintaining?

Ask the manufacturer what quality standards they are meeting. Here, you should also do your research and check about the supplier.

Ask around the current clients and previous ones about their experience with them and see if they are happy with the quality that was being provided.

What are some current and previous brands/companies they have worked with?

This is a foolproof way to check the reliability of the manufacturer. You can see the other people they have worked with.

Check testimonials and feedback. You can also contact them and see how their experience was working with the particular manufacturer/supplier.

Where Can You Buy High-quality Clothing From China Clothing Manufacturers?

China clothing Manufacturers

Chinese clothing manufacturers sell their products in bulk locally and internationally.

In the wholesale markets, manufacturers go ahead and sell their clothes according to weight. The major markets in which to look for the best China clothing manufacturers are discussed below.

Baima Wholesale Market

Address: 16 Zhannan Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, 510499

Baima Wholesale market map

The Baima wholesale market is one of the largest clothing markets in the world. The main feature of the market is that you can find clothing products in any range. From high-end to affordable to low-priced products, everything is available here.

The first, fourth and fifth floors have very good quality products in a good price range. The second and third floors have highly affordable products to choose from. Clothes like t-shirts, jeans, pants, dresses, tops and much more are available here.

Guangzhou Shahe Clothing Market

Address: 5835+4P Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

Guangzhou Shahe Clothing Market

Guangzhou Shahe Clothing Market is the biggest textile distribution centre in China. Because of the daily trade in the market, it closes very early and has very limited business hours.

The market is full of clothes for men and women. Different qualities of clothes can be found here.

Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market

Address: 47W4+C8Q, Zhanqian Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, 510499

Liuhua Clothing Wholesale Market

The main products you will find here include underwear, dresses and other women’s and men’s clothing items.

What is different from other markets is that the market also has fur clothes and other accessories. So, it is an all-under-one-roof place if you are looking for affordable clothes and accessories to go with them.

Zhanxi Clothing Wholesale Market

Address: 59 Zhanxi Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, 510499

Zhanxi Clothing Wholesale Market

The market has several manufacturers providing premium apparel. Again, all grade clothes can be found here. Caps, sportswear, jeans, shoes and much more can be found here.

How to Find China Clothing Manufacturers for e-Commerces Sellers?

Visiting the Chinese Markets is not possible for all buyers. Most of the buyers are international and are not physically present in China.

For those who are, not having appropriate information can also become a hassle in choosing a reliable clothing manufacturer. There are many ways to find China clothing manufacturers for e-commerce websites.

Ask China Sourcing Agent for Help

Product sourcing

To make sure that you get your hands on the best and most reliable Chinese clothing manufacturer is to hire a sourcing agent/company like Equator Supply Chain.

The sourcing agent will be your eyes and ears in China. Established companies/agents already have a wide network of operations and contacts in the field. The best thing about sourcing agents/companies is that they do everything for you.

They do quality inspections, follow up on the production process, arrange for shipment and much more. They have the resources and manpower to do everything on your behalf. All you need to do is pay a fee and leave your worries to them.

Find Clothing Manufacturers from Chinese Wholesale Websites

Websites like Alibaba and AliExpress are some of the biggest wholesale eCommerce websites for finding Chinese suppliers. These websites, along with many others, will be discussed in detail in the section below.

You can find hundreds and thousands of manufacturers, trading companies and wholesale suppliers. Choose the most suitable one for your business, and if you have any doubts, you can ask Equator for help.

Visit Local Whoesale Markets/Industrial Clusters

There are many industrial clusters all around the country. Going to clothes manufacturing factories is not an easy task.

If you look around in the right places, you can easily find many wholesale markets that are selling bulk products at very economical prices.

The biggest wholesale clothing markets in China are mainly clustered in Guangzhou. Not only are the wholesale markets popular, but many leftover markets are operating in the country.

These markets provide several rejected export materials. The best thing is that they have very minimal defects which are not even visible to a layman. You can buy in bulk from here at very cheap prices. Some of the most famous markets in the area are:

ⅰ. Yiwu Meihu Leftover Stock Street

ⅱ. Yiwu Wuai Leftover Stock Market

ⅲ. Jingdong Garment Trade Center

ⅳ. Guang Da Clothing Trade Center

Visit China Trade Fairs for Finding Clothing Manufacturers

Trade fair for clothing manufacturers

If you are serious about your clothing business, we recommend attending Chinese fairs. People from all over the world attend these fairs to meet the supplier/manufacturers face to face. These are reliable and trustworthy suppliers because they go through many background checks.

Many clothing suppliers come under one roof. Some suppliers don’t have an online presence and you can meet them here. Moreover, most of them have product prototypes with them and you can do a quick, quality inspection there and then. Many fairs are held yearly or quarterly. Knowing about them is a good idea. The two biggest fairs in China which are related to textiles and clothing are the Canton Fair and the East China Import and Export Commodity Fair.

a. Canton Fair

Address: China Import and Export Fair Complex, 380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou

This is the biggest fair that is held in China. It is not exclusive to the clothing manufacturers but it has almost all the products you can think of.

It is held on a huge scale and has more than 24,000 sellers with an average of 204,000 buyers in one session. The event is divided into three main phases:

ⅰ. Phase 1: Automobiles

ⅱ. Phase 2: Consumer Gifts and Goods

ⅲ. Phase 3: Medicine, Recreational and Clothing Products

Most of the buyers come from other Asian countries but almost 10 of the total buying force comes from USA, Russia and Europe. The fair is designed for international clients with translators, transport facilities and much more. It is held twice a year.

b. East China Import and Export Commodity Fair

Address: 2345 Long Yang Road, Pudong Area, Shanghai, 201204, China

China Import and Export Fair

Buyers from over 100 countries attend the East China Import and Export Commodity Fair. The featured products include textiles, clothes and consumer goods.

It is held annually. There are more than sixty-five thousand booths and regional as well as international exhibitors showcase their products.

Top 10 China Clothing Manufacturers That You Can Buy From

clothing manufacturer buy from

With clothing markets, online websites, trade fairs etc., there are many other clothing manufacturers from which you can buy.

Following is a detailed list of the top 10 clothing manufacturers that you can buy from.

Yotex Apparel

Yotex Apparel

With a production capacity of up to 20,000 units, Yotex provides many services to sellers and buyers. They provide sample development, sourcing for trims and fabric, quality inspection, bulk production and an option for door-to-door logistics. The main products are streetwear, gym wear, sportswear and activewear.

They were established in 2015 and less than a decade have made a big name in the sportswear industry.



Established in 2014, H&Fourwing is one of the largest sellers of women’s clothing. It provides many services that include designing and textile procession.

The motto of the company is to provide business to small and medium-sized startups. It produces high-quality products that have been analyzed and verified by third parties.

They have a very small minimum order quantity of 30 pieces. This means that even small buyers can benefit from them.

D&J Garments

D&J clothing is a production company that specialized in clothing. Their expertise is in women’s clothing. With global clients, they are at the forefront when it comes to mass producing high-quality products. The main products they make include jumpsuits, playsuits, bottoms and bodysuits.

With over two decades of experience, they have worked with more than 30 famous brands and have a production capacity of around 600000 units per month. Moreover, they provide innovative 3D technology.


arlisman garment

Established in 1999, the company has a history of more than 21 years in clothing production. It is associated with large brands like H&M, Debenhams, US.POLO and many more.

This shows that they are consistent with their product quality and production promises. They specialize in the production of men’s wear. The main product categories are clothing accessories, jeans, casual pants, polo, sweatshirts and knot sweaters.

Huaxiang Woolen

huaxiang woolen

It was established in 1991 to give a new meaning to knitwear. They produce high-quality knitwear that has made them rule the specific industry. It has been awarded many awards for its contribution to the field.

When you are looking for high-quality knitwear, you can come to Huaxiang and place your order.

Doven Garments

Doven Garments

A leading exporter and manufacturer which provides the option of customization to its clients, Doven garments is one of the best options for clothing suppliers. They deal in a variety of product categories like staff uniform, work wear and other sportswear etc. They have some design options for clients. Products include underwear, jumpsuits, intimate wear and much more.

They have a large presence in the world with clients in South America, Europe, the Middle East, North America, South Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

Petelulu Apparel

Petelulu Apparel

One of the best suppliers of children’s clothing, Peteluly Apparel has a big name in the Chinese and international markets. They have a factory in Foshan and produce OEM orders.

You can place new orders and can even get new products created from them. They mainly deal with high-quality organic, cotton baby clothing items like pajamas, sweatshirts and shirts. They have many North American clients.

Shenzhen Global Weiye Clothing Co., Ltd


Global Weiye clothing was established in 1997. The main aim behind it was to give quality products to consumers. They have an excellent workforce that allows them to produce different products from scratch.

The best thing is that they offer products for all ages and genders. With such high-quality products, they cater to the American and European markets.

Yubao (g.z) Industry

Yubao (g.z) Industry

Yubao is a manufacturing factory that produces men’s wear. It is situated in Guangdong. Their quality standards can be seen in the different ISO certifications that they own. They produce hoodies, tank tops, sweatshirts, jackets, t-shirts and much more.

Hemp Fortex

Hemp Fortex has been in the market for many years. They are a high-end brand that produces luxury products. They are based in China and are an eco-friendly enterprise.


We all know that China owns a big wholesale market and you could find all kinds of things for your business. However, because of the variety of products in the market, you may need to make the right decision if you don’t want to waste your money.

If you want professional help, you can contact us at Equator Shipping. We provide all services required to make your sourcing needs easier. Contact us today and let’s sit down and discuss what your requirements are.

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