Most business people know that China is the most likely location for producing goods.

You can find many factories in that region. One estimate puts the number of factories in China at around 2,800,000,000, which come in all shapes and sizes. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that you can have your products manufactured there at a low price.

Increasing your company’s competitiveness may be as simple as increasing your use of Chinese imports.

However, there are specific difficulties to overcome, especially if you’re importing for the first time. Complications in the shipping process can arise from several sources, including the sourcing of goods, documentation, customs clearance, inland transportation, etc.

You need to team up with a trustworthy freight forwarder in China, as this will help you beat the odds and handle the pressures of Chinese imports. This article will discuss the most functional, reliable, and cost-effective methods to ship from China to USA.

Finding the Right Product Supplier in China

supplier in China

The Process of Finding an Optimum Supplier in China

The following steps will benefit you in finding the right product supplier in china for your needs.

a. Take the Help of Online Search Engines

search engines

Technology has become the center of modern society. It’s obvious and pleasant that the internet can help us with virtually any issue. If you need to locate a trustworthy Chinese vendor, you could use the internet.

View the preferred directory sites like;

  • Ali Express
  • Alibaba

You must utilize appropriate keywords to locate the top vendors on these websites. Use the name or description of an existing or derived product as your keywords. To find examples of Manufacturing processes, which may be relevant to your innovation, try searching for those terms.

b. Contact the Shortlisted Product Vendors

You’ll need to put your best judgment to use here. First, look over the profiles and websites of the suppliers who came up in your search. Eliminate all but the most qualified applicants from the list.

Only include providers on your shortlist who can deliver the goods you need. Since written English is more accessible to Chinese speakers than spoken English, emailing is the best option here. Keep in mind that communicating with the suppliers who made the cut will help you establish a stronger working relationship. This will assist you with potential business partners after considering several elements, such as product price, distribution channels, product variety, lead times, etc.

c. Schedule a Factory Visit ( If Possible)

In China, third-party intermediaries reliably check the legitimacy and acceptability of vendors. However, there are times when an in-person visit to the suppliers is necessary to confirm details. Primarily relevant if you are looking for inspiration to create something new or derive something.

If a personal trip is necessary, here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • You go back to the intermediary for interpretation and guidance before deciding.
  • Verify the supplier has ISO certification and complies with the established quality standards

After you have completed these steps, you will be able to determine if this provider is a good fit for you.

d. Ask For the Samples

You can help the provider better understand what you want by requesting and taking samples from them.

e. Select the Desired Supplier and Place the Order

No amount of time spent reviewing something virtually can replace actually being present at the factory, but it can be done if you’re in another country. Keep in mind that you should choose the most highly recommended vendor. That’s why it’s crucial that you examine every aspect of them and come to a satisfying conclusion.

You must examine their origins, goals, and current stock. Compare and contrast their quickest response time, customer service, professionalism, etc. If you can’t complete the review in person due to distance or cost, a third party can help.

In China, you can find a number of businesses offering this service. If you want to save money, hiring a third party is a far better option than making your way to China.

Shipping From China to the USA – Import Duties and Taxes

import duties and Taxes

What Type of Import Duties and Taxes Are Applicable?

You and your supplier are equally responsible for ensuring your shipment follows all applicable regulations. Your shipment must be compliant with all applicable U.S. laws and safety norms.

Further, it is crucial to record all of your progress in detail.

To import goods, you must check that all necessary documentation is in order. If all the paperwork is in order, Chinese and American customs shipping should go off without a hitch. It will help to create an estimated amount of money you’ll owe in tariffs, taxes, and other fees for your shipment. All the paperwork, clearing customs, and so on can be a significant source of anxiety.

For this reason, choosing a reliable freight forwarder is crucial. You are finding the correct agent to assist you with importing from China to the U.S.

This time, we’ll be discussing taxes and fees.

When shipping from China, you should be aware of two categories of import rules. The Incoterms and the HTS are two such tools (from the U.S.)

International commercial words (Incoterms) are a standard language of international trade. Each item imported is assigned a unique code using the harmonized tariff schedule, a global classification system. Inbound merchandise codes are managed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). It is crucial to learn the tariff rates for importing products into the United States to make an informed purchase.

How Duties and Taxes are Calculated?

taxes calculated

The steps below support customs officials in calculating the final amount of import duty due on your shipment. When the evaluation is finished, you can pay the price using any acceptable method. Payment options include checks, wire, and credit cards.

Clearing customs and taking ownership of your shipment is a formality that requires a receipt for payment.

a. Classify the Items

You need to know the product categorization number of the shipment’s contents before you can get any import duty information.
This item is the H.S. code, which stands for “harmonized system” (6-10 digit number).
Remember that this number must be included on all shipping documents for the shipment to proceed.
Determining the customs and taxes on goods requires first locating their H.S. code.

b. Declaration of Custom Value

U.S. customs agents use the shipment’s declared value and the item’s description for this purpose. The majority of Chinese vendors use FOB terminology.
As a result, the FOB value is used as the basis for the customs value in the United States. Thus, it is crucial to provide a correct customs value.
Verify that this amount agrees with the one listed on the business invoice.

c. PDF Processing Fees

The MPF, or merchandise processing fee, is a nominal fee that many importers likely won’t even notice.
To be clear, this applies to everything shipped to the United States.
The total price of the order determines the costs associated with MPF.
All packages valued at less than $200 will incur a flat rate of either $2, $6, or $9. When your order total is over $200, you’ll be charged 0.3464% of the total goods worth.
MPF fees cannot be higher than $485 or lower than $425, per CBP requirements.

d. HMF Fees

Liquidating your products in the United States will also cost you money because of the harbour upkeep fees.
If you bring goods into the United States via ship, you’ll have to chip in for the CBP’s efforts to keep container facilities operating. This means that Shipping to the United States from another country by sea must include an HMF fee in addition to the cost of customs clearance. In most ports, the price to maintain the harbour is a flat 0.125% of the value of every cargo shipped through the port.
Keep in mind that both HMF and MPF apply to sea-bound shipments.

e. Other Taxes Involved

Your shipment’s total import duty could be affected by other taxes. But value-added tax is not included in these levies.
Federal excise tax, which is levied on select goods like gasoline, booze, and cigarettes, is the possible fee you’ll have to pay. Don’t stress if you’re only importing everyday household items. Chinese goods imported for personal use are exempt from the federal excise tax.

Getting the Right Freight Forwarder When Shipping From China to USA – Tips and Tricks

freight forward

Select Experienced Individuals

These are the foundations of any trustworthy freight forwarding company. You must confirm that the forwarder you hire has been operating for at least five years. This will ensure that your shipment will be handled professionally and reliably by the organization.

Check Whether Forwarder Has the Right Infrastructure

Pick a firm with the knowledge, tools, and workforce necessary to transport and oversee your products. For the business, this means operating at maximum efficiency.

See Their Communication Ways

Shipping from China to the United States requires more than just clear communication. It needs to be top-notch. Sometimes, Shipping can be challenging due to the various terms and regulations. Therefore, you should hire a firm that can provide the most precise explanation possible of these processes.

Good communication skills are essential for success in this field. Because of this, you should verify that you and your freight forwarder are on the same page.

Check Whether They Have Product Knowledge

Working with a freight forwarder from China to the USA with experience with your product is best. This is crucial if you’re sending items that need special handling. Your supplier in China can assist you in finding the finest forwarder for this.

Ship from China to USA – What Shipping Options are Available?

ship from china to USA

Getting your goods from China to the USA can be done in many ways. Here are the three most crucial freight forwarders from china to USA:

  • Air freight
  • Shipping by sea
  • Express Shipping

Main Shipping Options that are Available

a. Air Freight Shipping

Air freight from china to USA would shorten the time it takes to get your goods from the production to your warehouse or other desired location. Air freight currently accounts for only 5% of global cargo but 30% of its value. As a result, more high-priced items are being sent via air freight. Air freight shipment is the best alternative if you have high-value items to convey or if you are short on time.

What you should know about air freight is that it is far more expensive. However, quickly getting your shipment to the United States may be more crucial.

Some businesses, particularly newer ones selling on Amazon, choose to ship only a small percentage of their goods via air, between 5% and 10%, while the rest travels by sea. This way, they can have some in stock in their stores even while the rest of the goods are en route.

b. Sea Shipping

sea shipping

In the past, China’s maritime freight transport had a poor reputation. Hearing what specific individuals have to say can be quite a hassle. Practically it’s a process that got refined and developed through the years.

There are many participants in the sea freight shipping industry. Some examples would be:

Logistics provider
Import/export broker
The transport company that specializes in shipping goods

Shipping companies are responsible for transporting commodities to their final destinations. They are familiar with the proper methods for Shipping and packaging.

Documentation and government approvals will be taken care of by the customs broker. Due to their proximity to major ports, they can also arrange for trucking companies to transport the goods.

We’ve covered the services that freight forwarders provide. They would typically work with the customs broker.

Shipping goods from China to the United States by sea can be time-consuming, and complicated-looking on paper due to the long distance involved and the possibility of multiple port stops along the way.

c. Express Shipping

While it’s true that express Shipping is the quickest available, it also comes at a considerable price. Ups, FedEx, TNT, and DHL are the most outstanding express delivery companies. Express Shipping has enabled products to be delivered in less than five days. This is the preferred choice of importers who require prompt delivery of their goods.

You may be getting dangerously low on your best-selling product, for instance, around the holidays. The only way to capitalize on the rising demand is to rush more of that product in through the air.

Therefore, express delivery should be used cautiously. Consider this possibility carefully before acting on it. Proceed with this choice if getting the product in sooner will increase your profits.

DHL, UPS, and FedEx are the go-to for expedited shipping needs. With a day’s notice, they can fly in supplies and have the best experience in such situations. However, shipping costs will increase depending on how quickly you require the item. After all, clearing customs with such items requires extensive planning. All required paperwork and inspections for China’s customs must be rushed.

Lead Times of Shipping Methods

lead time

Shipping from china to USA price varies on the mode of Shipping.

a. Air Freight Lead Time

Air Freight Lead Time would take about 8-10 days to send via regular air freight. In contrast, express and air freight shipping use air transport to deliver your shipment. The processing is where you’ll see a change. Compared to standard air freight, the processing time for express shipments is much shorter.

b. Sea Shipping Lead Time

It would take about 30–40 days for cargo from China to reach the United States. The actual crossing of the ocean takes up the bulk of that time

Sea cargo is vulnerable to customs holdups and lousy weather. Thus, if you are shipping through sea freight, you should not anticipate immediate delivery.

c. Express Shipping Lead Time

There should be three days accounted for when selecting express Shipping from China. The process can move forward more quickly if the supplier is willing to ship the goods to a central location. There are even speedier options than this, but those are incredibly pricey.

Ship from China to USA – How to Get a Successful Shipping Experience?


Identify the Potential Targeted Market

Before doing anything else, savvy entrepreneurs will first choose who they want to sell to.
Make sure there’s room for expansion and development in your market.
Your eventual imported goods are a direct result of this process.

Check the Product Requirements

Knowing the wants and needs of your target audience is crucial.
Do not merely concentrate on meeting the market’s demands with products you are unsure of.
Explore the market to learn where existing products fall short, and then fill those gaps with your own.
You may help your Chinese suppliers better understand your needs by providing them with more specific information.

See What Type of Restrictions Apply to Your Product

You are responsible for researching any limitations or prohibitions on importing your product into the United States.
All the data you could want on this is available from the International Trade Association (ITA).
To learn what kinds of goods are restricted or banned from entry into the United States, you can visit or try to contact the appropriate agency.

Search for a Reliable Product Supplier

Choosing the right freight forwarder is essential if this is your first import. Together, you’ll save time and money while resolving supply chain issues. So, get yourself a partner.

Search for a partner with whom you can ship your items from China to the U.S. and accommodate any special instructions you may have.

Calculate the Landing Costs

Estimating your landing cost in the U.S. is necessary before shipping your goods from China. This should be the total cost if you’re importing from China to the United States.

You should know that the final price of your “made in China” products may vary depending on your country’s customs charge.

Import duties and taxes are also product-specific. Do your best to get acquainted with all that has been mentioned. When the time comes to begin importing from China, you will find this information to be invaluable.

Source the Products

We sincerely hope you have already identified some prospective vendors and chosen one whose price offer best suits your requirements.
Verify that the quotation you’ve been given accurately describes your request.
The product’s name, quantity, and price should all be included.
If everything looks good, then go ahead and complete your order.

Pay and Place the Order

Now that you’ve decided on a supplier, you must negotiate payment arrangements. Remember that the payment terms also need to be defined carefully.

To further reduce the risk of fraud, use only the most secure payment option available. In this situation, having a local shipping agent handle the order’s completion is highly recommended.

What Do You Need to Know When You Ship From China to the USA?

equator shipping

Shipping Incoterms When Importing From China to the USA

Shipping incoterms are a part of international shipping law and should be studied by everyone who ships goods by sea. Incoterms are standardized international commercial words that specify the place and time of freight transfer—identifying who takes ownership and responsibility for items during and after transportation from China to the U.S.

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has issued a set of standards for international trade and transportation known as Incoterms (ICC). Using these definitions, we can avoid expensive misunderstandings in international Shipping. It is important to remember that governments, freight forwarders, and lawyers universally recognize incoterms. This facilitates smooth communication between the buying and selling parties.

Mastery of all Incoterms is probably not required.
These are the most often used Incoterms for transporting from China to the United States.

a. Cost, Insurance, and Freight Shipping (CIF):

To comply with CIF shipping terms, the seller is fully responsible for coordinating all aspects of the ocean transport of the goods. Once the shipment reaches a U.S. port, the buyer will need specific paperwork, which the seller will supply. Don’t get thrown off because you’ll handle both the shipping arrangements and the delivery.

b. Cost and Freight Shipping (CFR Shipping):

When used, this phrase means that the seller is responsible for covering all transportation-related expenses, including but not limited to the cost of transportation and any applicable customs. If the shipment is being sent CFR, the seller is responsible for any damages or losses that may occur during transport.

c. Free on Board Shipping (FOB):

“Free on board” (FOB) refers to the terms used in international Shipping. It’s the incoterm with the highest market share in China. Therefore, once the shipment has left the loading dock, its responsibility has been transferred to the buyer. Therefore, they have to arrange transport to the destination. For deliveries made FOB, the vendor has no responsibility for loss or damage that may occur.

d. CNF

It’s hard to tell the difference between CNF and CIF. Cost and Freight are what it means. Like CIF, CNF pricing includes transportation costs but excludes insurance for said transportation. CNF shipping is similar because the seller delivers the goods to the destination port.

Once the products have arrived at the final port of call, all risk, expense, and accountability for the shipment end, you should be aware that there are other fees, such as import duty and clearance costs, associated with CNF delivery. You may also have to pay fuel surcharges and port taxes once your shipment reaches its destination port.

When shipping from China to the United States, you may also come across the incoterms EXW, CFR, FCA, FAS, CIP, DDU, and DDP. Keep in mind that a great deal of learning is involved in Shipping from China to the United States. Learning these incoterms is essential, but remember that you’ll coordinate Shipping and receiving at the destination port.

Detailed Insight into Types of Containers


Investing in a new shipping container from china to USA can be worthwhile if you are a high-volume importer and plan to use it for a long time. A new shipping container may be expensive, but it’s worth the investment. As a result, you can send anything you like in it without worrying about it becoming contaminated.

Another plus for new containers is that they are fresh and will survive for a long time if cared for. This type of container is typically in pristine condition. They’re airtight, making the journey from China to America far less risky. When using brand-new shipping containers, your cargo is protected from the elements and vermin. Conversely, used shipping containers are exactly what they sound like: containers that have already been used.

Keep in mind that these containers are less expensive because they are used. According to their quality and condition, their prices range widely. It doesn’t matter how you cut it. Reusing a container will save you a lot of cash. A used container has certain advantages in terms of cost, but it also has some drawbacks. There is a chance of contamination because this container has been used previously.

Furthermore, a previously used container has been subjected to a substantial degree of wear and tear. It might not be airtight when you buy it, leaving your shipment vulnerable to humidity, vermin, and dirt while in transit. Putting either brand-new or pre-owned containers will do the trick. Think about your needs and your budget before deciding on a container.

Tracking Shipments From China to USA

Tracking your shipment from the moment it leaves the loading dock is a must when shipping from China to the United States.

Express delivery options like FedEx and DHL make shipment tracking more convenient. A shipment’s whereabouts can be traced thanks to a unique number given to you by your carrier after the shipment has been loaded. Enter this number into the shippers’ tracking page to check your shipment’s status. Shipments sent by standard air or marine Freight can also be tracked online while in transit. You can track the whereabouts of your shipment at any given time by reference to the consignment number listed on the Bill of lading.

Your China freight forwarder is another option for tracking shipments from china. Select a reliable forwarder and maintain communication with them throughout the shipment process, and you’ll be good to go. The forwarder will give you regular status reports and a detailed shipping schedule.

You may rest comfortably knowing that your products are on their way because your forwarder will also email you a copy of the BOL for your shipment.

As a result, you’ll be able to optimize the performance of your supply chain by strategically scheduling deliveries.

LCL vs. FCL Shipment

Learning the difference between a Full Container Load (FCL) and a Less than Container Load (LCL) is crucial if you plan to ship from China using sea freight. Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) are shipping terms.

As the name implies, when you send FCL, you pay for the entire container. This guarantees that your shipment will not be combined with others. Since you are responsible for filling the container, it makes no difference if it is only partially complete. Of course, you probably already know that FCL shipping isn’t cheap.

Freight Insurance

When transporting goods internationally, cargo insurance is a must. You will be compensated if your package is lost or stolen in transit. Moreover, mishaps do occur. Damages and losses to your shipment are conceivable during Shipping from China to the United States.

Losing your shipment or incurring financial losses can happen for several reasons, including piracy, severe weather, and natural disasters. The primary purpose of cargo insurance is to safeguard the financial interests of shippers while their cargo is in transit. Many shippers overlook the importance of this insurance. As an added layer of protection, it will be there for your goods even if the supplier or carrier doesn’t offer it. If a disaster occurred during transport, it is doubtful that your carrier or provider would fully compensate you. Freight insurance fills this gap by offering supplemental policies to policyholders.

Cargo insurance is highly suggested for every shipment method, whether by sea, air, or waterway.

Generally speaking, shipping companies can be held legally responsible for losses and damages under their watch.

However, their insurance carriers will only cover so much of the damage if danger arises. It’s important to remember that the insurance provided by these companies is called “contingent” insurance. The insurance payout is…almost nothing if something terrible happens. This may be the worst possible arrangement, but it’s the best they can offer, and the law supports it. This is because, usually, carrier insurance is packed to the carrier’s terms and conditions.

While you acquire more outstanding freight insurance with certain carriers, the terms don’t alter much. The carrier’s legal liability remains unchanged, as do most other terms and conditions. Worse, such coverage comes at very costly fees, which your cargo’s weight and value will determine. This form of insurance puts you at risk of getting minimal reimbursement for loss or damage. You should seek primary insurance with fair terms, not the restricted coverage many companies offer. Find a reliable freight insurance broker who can provide the comprehensive protection your shipments require.

Shipping goods from China to the United States can only be done with this level of assurance and calm.

Cargo insurance is highly suggested for every shipment method, whether by sea, air, or waterway. Generally speaking, shipping companies can be held legally responsible for losses and damages under their watch. But if anything dangerous does happen, their insurance company will only pay for a portion of the damage. It’s important to remember that the insurance provided by these companies is called “contingent” insurance. The insurance payout is…almost nothing if something terrible happens. This may be the worst possible arrangement, but it’s the best they can offer, and the law supports it. This is because, in most cases, the liability and terms and conditions of the carrier’s insurance will take precedence.

Some carriers may provide more generous freight insurance policies, but the terms are generally the same. The carrier’s legal liability remains unchanged, as do most other terms and conditions. To make matters worse, the price of such protection is exceptionally high and will vary widely depending on the size and value of your shipment. This insurance policy could leave you with very little money in the event of a loss. You need comprehensive primary insurance, not the minimal protection most insurers offer. Find a reliable freight insurance broker who can provide the comprehensive protection your shipments require. Shipping goods from China to the United States can only be done with this level of assurance and calm.

What is Product Safety When Shipping from China to USA?

Proper and secure packaging is the best insurance against damage during shipment to the USA.

For your goods to make it through each step of the shipping process without being damaged, they must be in suitable condition to do so. Keep in mind that there are several steps involved in Shipping.

Shipping entails delivering items from their primary location to their final destination. Once the items arrive at their target port, they are processed through customs and shipped by truck. You can see that there will be several intermediate stops before the items reach their final destination. For this reason, you should prioritize a risk-free delivery procedure from start to finish.

Make sure the products are well-packaged to avoid any potential damage. When doing so, check to see that the packaging satisfies all international shipping regulations. The packaging and labelling must also meet the standards set by the United States for Chinese imports. Other precautions include:

  • Static and delicate things can be packaged using bubble wrap.
  • Shipments of fragile commodities from China to the United States can also be protected using polybags and Styrofoam.
  • As noted before, ensure compliance regardless of the packaging material used.
  • Clearly and accurately mark all packaging to avoid any confusion.
  • There needs to be a notation of the nation of origin on the labels.
  • To ship to the United States, you must do this.
  • The English language is required for all labels.
  • We recommend that you ship kits in a single container.
  • Since customs officials typically charge more for oversized and overweight 
  • Carton boxes can be used as protective outer packing.
  • We strongly suggest using six-sided containers with secure flaps.
  • Keep in mind that legible labels affixed to each box are required.

Tips on Saving Money and Time When Importing From China to USA

saving money

Always Pick Experienced Companies

If you’re getting started importing, choosing a Chinese company to partner with can be a bit of a balancing act. One surefire strategy to reduce the likelihood of complications is to work with experienced suppliers and freight forwarders.

Be Sure About Chinese Holidays

Congestion at the ports is a result of the holiday shutdown combined with increased shipping activity by businesses eager to get their goods to customers.
The arrival of your cargo may be delayed if you do not consider the Chinese holidays.

Complete the Paperwork

The International Security Filing, or ISF, is a crucial piece of paperwork.

Remember that shippers will submit the ISF even if they don’t have complete shipment details. This is often done well before any goods are carried into a ship.

You can modify the ISF until the shipment arrives at its final port of call.

A punishment may be imposed if a shipment fails to include an ISF or if the ISF contains inaccurate information. The maximum amount of the fine is $5,000. Besides the commercial invoice, you’ll need the following papers to clear customs with your shipment:

  • Possession or Instantaneous Transfer Form
  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List

Get the Required Documents

An incorrectly filled-out clearance form is one potential source of delay in the delivery of your shipment. Your shipment will be held up at customs if the required documentation is not in proper order.

In most cases, blunders aren’t intentional. On the other hand, some vendors may purposefully manufacture mistakes to boost their bottom line. Choosing a provider that has experience serving American customers is essential. That information is obtainable through a variety of means.

Find the Right Shipping Time

You’ll learn that there are peak shipping seasons from China to the United States as you get experience importing from China. Shipment costs may rise, for instance, if you need to deliver packages around the holidays when fewer people are available. If you plan your Shipping carefully, you can save a lot of money and Shipping time from China To USA.

Pack Products Effectively to Save Time/Money

Since you probably won’t be handling the packaging yourself, it may be challenging to implement this suggestion. Still, you could check with your supplier about whether or not your products could be wrapped in a more space-efficient manner. But more importantly, your products must be wrapped to prevent harm during Shipping.

Ship From China to USA With Equator Shipping

Equator Shipping – Industry Expert in China

All primary carrier services and specialized choices for time-sensitive shipments are available, giving you the flexibility that modern businesses demand. When you contact equator shipping for a price or to make a reservation, their seasoned staff will respond promptly and answer your questions effectively. 

You can reach them by phone or email, and our dynamic online systems will handle your quotations, bookings, tracking, stock control, and reports. They have our tail lift fleet of vehicles, so they can reliably, flexibly, and efficiently pick up your shipments the very same day they are delivered. Every hour of every day, their seasoned Account Managers are here to help with whatever you require.

a. the Services We Offer

The following services are offered by equator shipping:

  • Extensive Options, Both Mainstream and From Specialists
  • Incomparable Costs – Deep Price Cuts
  • Own Fleet for Pickup – In Case of Extreme Time Pressure
  • Quick and straightforward quotes; reserve in a flash

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Ship from China to USA?

You can ship from China to the USA by using three shipping methods:

  • Air freight
  • Shipping by sea
  • Express Shipping

However, the cheapest Shipping from china to USA can be done by using Shipping by sea.

What Paperwork is Required When Shipping From China to USA?

You’ll need the following papers to clear customs with your shipment:

  • Possession or Instantaneous Transfer Form
  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List

How Long Does It Take to Ship From China to USA?

The standard boat journey takes about 30 days. Time spent in transportation while using air freight is typically around eight days (daily direct flight). In three days, you may have your package delivered to your door when you use express Shipping for up to 10 kilograms.

What is the Best Way to Ship From China to USA?

It’s up to you to determine whether Shipping by sea or air is more appropriate based on the size and weight of your package. One must figure out how much time and money is spent on rationing.


Your company can successfully import goods from China to the United States. After extensive study, it would be best to employ a reliable freight forwarding agent. It is recommended that you do some research on some different possible resources for the products you need.

Equator Shipping is always available at the disposal of individuals who are looking to ship from China to the USA. Our experts enable such entities to get their products safe and sound. You can always contact us by going to the contact page for such queries.

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