You can purchase women’s clothing on the website Shein. However, the crucial query is, “Is Shein worth it? ” and “Is Shein a reliable shopping platform?”

Now, more and more people shop online for the reason that it saves time. As Shein always provides products at low prices, some people doubt that is Shein legit and whether the clothing there of terrible quality.

No one can stop online scams, which are being perpetrated by numerous trustworthy websites. In this post, we will examine Shein’s legitimacy as a shopping site. Likewise, discuss the tips for buying from Shein. We’ll also look at client testimonials regarding their Shein experiences.


Is Shein Legit? Check the Latest Reviews here

Yes, Shein is a legitimate place to shop.

Shein is a fast fashion e-commerce platform in China. Chris discovered it in Nanjing in 2008. This brand is well-known for its fair prices. The primary causes of its fame are its affordable prices.

As we all know, Shein is an official and certificated company in China, which means all the products they offer are legitimate. Of course, a legal company is only the basic thing. If you visit, you will find out that Shein is distributed to 220 nations. 

As you can see, its business already becomes quite large and global, Shein has become the second-largest e-commerce website in the USA. No.1 is Amazon. All I discussed in the former is to show you Shein is legit. 

However, when shopping online, there still are many scams, especially when you are paying the bill. It is fine that you should always doubt the order before finalizing the payment. Later in the blog, we will share how to avoid being scammed when shopping on

Shein reviews

The majority of clients are unhappy with Shein’s services. Shein has 3,698 reviews with an average rating of 2.85 out of 5 stars. On international websites for women’s clothes, Shein comes in at position 47. Here are a few recent client testimonials.

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What is Free Trail Service? Is Shein Free Trial Legit?

For a brief time, you can acquire free clothing from the website to try out. This is known as a free trial service. Companies use this straightforward technique to expand their operations. For instance, you agree to a box of free product trials lasting a month. After that month, you will be automatically billed every month unless you cancel. 

Yes, Shein’s free trial services are entirely legitimate. This is how it goes. All you have to do is go to the Shein free trial on the website. Then, select your apparel and click on FREE TRIAL on the Shein free trial center. Hit the submit button after entering your size and delivery information.

You need to wait for the confirmation notification. If you receive a message of confirmation, your order is prepared for delivery. The sole requirement is that you provide a review within 10 days after delivery.

Tips for winning Shein’s free trial

You can utilize a few techniques to obtain your free trial service. Free trial users are chosen by an automatic mechanism, however, this does not mean that the choices are made at random. Certain techniques may be useful. It is possible to win the trial again if you leave a positive rating after winning.

You may be eligible to receive the free trial if you are a consistent Shein customer. The more things you have ordered from Shein, the better your chances of winning are because Shein enjoys rewarding active customers. If you are using the Shein app there is a possibility that you win the free trial. If you want to win a free trial you should select the item with less competition.

Shipment and Order Tracking Service by Shein – Is it Safe and Legit?

Shein has many warehouses around the globe including the main warehouses in China and Hong Kong. In the US, the primary warehouse is located in LA. In standard delivery, you will receive your item in just 10 days. Express shipping cost $12.36 and standard shipping costs $3.99, and both take two weeks for shipping. It is also possible you can get free delivery if you meet the minimum order amount.

They also charge $0.99 for insurance of delivery. If the package will replace or gets damaged the insurance will replace it. Despite having factories all over the world, Shein normally uses China Post to transport packages and USPS or FedEx to fulfill orders for standard delivery.

Standard delivery takes 1 to 2 weeks and but it is not considered the processing time. Shein claims that the delivery time will be 1 to 3 days. And it can be late if the weather was not good or other problems.

shipment of shein

Sometimes the parcel can arrive earlier than your expectation. Shein provides products that are significantly on discounts but the customer will have to pay $3.99 for standard shipping if he/she orders less than $49. For express delivery, he/she has to pay $12. Shein occasionally runs specials with free shipping. Additionally, they frequently offer discounts that lower the cost of shipping.

You can win discount coupons on different holidays. You can also get coupons if you register from their website or install their mobile application.

Tracking Service by Shein

Shein collects different products from different large sellers at once. For example, you order 5 items from Shein and these 5 items come from different 5 companies in China. Shein will take 3 days to prepare the order and complete the local shipment. From onward you can track your order whenever you want. I will give you a quick guide if you want to know about the Shein tracking service.

Just click on “My order” and then click on “Details”. To obtain the tracking number, click “Track” if the order’s status is “Sent”. If you need an urgent track number you can click on view details and you will find it.

shein track oder

Refund and Return Policy in – Is it Safe and Legit?

The cost of shipping insurance is not refundable. If you choose to return any further items from the same transaction following the initial one, you will be charged an additional $7.99 shipping fee, which can be subtracted from your refund.

It is also possible that you can pay your shipping and return charges on your own. The benefits will depend on where you are. 7 days after they got the product, they will be granted a refund.

Shein highlighted the things you can’t return. For instance, bodysuits, jewelry, lingerie, including underwear, event, and party items, and pet accessories, with the exception of bags, scarves, and mermaid blankets cannot be returned. You will not get a refund if you remove the item’s original tags and tags get damaged or washed.

You can get in touch with Shein customer service if you have a problem with your purchase, such as if the product was damaged or has to be replaced. However, you must contact them within 24 hours of receiving your order. As soon as you receive the shipment, it is advisable to inspect its contents. Although there is a large percentage of Shein refunds, it is not always assured that you will receive a return.

We occasionally find that our purchases from Shein fall short of our expectations. If they have not yet sent our order, we must request a cancellation. If they have and we are unhappy with it, we must request a return.

shein return policy

I’ll now tell you how to get a refund from Shein.

Refund through credit card

The original payment method is better if you decide not to purchase the item and your refund amount is significant. It can take three to thirty days if you used a credit card as your payment option. Usually, the money is often returned within 15 days.

Refund through Paypal

Given that most online retailers accept PayPal as a form of payment, this way of refund is a fantastic choice. So you can buy through PayPal from Shein as well as other stores. You can withdraw the money from your credit card and an ATM card. The refund through PayPal will take 7 working days.

Clearpay refund

If you pay the payment in installments through clear pay you will get your money back on your card through installments. Subsequent payments will be canceled if there are still payments due and the order has been fully canceled.

Refund Shein wallet

I will refer you to a refund through Shein wallet if you are Shein regular customer. It is the most suitable way of refund because it will take only 1 working day to get your money back. However, sometimes the Shein wallet doesn’t work because of maintenance. In that situation, your refund may be delayed.

Gift card refund

The gift card cannot be withdrawn as cash. So Shein will give you a refund in a gift card if you pay in gift cards. Contact assistance if you can’t remember your PIN.

However, they can also deposit it to your Shein wallet or through Paypal if the system isn’t working.

Are Shein Legit and Safe to Buy? Tips for Buying from Shein

Check reviews before buying

It’s crucial to read reviews before buying anything online. People upload images of products from various angles as well as their advantages and negatives. You can choose whether or not the item will suit you from those photographs. You can also learn more about the item’s actual quality by reading the reviews.

The reviews will indicate whether a product is sheer, big, or small. It is also useful to examine the supplied images and compare them to the product pictures. Colors can occasionally be slightly inaccurate in both product photos and user reviews, thus double-checking is advised.

Buy trending cloths

Shein offers a wide selection of the newest trends in clothing. If you want to get a t-shirt that you can wear all summer long with your assortment of jeans and then underneath cardigans all winter long, you should purchase one that is of good quality.

Shein offers high-quality brands that are convenient to purchase from. Shein offers a wide selection of apparel at affordable prices. These garments cannot be found anywhere else for this price.

Double-check the size

Even if the size guideline tells you to acquire an L even if you usually wear an XS and believe it might be incorrect. Keep your measuring tape close by and double-check your measurements because sizes vary from one internet retailer to the next. Reading customer reviews before making a purchase will help you get a sense of size.

Use Shein Online Shopping Search Filters

On the website, there is a search bar where you can look for the item you need. It will make it easier for you to obtain the thing you need. Consequently, having a clear idea of what you want could result in a less stressful online shopping experience. You may find apparel by the sequence in categories and subcategories as well.

I like sophisticated, fashionable, and preppy looks. I, therefore, use those criteria to further narrow the options available. Events, occasions, trends, and lengths are used to filter these categories. For example, you can look for white t-shirts and low-waist pants.

Take advantage of Shein Online Shopping Points and Reward

Shein streamlines the process of earning rewards and points. It begins when you sign up for a free account and verifies your email address. For completing this simple task, you earn 100 points. Every dollar you spend on Shein products going forward will earn you 1 point. When you confirm your order, you will receive points. You will also earn points if you Shein review a product you buy.

Shein frequently offers a wide variety of discount codes. Codes are available on the website’s home page. On social media, various college salespeople (who receive credit for purchases) will also offer special promo codes. Or you can download the Shein app for points. The Shein app is available in the app store you can easily download the Shein app from there. When you have a 7-day continuous check-in streak, log in to the app daily to collect points.

Buy Shein shipping insurance

Before making a purchase, you should obtain Shein shipping insurance. Considering the many advantages of Shein shipping insurance. In the event that you don’t receive your order or need to return your items, you can be sure that your needs will be satisfied with no additional fees and no hassles if you purchase insurance.

It can occasionally be quite helpful to add a small sum to your buy. Additionally, the shipping insurance will safeguard your order while shipping, and if anything happens to your goods, they will refund or return your order.

Get familiarized with the shein return policy

Before making a purchase, thoroughly read the item’s description. Because not all items on Shein may be returned, this is significant. goods including swimwear, clothing, and a few sale items. Be sure to read the Shein reviews as well to get an accurate picture of what other customer’s experiences have been.

The product can be returned within 45 days. When you receive an item that you don’t like and wish to return, you should do so all at once. If you need to send back more than one item after your initial return label has been produced, you will be charged $7.99 for each additional return label.

shein return policy -1

Keep an eye on Shein’s inventory

Because Shein is a fast shopping brand so their famous items sold out very quickly. So if there is an item that is on sale and your size is sold then you should add this item to your wish list. The website will give you a notification when they restock. For instance, if your required stock is sold out they will recommend you familiar items.


FAQs of shein

Is Shein legit and safe to buy?

Shein is indeed worthwhile. because apparel is available for a reasonable price and is of high quality. Shein is a somewhat secure website because it gives you a refund without stealing your personal information. Additionally, it enjoys widespread confidence. Because people can receive the products they want, it is famous now in many countries like the UK, Australia, and Canada.

Will I get my money back if I cancel my Shein order?

You really will receive a refund from Shein. Shein’s refund policy is fairly straightforward.

You will receive your refund if the merchandise is returnable. After that, you can withdraw the money to your payment account. You will only cancel your order if you cancel it before shipping. There are many accesses for refunds, for example, you can have your money back from a credit card, PayPal, and so on. And the fastest way is the Shein wallet. You can withdraw money from your wallet and use the balance to make purchases.

How long does it take to get your money back from Shein?

It will take 4 to 5 working days for your money to return after they receive the return package. the money will be transferred into your Shein wallet. If you don’t have a Shein wallet the money will be transferred into your bank account, but it may take more than 7 work days.

How long does it take Shein to deliver?

The estimated time of Shein delivery is 7 to 13 days. The express shipping takes 3 to 4 days. After delivery, you can track your order through the website or the Shein mobile app. Order tracking will assist in determining exactly what your order is and how long it will take to deliver.

Where are Shein based in?

Shein has warehouses in the UK, Asia, the US, and the middle east. This network help Shein deliver the order on time. However, most of the delivery is done through china the Shein origin. Shein delivers its item to 220 countries.

Despite having a headquarters in China, it does not have a physical location or a network of stores that handle orders. Shein started as an internet business with transient pop-up sites rather than permanent stores.

What types of items did Shein have?

Shein is an international fast-fashion company that is known for its women’s clothing. They offer man and children’s clothing too. There are also many items that Shein offers such as accessories, shoes, bags, and other fashion items. Shein has clothing in different shapes, sizes, and materials.

At Shein, you can find practically anything. It contains formal attire, casual wear, and outfits that are ideal for the workplace. There is a wide variety of clothing available here, such as rompers, shorts, hot pants, dresses, skirts, leggings, tights, purses, and hoodies.


We talk about Shein’s validity in this article. And whether or not it is secure. Shein is a website for quick internet purchasing. As the website became one of the best fast-fashion brands in the world, it is safe to buy from it and you never worry about scams.

What you need to do is always make sure that you buy the right product for yourself. Always check carefully, including reviews, size, material, and all the information from the website. If you have any other queries about Shein, you can always contact Equator’s customer service section.

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