Baking is becoming the new normal because a lot of people are getting into this activity. The demand for baking equipment is getting more and more due to the fact that it is a good hobby and can be changed into a long-term business.

This demand shows that there is a good opportunity for people who are entering the baking equipment business. Selecting the right products and selling them on Amazon can become a good opportunity, provided the item is trending on the list.

So, to help you select the right baking equipment for selling, Equator has compiled a guide that contains the list of 25 Top Trending baking equipment. The guide also contains the details such as statistics on the baking equipment business and FAQs.

So, let’s move toward the blog and see which types of items are worth your time.

Baking Equipment and Tools – The Real Statistics

real statistics

According to the statistics released by, baking equipment accounted for 11.6 Billion USD dollars in 2021. And, it is expected to reach 14.8 Billion by 2026. With that much scale, you can take a look at whether it is feasible to enter this business or not.

Honestly, COVID-19 has put an impact on this industry. Now, everyone is looking to eat healthily and is trying to make baking items by themselves. The best part is, that young individuals are also entering this niche. That is also increasing the demand.

If you ask us, this is the right time to enter the baking equipment items. Amazon is experiencing great sales in this niche. It can become a game changer if you have done everything right.

But, there is a question, What type of baking equipment can you sell on Amazon? That is what covers down below.

What are the 25 Top Trending Baking Equipment?

Whether it is a chef or a business owner, the mentioned baking equipment should be on the list. We know that some people are new to the baking equipment category, so we have compiled a list that also contains the images of each product. That will help you understand what we are talking about.

Preparatory tools for Baking

Let’s start with the most common tools that are always present in the wardrobe of every baker. This section contains the details related to items that are always needed and important.

a. Cooling mat/rack

cooling mat&rack

The first item that is essential for every baker and can give you a lot of profits is a cooling mat/rack. Specifically, there are two types. One is a cooling rack and the other is a cooling mat.

A cooking rack is a hard steel mesh rack that helps in cooling down cake sponges, cupcakes, and other bakery items. The cooling mat has a similar purpose and is made with silicon. Both are trending items on the Amazon selling list and can be a good business opportunity.

b. Flour sifter

A flour shifter is a piece of equipment that is used to separate flour and clumps. It is an important item for chefs and bakers because there is always a need to clear the flour. Plus, the flour sifter makes sure that the flour is fine and can be mixed easily. A flour sifter is a canister that contains a mesh screen inside and has a handle at the side.

c. Rolling Pin

rolling pin

Whenever a person is baking like patties, beef wellington, and such items, there is a need to roll down the pastry that is used. And for that, a rolling pin is used. It is a cylinder piece of wood that has handles on each end. And, it is used to roll the pastry.

d. Pastry Brush

pastry brush

There is another item that is used in baking and is called a pastry brush. A pastry brush is a good product if you have a supplier who is offering good quality. Pastry brush comes in various sizes and colors. It is used to put oil on the pastry or sometimes, it is used to put edible colors.

e. Egg Separator

egg separator

Every baker or chef has an egg separator in his/her cabinet. An egg separator is used to separate the egg yolk from the egg white.

See, a lot of baking equipment requires you to separate the yolk from the white. Without this tool, the process is pretty messy. So, to avoid the mess, this tool is used.

f. Baking Paper

baking paper

Baking paper or also known as parchment paper is used to prevent the cake batter from sticking to the mold. There is another name for this and that is butter paper. The baking paper keeps the cake free from the mold and also helps in cleaning the tray or mold after you are done with the baking.

g. Oven Mits

oven mits

Another baking equipment that has amazing sales on Amazon and eBay is oven mitts. Oven mitts are a common item that is widely used for many purposes. Not only baking, but it is also a handy tool if you are cooking something.

These mitts are used to hold the hot mold or tray. These items are made with rubber, leather, or silicone. And, there are no such certifications required when importing these items.

h. Pastry Mat

Pastry Mat

A lot of people who are selling baking items confuse the pastry mat with a cooling mat. A cooling mat is used to cool down the cake. Whereas, a pastry mat is used to measure the diameter of the cake sponge or pastry. The pastry mat contains a measuring scale, and instructions like conversion units, etc.

i. Cake Tester

cake tester

Whenever a person is baking an item, they used a tool called a cake tester. It is a stick that contains a silicon handle at one end and a pointed tip at another. It is used to check whether the cake batter is fully baked or not.

j. Baking Oven

Baking Oven

There is always a need for a baking oven. Whether a new baker or a chef, a baking oven is an essential item for every home. Baking ovens are those products that have a lot of sales on eCommerce platforms. However, these ovens require valid certifications and paperwork. Baking ovens come in two types. The first one is the gas type and the second is an electric oven.

Measuring Equipment

How can we forget the measuring equipment and baking accessories? Since accuracy is an important part of baking, here are the items that help in measuring the quantity.

a. Measuring Cups

measuring cups

In the baking world, accuracy is the main thing. And, for that, bakers widely use tools like measuring cups. Measuring cups are designed according to exact dimensions. If you want an exact pound, take out the pound measuring cup and fill it with the batter. Measuring cups come in two materials- Steel and plastic. Each one has its own advantages and uses.

b. Liquid Measuring Cups

liquid measuring cups

For items like milk, oil, sauce, and water, there are specific cups called liquid measuring cups. These are made with clear material like pyrex glass or plastic and has measuring scale on them.

c. Measuring Spoon

measuring spoon

If you are planning to measure a small amount of flour, oil, water, or sauce, then a measuring spoon is the one that you should look for. Like measuring cups, they are accurate. Moreover, they come in different sizes and colors.

Measuring spoons are very trending on Amazon and can make your sales if you are offering good quality. Keep in mind that suppliers sometimes give you a spoon that is not accurate. Make sure to order a sample and check it by yourself.

d. Electronic Baking Scale

electronic baking scale

Another item that is worthy of adding to the Amazon listing page is the electronic baking scale. These scales provide you with weight values. Moreover, some scales have programable features like changing the weight units and setting the zero value.

However, there is a catch with baking scales. Since these are electronic items, you will require proper paperwork if you are selling them in US or UK market.

e. Timer


A timer is another essential item that needs to be present in the cabinet of every baker and chef. Typically, these timer devices are used to note the dough rising time or baking team. Timer devices are a good business opportunity if you can offer good quality.

f. Oven Thermometer

Oven Thermometer

An oven thermometer is not an essential item. However, if it is there, it can help as a backup if your electric oven is not working and you are planning to bake an item on the stove. These thermometers give exact temperature readings and don’t require that much paperwork if you are trying to sell them in US/UK market.

Mixing Supplies

A baker always needs something with which, he/she can mix all the ingredients. This section specifies the top trending baking equipment items related to mixing suppliers.

a. Mixing Bowls

Mixing Bowls

These bowls are made with either plastic or wood. However, recent trends show that wooden bowls are getting more attention because these items help in preventing the batter from sticking to the bottom. Usually, these bowls are available on Amazon and eBay for about $10-$15 dollars.

In China, you can get that same bowl at a price of 3-5 dollars. The bowls are a good opportunity because there are no such restrictions on them. That is not the case with plastic bowls. You have to get proper certification for plastic bowls and have them tested for materials.

b. Spoons


The spoons are available in materials such as plastic, steel, and wooden. It is all about the preference of the baker on which one he/she likes.

With plastic spoons, you have to get the proper testing reports and certifications because UK and USA are pretty strict with plastic items. Moreover, Amazon will also require you to get those certifications if you are planning to start a baking equipment business.

c. Whisks


Whisk is an item that does the work if everything else fails. This round-wired tool makes sure that every ingredient is mixed completely. Whisks are a good-selling item in the US market because there are a lot of chefs and bakers in the area.

There are two types of whisks available in the market. One is plastic and the other one is steel. Mostly, the steel ones are preferred because they are easy to clean and do the job more perfectly.

d. Electric Whisks

electric whisks

Electric whisks are the same as traditional whisks. However, the difference is that they are electric. Electric whisks make sure that the accuracy is maintained and do the job perfectly.

Since these whisks are electric, you have to make sure that they meet the RoHS and CE requirements. So, if you have a supplier for that, ensure that the supplier is offering the proper certification and lab test reports.

e. Spatula


A spatula is a flat tool that is used to scrape out the remaining batter from the bowl. Spatulas are a handy tool for every baker and are always present in the baking equipment cabinet of every baker and chef. Spatulas contain a rubber head that makes it possible for a user to clean out the bowl and fold the cream in the batter.

Cutting Supplies

Cutting suppliers are essential items and are widely used in the baking niche. Here are some of the top baking tools in this category.

a. Grater


The tool that they are using is called a grater. A grater is made with sharp molded blades that allow the users to cut such items into fine pieces. Graters are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They have a good profit margin, provided you have selected a good quality product to sell.

b. Cookie Cutters

cookie cutters

It is also the funniest item. A cookie cutter is used to cut the dough into different sizes and shapes. Remember those animals, sunflowers, and cartoon-shaped cookies, that are done using the cookie cutter.

Cookie cutters are made with stainless steel or plastic. Both have their own advantages and both can become profitable if a seller is trying to sell them in the Amazon FBA business.

c. Knives


A business of knives is a good business and can make you almost 60-70% profit. But, the idea with knives is that you should be able to provide a user with a product is runs for a very long time.

For that, your knives should be made with stainless steel or forged steel. Whatever the material is, knives can be a game changer for every business because they are the most used items in the cooking/baking niche.

d. Pans and Molds

PANS and molds

Molds and pans come in different sizes and shapes. They are accurate and are also used as an indication. Recently, pans/molds made with coated silver are getting a lot of attention.

Since they are widely used, a lot of sellers are selling them under their own brand name. For instance, there is Wilton. Wilton makes high-quality pans and molds. Like this, you can also launch your own pans/molds brand and can make a good penny income.

Buying Baking Equipment from China – What do you need to know?

China has gained the title of the world’s manufacturer. It is making a lot of products and baking equipment is one of them.

Whenever you are importing baking equipment from China, you have to ensure that you are getting authentic products. That is because there is a chance that you will get scammed.

This part of the blog covers the information on what you need to know whenever you are importing baking accessories from China.

Don’t select products that are fragile

One of the most common mistakes that baking equipment sellers make is selecting products that are easily breakable. See, from placing your order to getting your products to the Amazon FBA warehouse, there are a lot of steps in between.

Your products will get moved from the supplier’s warehouse to the truck and then shipped. Then, from there, the products will be loaded into another truck, then to the warehouse. There is a high chance of items getting damaged.

So, to prevent that, always select an item that is made from steel or any hard material. Another advantage of selecting steel items is that you don’t need to meet any requirements (With Plastic and Silicon, you have to present proper paperwork).

Always ask for samples

Samples are the perfect way to judge what type of product will your customers get. Since we are talking about baking items, it is important to ask for samples. Here are the reasons for that

Baking items require a lot of accuracy and for that, it is important to see whether those measuring cups have accurate readings. You can only get that idea if you ask the supplier for samples.

The idea behind asking for samples is to ask for multiple samples of the same product. Now, you will ask “Why is there are need for multiple samples?” Well, we have seen Chinese suppliers giving the sample from A grade lot and sending the bulk order using the B-grade lot. So, ask for different samples of the same product.

Always ask for certifications and paperwork

Items that are used to cook food always require proper paperwork. Amazon or US itself will not allow you to sell the products if you cannot prove whether the products are safe to use.

For that, whenever you are in talks with the supplier, ask whether he/she has proper paperwork and certifications. If a supplier doesn’t have that, don’t select the supplier because, in the end, you will be left hanging between the customs officers and your supplier.

Moreover, if you can afford to do the lab testing of plastic and silicon products, that will also make your case stronger in the US courts.

Sell products that are trending

The niche of baking is a huge world and there are a lot of products in this category. Selecting and selling a product that has no use in baking will cause you a lot of losses. So, always select a product that is trending and can help a baker in minimizing the tasks.

We have compiled a guide that contains the details of the Top trending baking items in 2022. Select one from this or you can always launch a similar item.


Why should I import baking essentials from China?

Whenever you are thinking of importing items from China, you are planning to launch your own online Amazon store.

There are many ways through which you can sell on Amazon. For instance, you can go for Retail Arbitrage or drop shipping. There is another option and that is a Private label.

See, China is a perfect place if you are looking to start your own brand. The country has the resources to produce high-quality baking items under your own name.

Moreover, there is another advantage of importing baking items from China. That is the price. If you get your supplies from China, there is a high chance of making profits.

Importing items into the US from China is pretty easy even if you are a noncitizen. All you need is a valid operating address, proper certifications, and a registered company.

Lastly, there is no need to go to China for shopping of those products. China has the biggest eCommerce website where every supplier is working. You can get in touch with them and make a deal. As for checking the products, you can always ask for samples or hire a sourcing agency like Equator Shipping.

How to find high-quality baking equipment for a lower price?

There are many ways through which you can find high-quality equipment for a very lower price. Here are some of the ways listed

Use Alibaba

One of the top ways through which you can get your hands on top suppliers is Alibaba. Alibaba is a B2B platform where every Chinese supplier is selling products. These suppliers offer high-quality products at an optimum rate. Moreover, if you have a strategy, you can also get a lower MOQ.

Use Equator’s expertise

Equator shipping is one of the few companies that is operating in the industry for a very long time. We specialize in providing state-of-the-art solutions to our customers. Our wide network of Suppliers allows for lower MOQ and improved quality. We will talk with the supplier, negotiate and find you a deal that will help you in making profits.


Starting a baking equipment store is a good business, provided you know which baking accessories are widely used and are trending. With baking items, there are a lot of products in a lot of variations.

The best method is to see which of these are commonly used. You can take the help of Tiktok and Instagram if you want to filter out the search. Moreover, we have also listed 25 Top Trending products.

If you still feel like you need more information, consider reaching Equator Shipping by going towards the “contact us” page. Our expert team will help you in every possible way.

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