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Do you know how the piece-by-piece inspection of goods works in China? Why do we need to check each piece before shipping it to the consumer?

Due to overseas trade and online business deals, people can only see your goods’ quality once they reach the customers’ doorsteps. One slight mistake on the consumer’s end can cause them a lot of trouble.

It is crucial to have procedures that evaluate the quality of your items before they are delivered to a customer’s doorstep thousands of miles away when things are manufactured in China. Because of this, many importers decide to check the quality of their products before exporting. We are frequently contacted by importers wondering if we can perform a piece-by-piece inspection in China.

This blog will cover all you need to know about these inspections, including deciding if they are the best option for your quality control initiatives.

What is Piece-by-Piece Inspection in China?

In China, a service demands that every item be examined to assess several factors. These factors might be analyzed using the customer’s own desired specifications, or they can be general appearance, artistry, functioning, safety, etc.

The procedure of piece-by-piece inspection in China can be carried out at your location, your provider’s location, or the China warehouse handling facility.  

China uses piece-by-piece inspection to lower or completely remove faults and increase quality. Buyers that need to ensure that their products are fully compliant and meet demanding consumer and market quality requirements will find this extremely helpful.

Piece-by-piece inspection services of various companies:

When you order something from China, you should search for the best inspection service providers there to get the quality of goods checked. Many platforms in China provide you with the facility to inspect goods at competitive rates.

If the quantity of products is less, the piece-by-piece inspection can be carried out within the premises of the factory. On the other hand, if the products are more and require several days for inspection, it may be done elsewhere.  

You can also ask the company you hire for inspection to go to the site for the process. In case you are receiving goods in batches, you can deliver each batch of products to the address of the inspection company. The staff will check the goods, pack them and send them your way if everything is in good condition.

Examination of Products

Examination of products

Sort inspections are carried out piece by piece, just as 100% inspections, but their objective is to find a particular problem the service provider found during a routine inspection. Every single product component is examined, but only for one specific issue.

For instance, a company that produces t-shirts may find out during an inspection that a particular shirt is entirely the wrong shade of red, yet they must nevertheless send the jerseys to the shop as soon as possible. In order to remove the defective goods, a sort inspection is done to check for proper colouring.

After the factory has located and corrected the issue, the good items can be dispatched, and the flawed ones can either be discounted or remade.

Two Steps of Piece-by-Piece Inspection

Quality checks, which are typically conducted in two steps

  • In-process checks  
  • Post-production checks

Both of these steps are discussed in detail below.

a. In-process Checks

Inspections are carried out in-process to spot any product specification deviations and to make sure that all parts are uniform. They are typically executed when 20% of production has been completed. Such inspections assist in reducing waste and avoiding expensive delivery delays by enabling faults to be discovered and rectified early in the production process.  

However, it is preferable if these tests are not carried out too early in the production process. That is because companies typically make process adjustments after analyzing the first batch of imperfect specimens that come off the assembly line as part of their internal quality assurance checks.

b. Post-Production Checks

post production checks

Quality inspectors randomly choose components for post-production inspections and check them for issues. Additionally, they look for suggestions for changes made after the in-process assessment. It is occasionally checked to see if the packing and labelling quality corresponds to the customer’s criteria.

Benefits of Piece-by-Piece Inspection

Piece-by-piece inspection in China is very common because it brings in a lot of benefits. China is the greatest manufacturing hub in the world, and most people order goods from Chinese suppliers. When the number of manufacturers increased, and various sellers started selling similar products, it became difficult to differentiate between the quality.  

People who invest a lot of their money in international trade agreements and offshore manufacturers are always cautious about the quality of goods. The piece-by-piece inspection in China is a very smart way of getting clarity about the quality of goods. Following are a few positive points about the method that can convince you to use it.

  • Reduces the likelihood of receiving faulty goods;
  • Provides time to fix the problematic products and lowers the rate of product returns;
  • Helps conserve money; 
  • Promotes reliable reporting;
  • Retains greater quality goods;
  • Enhances customer relations and supplier quality.

Why is Piece-by-Piece Inspection Necessary for eCommerce Business?


Piece-by-piece inspection is really important for e-commerce business. Businesses all over the world use the quality control process in manufacturing to guarantee that their products are made in accordance with the established criteria.  

It is always advised that purchasers do their in-process checks by a third party, such as a China sourcing agent or businesses specializing in such inspections. It is essential that the product follows safety regulations set forth by the government.

Reasons of Inspection

If the consumer’s trust gets broken, he will never trust the services or that company again. When putting their money at stake, most people want to get the best product. If you are one of those who order goods from across borders, you should always be careful regarding the quality of goods.  

In light of our experience, we would like to highlight three reasons why some importers prefer to do product inspections in China:

a. The cost of returning defective goods is high. It is worthwhile to invest additional time and resources in cleaning up all the damaged goods.

b. Bundle or repackage according to your needs.

c. There is a strong suspicion that the supplier’s quality control is subpar and that many of the items have quality issues.

d. Following the examination, exchanging substandard goods for standard ones is possible.

Importance of Piece-by-Piece Inspection

piece-by-piece Inspection

Implementing a comprehensive inspection method is always a good idea when producing overseas and importing from China. Inspections are often essential and suitable when:

  • You are suspicious that a significant portion of your products may be defective, and you doubt the manufacturer’s quality control procedures.
  • Before exporting, you want a chance to repair or replace damaged goods.
  • Receiving excessive defective goods would have major consequences for your company.


While searching for a good piece-by-piece inspection company in China, make sure you check their reviews. Your carelessness might get you robbed of your hard-earned money.

Which One is Better in China? Sampling Inspection VS Piece-by-Piece Inspection

Implementing a comprehensive inspection method is always a good idea when producing overseas and shipping from China. Intentional QC procedures can make up for the absence of direct supervision brought on by distance.

Inspections are generally necessary and appropriate. It helps you remove doubts regarding the manufacturer’s quality control procedures and believes that a significant portion of your products may be defective.

The 3-Step Checklists to Access the Quality of Goods

Before exporting, you want a chance to repair or replace damaged goods. Receiving an excessive amount of defective merchandise would be expensive or have serious impacts on your company.

There are two options for inspection, piece-by-piece inspection or sampling inspection. Sampling inspection is a strategy for choosing a part of your items to check. This method has been statistically validated, and sampling inspection is considered better in many circumstances.

a. What to choose?

There are typically two approaches to carrying out such quality check operations when purchasing items in China either piece-by-piece sampling or sampling inspection. The decision between completing a quality inspection using a sample approach or performing a 100% quality inspection is one of the most frequent dilemmas an importer or an overseas buyer may have. There are a few things to think about when choosing.

b. Quantity

Sampling inspection will be considerably more efficient in terms of time and money if you have a large number of goods. However, if you only have a small number of items, it might be more affordable to have all of your goods inspected as the cost of the two inspection methods may be equal.

c. Timeframe

Piece-by-piece inspections need more time than sampling examinations. Sampling can be the best option if you need an inspection procedure that is quicker yet still effective. Product Type:

Piece-by-piece inspection is preferable if you are producing high-value goods (like $10,000 watches) or goods with a high level of risk (like medical equipment or aeronautical components).

Who is Responsible for Piece-by-Piece Inspection in China?

piece-by-piece inspection

Quality control is a necessary step in the process when importing goods from China, irrespective of the size of the order.

Finding the ideal partner for quality control is, therefore, essential. With the goal of assisting you in selecting the best partner for your quality assurance requirements in China, the best companies have been compared below based on their capacity and pricing.

Equator Supply Chain

Equator supply Chain

If you are looking for a partner which is experienced in product inspection, then contact with Equator will be a good choice. Equator has helped thousands of businesses that are out of China in solving their sourcing, shipping, warehousing and inspecting needs.

Many companies, especially small ones, they can combine all of their goods together and ship them from China to your place without any issue. It is because Equator has cooperated with shipping companies all over the world. And also, the company will provide extra services like inspection, they will ensure everything reaches your requirements and deliver them to your door.

If you have more questions about Equator’s services, you can visit the service page (https://equatorsc.com/services/), or send a quote on this page.

Sofeast Limited

Sofeast is a project management and quality assurance firm with offices in Shenzhen that provides importers who source from Chinese suppliers with a variety of Quality Assurance services. Their services include technical document evaluation, quality consultation, and in-depth factory auditing.  

Additionally, the business offers project management software created especially for importers, which makes Sofeast distinctive. As a full-service, high-quality agency, Sofeast supports all kinds of companies.

a. Services Provided by Sofeast

Sofeast provides the following services:

  • Product testing
  • Industrial audit
  • Audit of social compliance
  • Consultancy for quality control
  • Checking of history of the supplier

QIMA (Formerly Asiainspection)

QIMA provides services for inspecting food products and consumer items. Pre-shipment inspection, production monitoring, initial production checks, in-between production checks, and food inspections are some of the additional services offered. In addition to inspection services, QIMA provides a variety of supplier audit programs, certifications, and lab tests.   

The China National Service Accreditation for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) has accredited QIMA, and AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine) has also permitted it to carry out laboratory examinations and inspections.

They encompass a variety of industries, such as clothing and footwear, textiles and fabrics, cosmetics, toys and games, meat, poultry, etc.

a. Affordable Price:

A suitable choice for medium-sized and large importers is QIMA. The prices QIMA offers are reasonable for the sector when compared to those of other businesses in a similar field. Although they do not have any minimum qualifications, they do accept new and small enterprises.

b. Services Provided by QIMA:

The following are the most extraordinary services of QIMA;

  • Industrial audit
  • On-site examination
  • Remote examination
  • Check before customs clearance
  • Training in quality assurance

Bay Source Global

Bay Source Global is a US-based business that specializes more in assisting importers who wish to bring Chinese goods into the US. It provides a wide range of services, including contract manufacturing and quality monitoring.

The business specializes in manufacturing outsourcing. This involves overseeing offshore manufacturing, making adjustments to product designs, and planning shipping and logistics for manufactured goods.

a. Services Provided by Bay Source Global:

The two main services of Bay Source Global are;

  • On-site inspection  
  • quality assurance consultation.

Asia Quality Focus

The organization, which is headquartered in China, provides a wide range of inspection and quality control services to Chinese importers.

Among these services are social audits, supplier qualification audits, in-depth factory audits, environmental audits, pre-production, in-process, and pre-shipment inspections, as well as batch production, production examining, defect sorting, production handling, and US and EU compliance monitoring.

Clothing and apparel, accessories and bags, fabrics, furnishings, household goods, cookware, construction materials, automobile components, household appliances, electronic goods, lighting, children’s or baby toys, and pet toys are among the goods and industries they serve.

a. The Services Offered by Asia Quality Focus:

  • Audit of supplier qualification
  • Monitoring the loading of containers
  • In between production inspection
  • Inspection before shipping

InTouch Manufacturing Services

Along with a wide range of inspection services, InTouch offers producers and importers in China quality control services.

Its offerings range from product-specific inspections to social compliance audits, factory audit services, automobile production inspection, document preparation for quality control, production inspection, and pre-production monitoring. Small and medium-sized importers seeking high standards for their goods will also find it a good fit.

a. The Services Provided by InTouch

  • Inspection of suppliers
  • Inspection prior to shipment
  • supervision of container loading


One of the most established, well-known, and respected quality assurance and inspection firms in the world is SGS. SGS was founded more than a century ago and had its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Hundreds of its offices have been built in China to provide top-notch services to Chinese importers.

SGS provides accreditation, monitoring, validation, and quality assurance services to Chinese importers as one of the world’s most prestigious and significant quality control organizations. It is ideal for medium-sized and big importers looking for the highest quality standards.

SGS’s services are available to food and electronic importers to Europe and US because both the FDA and the FCC accredit it.

a. Services Provided by SGS

  • Product evaluation for quality
  • Training for quality inspections in manufacturing
  • Audit of social compliance


Another quality control and inspection firm with its headquarters in China are V-Trust, which provides Chinese importers with a comprehensive range of Quality Control services. In addition to inspections, they also provide primary services, including accreditation, laboratory investigations, and supplier management.

Hard goods, electronics and electrical, commercial items, soft goods, bakery products, skincare, textile, apparel, etc., are among the commodities and sectors they serve.

a. Services Provided by V-Trust

  • Inspection before shipping
  • Monitoring the loading of containers
  • Local tests
  • Industrial audit
  • Audit of social compliance


Inspections can take a lot of time, and if they are done correctly, they can cost a lot of money and time. When producing goods in China, a Piece by Piece inspection is an essential quality control step that should be considered.  

It is possible to ensure that your product meets your high standards and is in compliance with all national and international market quality criteria by verifying each component before assembly.  

If you still need clarification about piece-by-piece inspection in China, you can ask us in the comment section. We would love to entertain your queries.

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