Sea Freight

We provide reliabel sea freight services. It is the most common and cost-effective way of delivering large quantities.


When Budget is Critical
Sea Freight is the Way to Go

Sea freight is the best choice for businesses that need to import large or heavy goods from China. It usually costs less than air freight and doesn’t take long to transport.
Equator provides a worry-free shipping experience for all kinds of companies by dealing with all your shipping difficulties.

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Equatorsc Helps You in Shipping from China to Your Place
Faster, Safer, Easier and Cheaper

FCL Shipping Services

Customized Services

We offer access to premium FCL sailings that work with the dynamics of your supply chain. With services that span between 10 to 50 days, we have experienced teams at origin and destination that can help you optimize each shipment for cost, routem or transit time.

Reliable and Trusted Carriers

We are contracted with reliable and trusted carriers to ensure your cargo sails on time, as scheduled.

Premium Service

We providing premium service on sailings from China, to ensure your urgent cargo arrives to its destination on time.

lcl shipment

LCL Shipping Services

We Make Supply Chain Better

Our LCL network offers unmatched connectivity and cadence across major shipping routes while enabling our clients to optimize for working capital by procuring inventory on demand.

Better Controls for Reduced Variability

We explore the technology and make the whole shipping process faster. From digitizing clients’ information to vetting shipments, we ensure the risk of customs inspections is reduced dramatically.


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