Equator owns many warehouses all around China, whenever you need, we can help you in storaging products safely.


Enjoy the safest storage services with Equator’s Help

Equator owns warehouses in China, USA, Canada, which can help most local e-commerce sellers storage their cargos if needed.
We provide supports include small wholesale, transit warehouses, instead of sending a box, cargo transport, etc.

Transit Warehouses

With our local expertise, never worry about where store your cargo. We owns warehouses in China, USA and Canada. Mention your requirements to us. you can count on a solution that works for you.

Shipping Label

Equator owns a professional team with more than 15 years of experience in LCL and international freight transportation. We also offer barcode and label service to ensure the trip is economical.

Pick Up and Delivery

To ensure the shipment could be arranged safely and timely. our staff will help you in picking up and delivering your cargo to your place.

What About Quality Control?
Let Equator Help you!


Our Quality Control and Inspection Process

Factory Research

Before buying from a supplier, we will always checking their certifications of producing, and make sure the price, quality of products suit you most.

During Production Check

To verify that you will receive exactly what you want, our agents will finalize the sampling inspection process while producing.

Sampling Inspection

Before shipping, we will take charge of supervising and actualizing to check the products. In case one unqualified valve were found during random inspection, double random inspection will be conducted.


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