If you have done your research on drop shipping, you may already be familiar with the term ePacket. Chinese and Hong Kong-based retailers provide the delivery option known as ePacket. It enables quicker air transportation of goods from Mainland China and Hong Kong to other countries.

Given that online commerce is the main driver behind the development of the shipping method, the “e” in ePacket is taken from the “e” in e-commerce. Overall, ePacket delivery has helped online businesses all around the world, including those in Hong Kong and China.

In this blog, we will discuss the details of ePacket. With all the information here, it will be easier for you to understand why ePacket can help many e-Commerce sellers to save money.


What is ePacket shipping? How Does It Work?

The ePacket service is a deal between the postal systems of the United States and China (Hong Kong and Mainland China) to increase international trade. Thanks to this, you can send anything reasonably rapidly between the United States and its Asian counterparts.

To give additional choices to qualified postal wholesalers in China, especially those who want to reach consumer markets in the United States, the United States Postal Service initially collaborated with the China Postal Express & Logistics and Hong Kong Post in 2011.

The most famous shipping choice for drop shipping items weighing up to 2kg immediately emerged as ePacket. This was because it would only take 10–20 days for delivery utilizing this method. The end-to-end monitoring it offered was another factor in its popularity.

How ePacket works:

On many different e-Commerce websites like Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Shopify, global vendors frequently provide ePacket shipping.

As the name suggests, ePacket shipping was developed to benefit online shoppers by enabling them to get their orders from Chinese and Hong Kong-based online retailers faster and for less money. If an item complies with the criteria for ePacket delivery, any supplier may offer this shipping option.

The ePacket shipping option not only gives businesses a competitive edge but also peace of mind by enabling tracking of orders placed by customers.

a. Working on ePacket Shipping

It would be best if you comprehended how the service functions to utilize it to the fullest. What to assume when using the service is as follows:

  1. Orders are received and packed by the retailer or drop shipping provider.
  2. They give it to the China Postal Service (as a parcel).
  3. The parcel is delivered by the China Postal Service to an international courier.
  4. The local postal service, such as USPS, receives the package once it has passed through customs in the customer’s country.

The parcel is then delivered to the address where the customer specified when placing their order by the local postal service in that nation.

b. Be Aware of Fraud

scam of epacket

Some sellers advertise free ePacket shipping from China, but they use a more time-consuming shipping method. To confirm that the appropriate choice was used for your order, manually check the “View Details” section of the Orders page on AliExpress.

Yes, theoretically speaking, this is a fraud, but that is just one of the drawbacks of doing business with overseas vendors.

You must therefore invest a lot of work in finding reliable vendors. Even though the process takes some time, it is well worth it to prevent you from being secretly screwed in that way.

Particular Standards that ePacket Required

According to information published by USPS, several conditions must be satisfied before a package or parcel can be delivered via ePacket. These specifications concern the product’s size, weight, and cost.


Any product being transported from Mainland China or Hong Kong to one of the nations qualified for ePacket delivery cannot have a value greater than $400 (US Dollars).

Keep in mind that some nations, like Canada, have higher shipping costs, longer delivery times, and most likely require payment of taxes or customs duties at the port of arrival. These are discussed in the other sections.


The shipping package cannot weigh more than 2 kilograms. This weight takes into account the product, the filler, the delivery box, and any additional packaging.

Israel is the only country where there is an exception to this weight restriction, allowing parcels to weigh up to 3 kg.

Minimum Package Size

minimum package size

Regular packets should be at most 14 cm in length or 11 cm in breadth.

A rolled-up packet needs to be at least 11 cm long. Additionally, the length should be greater than 17 cm when the diameter is doubled. To take advantage of this e-commerce shipping option, retailers frequently utilize a larger box and add filler material for items less than this.

Maximum Package Size

EPacket also has a limited package size, which adds another layer of complexity. Please verify that the package’s longest side is no longer than 70 cm by measuring it. Make sure the sum is at most 90 cm by adding the length and height as well.

The long side should be at most 90 cm for shipments that have been rolled up. Make sure the package is at most 104 cm in length after doubling the package’s diameter.

Taxes and Customs Linked to ePacket Delivery


All goods that are transported internationally are either subject to taxes or customs according to worldwide shipping systems. Usually, the clients are required to pay duty or tax associated with goods that are transported internationally because it is necessary to go through customs clearances.  

For business owners, it is a good idea to request the shipping merchants to be clear about such expenses. Because these charges discourage customers from making returns or even from initially purchasing things from you. Typically, the retailers are informed in advance of the taxes.  

It is advisable to be aware of any changes to local legislation because they frequently occur across the globe. Being unaware of changes in the legislation and news regarding international trade can have a detrimental impact on your company and even put you at risk of being defrauded or duped. This applies not just to taxes but also to the entire shipping process.

Locations that ePacket Can Reach – How Long Does ePacket Take to Ship?

In 2011, USPS and China Postal jointly launched their ePacket cooperation. ePacket was then limited to shipments going to the USA.

Other postal services have now joined the ePacket arrangement as of 2022, including the Royal Mail and Canada Post. In this chapter, we have discussed the locations of ePacket delivery and the duration of shipping in detail.

Locations for delivery of ePacket

Every owner of an e-commerce company would love to employ ePacket delivery services because they are frequently cheaper and faster than other options and provide excellent China ePacket tracking. The service is only available in a few nations.

New ZealandItalyDenmark
SingaporeThe NetherlandsUkraine
Saudi ArabiaNorwayThe United Kingdom
South KoreaPolandEstonia
The United StatesMaltaGibraltar

Shipment Time

An average package sent to the United States takes 10 to 20 days to arrive after being shipped. Based on customs, holidays, and other delays, shipping times to additional locations may be longer or comparable. However, compared to other shipping options from China, ePacket shipping is still a more cost-effective choice.

ePacket is still relatively quick when taking into account the number of packages processed in bulk along the way to their destination. Additionally, most ePacket deliveries come with ePacket shipping tracking, assuring consumers that their packages are being tracked while in transit.

Shipment Cost

Offering affordable (or accessible) shipping is one way to help you stay ahead of the competition in the online market. Finding affordable shipping solutions without sacrificing effectiveness, efficiency, or quality is crucial.

You must comprehend the expense of the service if you are exporting from China and decide to use this specific service. For instance, you should budget about $5.00 to send a 1-pound box from China to any address in the United States.

However, you should expect to pay about $50 if you use one of USPS’s international postal services to send an identical parcel from the US to China. So you can see that ePacket is undoubtedly inexpensive.

How to Track your ePacket Packages?

Track epacket package

The ePacket tracking feature is one of the most beneficial aspects of using China Post’s ePacket shipping service. Keeping track of all your packages can take time and effort, especially if you are shipping a lot at once.  

If a customer’s shipment, for example, is not delivered within the specified time range, tracking also helps relieve any worries about scams. The US Postal Service network offers ePacket shipping and ePacket tracking and delivery confirmation.

ePacket Tracking Codes

ePacket tracking codes are easily copied and pasted into numerous websites. The customer would ultimately visit the regional Postal Service website to use the tracking code, so it all depends on where they live. A US customer might visit the USPS website and paste that tracking code as an example. Another illustration would be to direct all Chinese consumers to the China EMS website.

As a result, the ePacket tracking numbers are adaptable in that they begin functioning on various websites depending on the location of the shipping address.

Third-Party Tracking Solutions

If the postal tracking pages are giving you difficulties, consider looking into other 3rd-party tracking options like Track-ChinaPost or AfterShip. These are great solutions that you can incorporate into your online store to ensure that your clients are updated and informed at every step.

Policy of AliExpress

It is also essential to remember that many online marketplaces, including AliExpress, already have efficient tracking mechanisms set up for you.

As a result, you would connect AliExpress with a platform like Shopify, and AliExpress would then provide you with that tracking code once an item is shipped and let your customer know about the delivery.


You can use the Oberlo app to track each order’s tracking number. You can use Oberlo to manage your purchases from websites like AliExpress.

  • Register using the Oberlo app.
  • Select “My Orders”
  • Each completed order will have a tracking code next to it.

Additionally, if you have one of Oberlo’s paid plans, such as the Boss package, you can click on order to check its progress.

Pros and Cons of ePacket

pros and cons

It is critical to understand that only some can use ePacket delivery. For some businesses, shipping via an ePacket is out of the question. It is due to severe geographic restrictions or the fact that their goods are either too expensive or heavy.  

However, there are also a lot of benefits for businesses who want to send products via ePacket. To determine whether your online business can benefit from ePacket delivery, one has to understand the pros and cons of ePacket.

Pros of ePacket

Here are some very crucial benefits that you can get from ePacket.

a. Promptness

Standard shipping methods typically take months to transport goods from China to other regions of the world. All shipments leaving China will move considerably quicker than they did in the past, thanks to ePacket delivery. You get substantially faster delivery times with ePacket shipping.

These techniques may be appropriate for distributing items within China. However, ePacket delivery makes significantly more sense when sending to the United States and other foreign destinations. You should anticipate that your delivery will reach your consumer within three weeks.

b. Higher Sales

Many consumers know that ePacket delivery means the package will be shipped and delivered much more quickly. As a result, employing ePacket when selling products from China should result in improved conversion rates, and using ePacket leads to higher sales.

c. Tracking of the parcel and delivery verification

Customers that choose ePacket delivery have the free option of end-to-end tracking. A significant advantage is the ease with which the ePacket may be tracked on official websites run by EMS and USPS.

Every Postal Service in ePacket-enabled nations has great tracking possibilities. As a result, your customer will be confident about the delivery process and will be able to receive tracking updates at various points and track the progress of their order.

d. Less Costly

less costly

Shipping across borders is costly, and it might cost you $50 to $100 in shipping charges if you want to transport anything from another nation to yours. Particularly considering that the item costs $10 only, nobody wants to pay that.

These expenses are significantly decreased by an ePacket, preventing you and your customer from being hit with a hefty shipping charge.

The shipping cost with ePacket would typically be so minimal that suppliers would usually cover it and supply it for free. Even if they did charge for delivery, it would typically be a few dollars and would apply to very inexpensive items. ePacket delivery helps in minimizing shipping costs.

e. Returns Made Easy

When an order cannot be fulfilled, ePacket offers free undelivered package returns, protecting customers and sellers from financial loss.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing that any undeliverable item is returned without incurring additional costs is another perk for customers. As a result, the customer-merchant connection is enhanced. That is because online retailers can now issue reimbursements for packages that customers could not receive.

f. Additional Payments Are the Responsibility of the Recipient

The recipient of the shipment is in charge of making any additional payments necessary if any of your products need to pass through customs or are subject to other taxes or tariffs.  

The company will not be responsible for any unforeseen costs after sending out your products from China, even though this could not be the case for all your products.

g. Fixed Rates

It is yet another perk of ePacket. It is interesting to see that shipping prices rarely fluctuate. Additionally, you are only charged by volume once if the package dimensions remain within the proper parameters. Remember that you will only be charged based on volume, not weight.

h. Delivery Services to Remote Areas

It is often complicated to deliver goods to remote locations, but ePacket can aid you with delivering products to remote areas.

Cons of ePacket

In the race for inventions, we are making new milestones every day. Every new technology on earth comes with some drawbacks. Here are some of the disadvantages of using ePacket.

a. Product Transport Restriction

There are specific requirements and limitations of ePacket shipping. The weight and value of all ePacket contents must be under defined limits. It will only be possible for some retailers to supply these kinds of products.

You may be selling goods that are too expensive to ship with ePacket, and other vendors may have things that are too large or heavy, hindering their transportation via ePacket.

b. Weight and Cost Restrictions

Only lightweight products can use ePacket owing to its weight restrictions. Because of this, it is inappropriate to drop ship any goods that weigh more than 2 kg when wrapped. Any shipment from China or Hong Kong to a country eligible for ePacket delivery can be at most $400. (US Dollars).

c. Delay in ePacket Deliveries

Some countries’ postal services are less efficient than those in others. Compared to delivery methods that use private couriers, this can occasionally cause ePacket deliveries to be delayed.

d. ePacket Shippers Shipping Standards

All ePacket shippers include only some countries, and some goods and merchants are unable or unwilling to send ePackets to specific nations. This implies that even while the delivery of ePacket may legally be permitted in your country, you can still be subject to limitations.  

For example, many things can only be transported from China to the United States. In addition, many suppliers will limit their shipments to the US.

e. Limited Countries Offer ePacket Shipment

Fewer nations permit ePacket delivery, approximately 44 countries. This is only a tiny percentage of the countries you could want to ship to, given that there are about 200 countries in the world.

f. Product Refund, a Loss for Merchants

If delivery is unsuccessful, the package will be returned to the sender in China, along with the product refund to the customer. It is the most significant drawback for retailers.

Difference Between ePacket and Dropshipping – Which One Suit Your Business Best?


Drop shipping is a procedure to supply products from the manufacturers to the retailer. Epacket is a shipping method that can help some small businesses transfer small quantities of products to their destination.

Although both of them help e-Commerce sellers save money for shipping, they still have differences. And want to know which one suits you best? We list some suggestions here.

To sellers who want to choose dropshipping

Dropshipping is the most excellent delivery option for shops that do not keep their products in stock. An eCommerce seller only needs to send order information to the manufacturer they choose.

Then the manufacturer will send the package directly to the customer. It reduces the costs associated with renting storage and warehouse space. The availability of drop shipping services for merchants is continuously expanding due to the growing popularity of online shopping.

However, because of the less participation of online sellers, their profit will be less. If they want to raise money, they need to find out a cheaper but good manufacturer. And that takes a lot of time.

For sellers who have a place to save some packages and also own little savings, using ePacket to import products from China will be a solution.

ePacket will help lots of eCommerce merchants

EPacket is one of the most popular shipping options provided by retailers in China. You can buy from Chinese online manufacturers and ask them to deliver products through ePacket.

You don’t need to buy in bulk because ePacket can ship small packages to your place. That will ease you from heavy stock and you can still get products at wholesale price.

Additionally, ePacket provides quick delivery that aids in creating trusting, long-lasting relationships with your clients.

For online retailers looking to make cost-effective purchases from drop shipping suppliers while maintaining speedy shipment timeframes for their clients, using China ePacket monitoring and delivery is a game changer.


ePacket provides an intelligent solution that helps eCommerce online business owners lower delivery costs and give their clients better shipping options. Despite the small number of nations they support, they regularly add more countries to their roster.  

Hopefully, reading this article will give you more information to help you decide whether or not ePacket would be helpful for your online business. However, if you want to transport goods abroad, have suppliers in China or Hong Kong, and are looking to expand, ePacket shipping is a low-risk option that is worth trying out.

If you have any queries about this topic, you can ask us in the comment section. We will try our best to entertain you timely.

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