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Do you often get worried when you receive notices about delivery problems?  

Shipping exceptions are the most annoying thing for both buyers and sellers since they can cause delays in delivery, cost merchants money and clients, and, most significantly, damage the website’s reputation.

Delivery exceptions are unavoidable whether you are working with FedEx, USPS, or another carrier. In actuality, 11% of all shipments are affected by delivery exceptions. When a customer’s anticipated delivery is missed or they receive a delayed item, their frustration level is sure to increase, regardless of the cause for the delivery exception.

This blog will guide you on how to handle delivery exceptions, types of delivery exceptions, and how to make the delivery process more convenient for consumers.

What is a Delivery Exception? Types of Shipment Exception

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A delivery exception is essentially a notice informing the recipient that their shipment has had a problem while in transit.

A delivery exception occurs when a shipment is unexpectedly momentarily held up in transportation, which may delay the time it reaches its destination.

A delivery exception does not indicate a shipment that arrived after the scheduled time. Instead, it suggests that there was a blockage that needed to be addressed. One of the reasons why shipping companies like UPS and FedEx will give you a tracking number for your package(s) is delivery exceptions.

Types of Shipment Exception

Even while the vast majority of online buyers get their items on time, it is still possible that you will run into delivery issues. Here are a few types of shipment exceptions.

a. Deliveries and Pick-Ups

Deliveries and Pick-Ups

When the carrier is unable to locate the delivery address or the address for a planned pick-up, there are pick-up exceptions. You should resubmit the pick-up request in this case and provide the carrier with a new time.

Several circumstances can result in delivery problems. For instance, delivery cannot be accomplished because of an incorrect address, rain, broken labels, or the absence of the recipient to sign for the package.

b. It Is Always Happened During Holidays

Due to the increased volume of shipping over the holidays, delivery exceptions frequently occur. During busy periods, double-check that all shipment details, such as package size, specifications, and pick-up timings, are accurate. The most excellent method to prevent delivery delays during these times is to be thorough.

c. Damaged Labels and Inaccurate Addresses

Incorrect shipping addresses or damaged labels cause errors with delivery. To prevent this, verify the recipient’s address. Problems can arise from even one wrong number in a postal code or flat number. Delivery times might be extended by carriers often returning items with incorrect addresses to the dispatch centre or sender.

d. Damaged Products

Damaged Products

Accidents can occur despite the safety precautions taken by shipping companies. Carriers frequently decide to delay delivery rather than continue with the product when incidents happen during transit.

In these circumstances, shipments that are damaged are sent back to the first dispatch station with a note that the product is damaged. Make sure your products are carefully packed to reduce the possibility of damage occurring during transit. Shipment losses might happen periodically, much as damages. You will get a loss exception if a shipping company discovers that a shipment is missing and cannot be delivered.

Delivery Exceptions with FedEx

For customs holdups, holiday delays, missing documents, and if nobody is home to collect the shipment, FedEx offers delivery exceptions.

Even though every effort is taken to deliver every package as quickly as possible, the company claims that an exception happens when a parcel is briefly delayed while en route. As a result, an exception does not always signify a late shipment.

A message with the code “PMX” may be sent to you. This only indicates that the package was unable to be delivered along the courier’s usual route and was instead redirected to a delivery location for the evening. Delivery will now be attempted the following day again.

Understand Shipment Exception – Why it is Important for E-commerce Business?

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Delivery issues can have a negative effect on the financial health of e-commerce firms. In the worst-case situation, a customer may choose to return their package, which would result in a significant financial loss for your company.

You should do something specific depending on the reason for a delivery exception. By understanding the reasons for shipment exceptions, e-commerce businesses can respond to the shipment exception in the following ways.

Speak to the Transporter

You should be able to look up the package’s precise location and the explanation for the delivery exception online. If you use FedEx, keep the tracking number close to hand so you can track the package and offer it to the customer.

Refund the Customer or Ship the Package Again

Speak with the customer about offering a refund or resenting the package if the package cannot be delivered or if it was damaged in transit.

Depending on the shipping coverage for that package, the cost may be entirely covered. So, if the parcel gets damaged during transit, you can get a refund.

Speak with the Client

You should get in touch with the customer to confirm the accuracy of the postal address and make any necessary modifications if the shipping address is unclear or inaccurate.

Inform the customer of any delays and the cause if you are aware of them, for example, weather conditions that forced the carrier to suspend operations at the shipment location.

You can send an email to individuals who may be impacted, explaining any potential shipping delays and thanking them for their understanding. Any chance to improve this situation will be kept in mind for the next sale and delivery.

Main Reasons for Shipment Exception

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Quite a few things hinder the delivery process and cause shipment exceptions. Even though most online buyers receive their orders on time, the following are some reasons why this is only sometimes the case.

No One to Receive the Parcel

Most carriers have policies stating that customers must sign for packages when they are delivered. As a result, an exception notice might need to be given if no one is available to accept the delivery and sign for it. In most cases, delivery is postponed until the following day.

Clients are also recommended to make use of the delivery management tools provided by their carriers to plan where, when, and how their deliveries should be made.

Customs Major Delays

If you are familiar with shipping internationally, you know the numerous difficulties. For instance, packages could be kept at customs longer than expected. E-commerce companies need to have the appropriate standardized codes and documentation to enable smooth shipping to prevent this.

Weather Conditions

Naturally, bad weather can be a concern, but unforeseen events like wildfires, floods, and tornadoes can completely block delivery routes, resulting in significant delivery delays. Due to these unforeseen circumstances, which are out of our control, courier services may issue exception notes.

Public Holidays

Shipping companies are less likely to be open during federal holidays, so this delivery exception is possible. Fortunately, customers generally understand when it comes to delivery delays associated with public holidays.

Broken Package

A product may be delayed if the shipping label is damaged and the carrier cannot read the delivery address or scan the postage barcode. An exception code is produced when critical information is unreadable or unclear. It can be essential to cancel the shipment and quickly send a substitute if the package is damaged.

Similar to the previous example, a delivery exception may be triggered if the label has an inaccurate address that is undeliverable, incomplete, or otherwise not recognized by carriers.

Lost During Shipment

Lost During Shipment

Even when everything is going as planned, a shipment could still go misplaced in transit. This type of delivery exception may be the most serious if no one can find it.

Strike by Employees

Workers’ strikes have occasionally resulted in massive packages accumulating, rendering them undeliverable or lost.

Three Results From a Delivery Exception

Even if any of the above occurrences occur and you receive a shipment exception message, any potential delays will be prevented, especially if the delivery window is still open. Here is what might happen.

The Delivery is Still Delivered on Schedule

Occasionally, a delivery exception is simply a precautionary warning that your shipment might be delayed for several reasons, like bad weather, but it still arrives on time.

The Delivery of the Package is Delayed

Delivery exception delays are often brief; frequently, delivery exceptions come the following day.

For instance, the delivery person will try the following day again if no one is home on the first attempt.

The Delivery is Canceled

It could be necessary to return the shipment to the sender if the carrier is unable to deliver it (for example, due to an incorrect address or label damage).

A delivery exception occurs when an item is delayed in transit. Several factors, such as an incorrect recipient address, a failed handoff, or a carrier issue, could result in a delivery exception for a product. While many delivery exceptions cannot be avoided, some can be averted.

How to Deal With the Shipment Exception Situation?

Shipment Exception

One of the most crucial factors for potential e-Commerce clients is prompt delivery. An online retailer, therefore, makes every effort to fulfil customer expectations. However, unforeseen delays might lead to a delivery exception regardless of how much effort and care you invest into your delivery procedure.

The consumer experiencing the delivery exception will undoubtedly be irritated if their anticipated delivery is missed or if they receive a delayed package, regardless of the reason for the exception. The customer may then contact the business or carrier or complain on social media, neither of which will be suitable for your brand.

Handing of the Shipment Exception Situation

Delivery exceptions are unavoidable. What matters most is how your brand reacts to them when they do occur. In reality, delivery exceptions can be fantastic chances to make a bad experience into a good one, easing potential post-purchase concerns for your consumers and encouraging them to return.

The key to successfully navigating the post-purchase experience is to react quickly and, more importantly, proactively to delivery exceptions. Successful delivery exception replies are based on the art of Delivery Experience Management, which is the proactive process of making sure your customers receive their goods as expected and when they want them to, as well as taking informed action to rectify exceptions.

How Leading Retailers are Addressing Delivery Exceptions

Today’s most effective methods for preventing delivery exceptions focus on preventive action possibilities, communication, and visibility. These values manifest themselves in a variety of tactics, such as:

a. Assistance through Tracking Pages

Providing clients with a thorough, understandable, and user-friendly tracking page is the first step in boosting visibility.

b. Shipping Warnings

When a delivery exception happens, providing real-time, detailed shipping alerts that reach consumers via their preferred channel allows you to take control of the narrative.

c. Analytics for Transportation enabled by AI

AI models give businesses the ability to perform prescriptive analytics, which enables them to identify potential delivery exception locations before they occur – a critical window that can make the difference between retaining and losing a customer.

When orders are urgent, having the appropriate partners in position can assist you in managing conflict with clients and finding speedy solutions.

How Equator Handles Delivery Exceptions?


Whether it is supply chain management or handling delivery exceptions that happen during transit, Equator aims to simplify and streamline these operations. Delivery exceptions may sadly be a typical occurrence in the shipping sector. However, Equator can assist make these problems minor and insignificant through their services.

Equator provides you with solutions, including customs clearance, freight insurance, and warehousing, to deal with the issue of delivery exceptions. In short, Equator’s supply chain specializes in offering cutting-edge solutions to its consumers.

Handling Delivery Exceptions in the Future

When we talk about delivery exceptions from a future perspective, we see that several things will take over the process. The e-competition is increasing day by day, so the handling of delivery exceptions will be reformed as well. Some of the reforms are discussed below.  

Maintenance of Customer Expectations

Maintaining consumer expectations will become more crucial as e-commerce competition increases and shipping to clients becomes more straightforward and faster. The days of brands sending out packages and then ignoring them are long gone. It would be best if you now integrated AI into your supply chain technologies in order to foresee your delivery experience.

Other Delivery Trends

Several delivery trends are likely to continue in the foreseeable future, with a focus on the last mile. As brands continue to adapt to meet the expectations of the modern shopper, increased flexibility and communications will take precedence along with the customization of the delivery experience allowing customers to alter their pick-up or shipping guidelines.


What should I do if a delivery exception affects my package?

Check your tracking number first, then get in touch with the carrier to learn more. You can contact the customer and, if necessary, provide a refund or reschedule the shipping date based on the information the carrier gives you.

How can I correct a FedEx delivery exception?

You can get a better understanding of the reason for the delivery exception and what can be done by contacting FedEx and relaying the information you have received. The likelihood of the shipment arriving on time, without any delays, is high.

What is the meaning of delivery exception damaged?

Carriers append the label “damaged” to the delivery exception when an item has been harmed in transportation, the tag is lacking, or the label has become useless.

Why is there a delivery exception on my package?

There are several reasons why deliveries go off of schedule, including carrier problems, weather conditions, holidays, and inaccurate addresses. If you receive a delivery exception, the first thing you should do is get in touch with the carriers and the customers.

What does “delivery exception no attempt made” imply?

When the delivery effort to deliver the package by the carrier employee fails, this notification is displayed. This could be due to a number of factors, such as bad weather, car trouble, or personal problems with the delivery driver.


Shipment exception is very common in today’s online businesses. E-Commerce companies should put procedures in place to handle shipment exceptions in a manner that leaves customers pleased. For instance, checking addresses, labels, and customs paperwork may help prevent shipment exceptions.  

Remember that whether or not a consumer buys from you again can be significantly influenced by how you handle delivery exceptions. Equator provides one exemplary model to handle any shipment exception. You can read more about the services on the website.

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