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One of the main reasons people prefer stainless steel jewelry is that it provides all these benefits at a very affordable cost while staying environmentally friendly. The amount of carbon released during the manufacturing and processing of this stainless steel is incredibly low. Stainless steel does not degrade with time, and it can be recycled again and again.

The jewelry manufactured from stainless steel lasts a very long time in almost perfect condition because it does not catch rust. Also, it is a very versatile material. Manufacturers can produce a piece of jewelry tailored to customer needs and requirements because stainless steel can be molded into any style, making it highly customizable. It all adds to the fact that people can follow up with all the latest trends while not breaking the bank or harming the environment.

This blog will discuss everything you should know about stainless steel jewelry. Its pros and cons, reliable sources from which you can order stainless steel accessories, stainless steel manufacturing grades, and certifications.

What is Stainless Steel Jewelry? Is It Safe to Use?

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What is Stainless Steel Fashion Jewelry? Is It Toxic?

One of the most common metals used in jewelry creation is stainless steel. All fashionable accessories made of stainless steel are called stainless steel jewelry. Stainless steel jewelry lasts longer and requires less care than precious metals like silver or gold, making it ideal for everyday wear.

It often has a silver shine, but unlike silver, it won’t rust or catch dents, scuffs, or scratches. Stainless steel is a versatile metal that offers a wide variety of jewelry, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, timepieces, and piercings.

Regarding safety, the material that causes allergies in stainless steel is nickel. The alloy maintains a tight bond with the other components because the nickel particles are locked inside. Stainless steel is an anti-allergenic metal that does not irritate the skin because nickel cannot escape from it (as long as the suitable alloys: 304L, 316L and 316LVM are respected).

So, People with metal allergies can wear stainless steel jewelry tension free. As there is no chance of nickel in stainless steel escaping because of how tightly it is bonded.

Certifications for Stainless Steel Jewelry

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Certificates ensure the quality and safety standards of stainless steel jewelry. Therefore, various testing and inspection organizations cover and regulate stainless steel jewelry.

The most credible certificates are:

a. MIL

“MTC” is an abbreviation used to refer to Mill Test Certificate. A manufacturer gives MTC to verify a product’s chemical and mechanical qualities and compatibility with the required standards and technical requirements.

The MTC is crucial for producers and distributors to guarantee the material’s quality. The certification includes the material’s density, strength, hardness, and chemical and heat treatment history.

b. CTI

CTI, also known as Centre Testing International, is a global organization that offers certification services in various industries, including food, energy, and safety. CTI was founded in 2003, and since then, it has grown to 150 labs in more than 90 cities in China and ten regions worldwide. The CTI Research Institute is the first private third-party research institution in China, founded by CTI as an independent organization. The CTI Research Institute aims to improve China’s industrial competitiveness and innovation capacity to raise the reputation of Chinese standards and Made-in-China goods internationally.

Complex sectors like consumer goods, medicine, electronics, auto parts, food and agriculture, construction materials, fuel, rail transportation, maritime transportation, and aviation benefit from CTI’s trustworthy services.

CTI assures the buyer that the product they are considering is certified. The product is verified by a CTI-approved lab and will function as promised.

c. SGS

An international corporation provides SGS Certification. Its headquarters are located in Geneva. From its small beginning as a grain inspection house on Rouen’s ports in the 1870s to its current position as the world’s top testing, inspection, and certification organization.

The SGS firm’s health and safety requirements are tested on the quantity and quality of traded items. Additionally, it examines if the producer meets the standards established by the government. SGS is known as the gold standard for quality and excellence worldwide.

Stainless Steel – Which Grade Quality Are Better Fashion Jewelry?

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The jewelry fabrication is easy and cheap. Thus, it is crucial to distinguish between the many stainless steel grades. There are over 150 different types of stainless steel on the market, and your decision should be based on these grades.

The 302 stainless steel jewelry isn’t as good as the other types and may cause skin irritation. Most stainless steel jewelry is of grade 316 and grade 304.

The amount of chromium in each grade is what makes them different. For example, grade 316 has more than 20% chromium and 11% nickel. On the other hand, grade 304 has about 19% chromium and 10% nickel.

So, jewelry made of stainless steel with more chromium and molybdenum is of better quality. Therefore, grade 316 is the best stainless steel used in jewelry.

316 changes into three main types, such as 316, 316L, and 316F, depending on a unique material called molybdenum that makes it more resistant to rust.

Grade 304

Most jewelry comprises 304-grade stainless steel, aka 18-8 stainless steel. It has a high nickel level, often between 8% and 10.5% by weight, and a high chromium concentration, typically between 18% and 20% by weight.

Jewelry is commonly made from grade 304 stainless steel because of its nickel-chromium alloy construction. 304-grade steel has significant levels of chromium and nickel, providing excellent resistance against corrosion. Furthermore, SS 304 is available in numerous other grades, including 304H, 304N, and 304L.

Generally speaking, Grade 304 is less expensive than Grade 316.

Grade 316

For stainless steel jewelry, pieces made from 316L stainless steel are the most trendy pick. The molybdenum elements inside its structure give it a step up in the face of harsh conditions and high temperatures, making it a valuable material. Because of its high-temperature resistance strength, 316L stainless steel is widely used in jewelry.

Grade 316 stainless steel features large quantities of chromium and nickel like 304 stainless steel. While iron makes up the bulk of 316’s structure, it also includes silicon, manganese, and carbon.

The chemical composition is the main difference between 304 and 316 stainless steel. Grade 316 has a lot more molybdenum than grade 304. Usually 2% to 3% by weight, but only particles of it are found in grade 304.

The anti-oxidation qualities of 316L make it resistant to rust from acids like sulfuric and nitric, as well as saltwater and the harsh environment of space.

Additionally, the 316L’s color sets it apart as a modern, popular option.

316LVM is a better grade of stainless steel that is said to be great for people with sensitive skin. It works great for all kinds of surgical procedures and body piercing. The quality of 316LVM comes from the fact that it has less nickel and carbon and more chromium and molybdenum. So, it’s great for people with sensitive skin and many medical procedures.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Jewelry

Trendy stainless steel jewelry isn’t flawless. Check its benefits and cons before buying for personal or business usage.


a. Durable and Sturdy

Steel is quite durable. Stainless-steel jewelry is scratch- and dull-resistant. The addition of titanium, another extremely durable alloy, increases the material’s lifespan.

Stainless steel is a popular choice for body jewelry because of the strong metal’s capability to resist corrosion and scratches due to a thin layer of chromium that prevents oxidation.

b. Unisex

For whatever reason, stainless steel jewelry has become very popular amongst women. This is also popular with male customers for high-end watches and glasses etc.

Stainless-steel products have excelled in the male fashion market because they seem masculine when worn with many types of clothing.

c. Tarnish Resistant

Interesting as they are, gold and silver jewelry are sensitive to rust. On the other hand, jewelry made of stainless steel has an invisible layer of chromium that prevents it from rusting. Also, stainless steel jewelry doesn’t need to be polished often or treated with care. Making it one of the main reasons people prefer to buy stainless steel jewelry.

d. Eco-friendly

Eco- friendly

If you’re concerned about the environment, stainless steel is a good choice because it has fewer harmful effects on the environment during production.

Stainless steel jewelry requires less energy to create. Thus, the waste produced is also lower than that of other metals.

e. Non-allergenic and easy on the body.

As one of the minor heavy metals, stainless steel jewelry is trendy among people. As a result, such items can be worn for extended periods without causing any discomfort.

As a result of being hypoallergenic, it is safe for people with allergies. If your skin reacts negatively to several metals, consider buying this.

f. Affordable

Fancy stainless steel jewelry is an excellent alternative to costly gold, diamond, or ruby pieces if you are on a tight budget.

Stainless steel chains and other jewelry items are less expensive than their precious metal rivals, gold, and silver. The plating procedure, stainless steel components, etc., are the critical factors in stainless steel jewelry cost.

Also, Stainless steel can be the most incredible option because it provides the highest return on investment.


a. Cannot be Resized

It is tough to resize jewelry made of stainless steel. As a result of the need for a precise size match, jewelry such as rings, anklets, and bracelets are more likely to experience this issue. Even if you can get the jewelry resized, the process may change how it looks in its original state.

b. Selection Between Limited Designs

Due to its toughness and stiffness, stainless steel is not the best material for a workpiece. Because of this, there aren’t many options on the market. Its lack of variation also means it’s not always something you’d want to wear to public occasions.

c. Non-hypoallergenic

Since nickel is included in stainless steel, it can trigger allergic reactions in susceptible people. Before purchasing stainless steel, you should talk to a dermatologist if you have a history of nickel allergies or sensitive skin.

However, surgical stainless steel does not trigger allergic reactions because it is hypoallergenic.

d. Few Wedding Bands

Gold and silver wedding bands are the norm in our culture. However, choices made of stainless steel have only recently become available on the market. As a result, this is a tiny number.

The price will likely break the bank. In addition to this, there aren’t a lot of different styles available on the market yet.

e. Can be Dented Easily

While stainless steel has a reputation for being tough and long-lasting, it is not indestructible. Dents can quickly appear in stainless steel jewelry. Carelessness with jewelry and other accessories, or frequent usage of any heavy or pointed object, increases the risk of damage from dings and scratches.

To some extent, this is a matter of taste. However, stainless steel jewelry could be made to look like silver and are considerably cheaper than silver while still being superior to silver in many aspects.

f. Resizing the Rings

Only a few jewelers are equipped with sophisticated machines to resize stainless steel. The reason for this is that the metal has a high melting point.

The process of resizing the rings is quite complex. It is best to buy something that fits perfectly to avoid situations like this.

Where to Buy High-quality Stainless Steel Jewelry in China?

Buying jewelry from China

Wholesale markets for jewelry and accessories are focused mainly on China. It is the most excellent location to purchase a wide selection of high-quality jewelry made of stainless steel. Check out these local markets if you’re in the area:

Yiwu International Trade City

Yiwu International Trade City

The largest small-commodity wholesale market in the world is in Yiwu. It concentrates on exports. The market is typical in that it sells jewelry and accessories.

It’s the best place to find trendy stainless steel jewelry quickly.

Guangzhou Jewelry Market

There is no central hub for the jewelry industry in Guangzhou. Many different wholesale markets can be found there. Guangzhou’s Taikang Jewelry City and the Xijiao Building are two of the city’s most popular shopping destinations. Foreign buyers will be interested in these. The Guangzhou Liwan Plaza is another option.

Qingdao Jewelry Market

Qingdao Jewelry Market

Compared to the alternative options above, Qingdao offers more complicated jewelry. As a result, the prices are considerably higher here. It uses Korean crafting techniques because Korea is nearby. Visit places like Jimo Small Market and Sino-Korea International Market.

Choosing the Right Stainless Steel Jewelry-Tips and Tricks

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Many factors can influence the cost and quality of stainless steel, so it’s essential to keep an open mind when shopping for it. Over 150 different types of stainless steel are produced by manufacturers, all of which are used in various industries. These range from the beautiful cladding used on roofs to dental implants and jewelry.

You need to focus on these three crucial things:

  • Pick the correct plating process.
  • Ensure that the stainless steel is of a high enough quality.
  • Examine the polishing quality.

Check the Steel Grade

We’ve already gone through the two most popular types of stainless steel: 304 and 316. 316 stainless steel is superior to 304 stainless steel but costs a lot more.

Also, The high nickel percentage of jewelry made of stainless steel types 302 and 304 can stain skin. Although it is suitable for external wear, it is not a good option for jewelry or piercings. The piercing experts advise the 316LVM steel.

Therefore, 316 stainless steel is commonly used for luxury jewelry. It is necessary to conduct a test to identify the grade of stainless steel, as it is nearly impossible to do so strictly based on visual observation.

Check Polish Quality

Jewelry polish quality

When buying jewelry made of stainless steel, you must pay close attention to the tiny details. It is crucial to think about the quality of stainless jewelry. Women with sensitive skins should choose 316VM steel stylish jewelry.

In this alloy, chromium dominates over nickel and carbon in a small amount. It is created in a vacuum to provide the surface with a glossy finish. High-end, luxurious jewelry is produced using stainless steel of the 316L type.

Check to see if the level is the same all over the surface. You can also ask the people who sell or make the jewelry how it was polished.

Consider about the cost & comfort

When purchasing jewelry, consider how much comfort it will provide. Ensure that the surface of the jewelry touching the skin has no sharp or jagged edges. Where two molded sides of the jewelry come together, there should be no unevenness or gaps. You should spend extra money on the best metal if you have sensitive skin.

Choose the Right Plating Process

Electroplating is a cheaper way to make jewelry. Therefore, you can think about it if you want to save money. But if you have the money to buy jewelry, PVD-prepared jewelry will have the best shine.

What Do You Need to Know About Stainless Steel Jewelry Products?

How Long Does Stainless Steel Fashion Jewelry Lasts?

Jewelry made of stainless steel can last for many years without changing appearance. But it also depends on the plating technique used to create the jewelry. PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) and electroplating are the two main techniques.

With PVD, layers are carefully added to a solid in a vacuum environment. The thickness of the layers may range from one atom to one millimeter. There may be multiple levels, each made of a different substance.

A thin film is usually between 0.25 and 0.7 microns thick and is used in the stainless steel jewelry and watch industries.

Jewelry PVD coatings range in thickness from 0.20 to 0.28 microns. The price difference is not related to the thickness difference. It is common to find jewelry made of coated steel 0.7 microns thick (some top brands utilize 0.350.5 microns).

Following are some examples of PVD coating techniques:

  • Sputtering in the cathodic arc.
  • Dissing physical vapors with an electron beam.
  • Precipitation and evaporation (mainly used for jewelry and watchmaking).
  • Laser spray deposition with pulses

The outcome of electroplating has likely been seen in pricey jewelry with a thin layer of precious metal. An electrochemical reaction coats an object with a thin metal layer.

The electroplating procedure is straightforward. The item to be coated is first given a negative charge. After that, the object is soaked in the metal saline solution that will laminate it.

Your preferences, your budget, and a number of the other considerations discussed earlier all play a role in determining whether you should use PVD or electroplating.

Electroplating is likely the most cost-effective method to manufacture jewelry that will sell at a lower price. A more durable, long-lasting coating and resistance to rust are necessary for high-end jewelry. PVD plating is the best option in this scenario because the cost of PVD coating is significantly greater.

Is Stainless Steel Jewelry Waterproof?

stailess steel jewelry waterproof

A chromium coating makes stainless steel jewelry waterproof, so you can wear it without worrying. In addition to avoiding tarnish and corrosion, this coating is essential in making the jewelry water-resistant.

A stable layer protects the underlying metal surface against rusting by functioning as a barrier to limit the flow of oxygen and water to the area underneath the coating.

In the absence of this fragile coating, the metal will react to the presence of water and corrode, forming a matte layer of rust. Stainless steel, on the other hand, prevents the naturally occurring oxidation reaction, which makes the metal immune to water.

Does Stainless Steel Jewelry Turns Green?

Many people have reported that they have been left with green marks after wearing stainless steel jewelry, although this material is currently fashionable for use in jewelry.

This green area is not allergic to the skin because allergic reactions typically involve redness, swelling, and itching. Suppose you remove your jewelry regularly. In that case, the green tint left behind on your skin will eventually go away.

This can depend on the jewelry’s quality or a skin allergy to steel. However, the leading cause of green skin is a salt compound that is created when the acids in the skin react with the metal alloy. It leaves a green shine on your skin. Heat and moisture retention will increase this process as well.

You can paint the jewelry with clear nail polish to prevent a reaction between the skin and the metal, which would cause the skin to turn green. If it finally turns green, scrub it clean with some soap and elbow grease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Clean Stainless Steel Jewelry?

  • Mix two drops of your gentle dish soap with a cup of hot water until you get a warm soapy mixture. Add some plain warm water to the second bowl and set it aside.
  • Stainless steel jewelry that is unclean should be dipped in a cleaning solution for 5-10 minutes. If you don’t have any lint-free cloths available, drop one of them into the soapy water. Just make sure the second towel stays dry.
  • Rub the wet cloth against the grain with your hands. Don’t use a rough fabric that can cause tiny scratches. A soft toothbrush can also be used.
  • When you’re done, put the jewelry in the bowl of simple warm water to dispose of any loose dirt or soap remnants.

Does Stainless Steel Jewelry Tarnish?

The gold coating on stainless steel wears off over time. It is made of metal and tends to fade when exposed to harsh environments over and over again.

Stainless steel is protected for a while by a thin layer of chromium on its outside. But to shine, it needs to be polished, cared for, and maintained. Designs that are gold-plated add an extra layer of protection. Also, the process of electroplating gives the jewelry a shine.

Is Stainless Steel Jewelry Good?

We recommend stainless steel jewelry. It’s quickly becoming a trendy accessory purchase.

It’s preferred by many due to its low price and low maintenance requirements. However, its handling and cost are not comparable to that of precious metals like gold and platinum.

There are many sorts of stainless steel, but 316 will suit you best. This is the ideal choice for people with sensitive skin. However, it is the most pricey type of stainless steel. Our analysis suggests that this is due to its features.

Does Stainless Steel Jewelry Rust?

A big myth is that jewelry made of stainless steel won’t rust. It’s time to put an end to this. Because of the chromium film, the claims are made. Stainless steel does not rust, and it doesn’t scratch easily. Therefore, it maintains its quality over time. It will continue to display obvious signs of use and age for a long duration.

Even with the protective film, this jewelry will fade over time if it is always in the sun or rain. So, you won’t see much wear and tear soon.

Chlorine dulls the shine of your stainless steel jewelry. If you are a swimmer, it is recommended that you purchase jewelry made of stainless steel, namely 316 or 304.

You will see rust if you try to utilize a different type of stainless steel.


The stainless steel jewelry industry has the potential to dominate other accessories competitors, and it’s a reliable industry to purchase from. Just apply the knowledge we shared with you, and you will score the best deals possible without any need to be worrying about quality or other issues.

After reading this blog post, you should have a greater understanding of jewelry made of stainless steel than you knew before. If you are still facing issues related to stainless steel jewelry, you can contact the officials of Equator Shipping. Our team of experts will always assist you with your queries.

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