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As more and more companies go worldwide, they frequently discover they need to purchase materials from other marketplaces. And China is their first choice. China’s well-developed facilities and logistical networks make shipping simple, and the country’s low manufacturing costs can increase your profits.

However, being so far from the factory floor might be nerve-wracking in order to perform a China factory inspection. In fact, many importers have experienced the frustration of collecting a shipment only to discover it is full of faulty goods.

By developing a solid quality management system and cooperation with a trustworthy third-party goods inspection service, you can avoid the horror of receiving a batch of unsold products. Spending money on this vital quality control (QC) method helps reduce production risks and rectify final product problems.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the process of using a China product inspection service and show you why it’s worth it.

What is Full Inspection China? Why Is It Important for E-commerce Business?

Full Inspection China

During production, it’s essential to consider several things. Customers’ needs are the driving force behind these considerations. Each element is crucial to the final product’s excellence. All producers must adhere to these standards. The supplier is not permitted to waive these responsibilities. If all the criteria are met, the output was successful.

There are a variety of metrics that consumers use to assess the quality of a product. When deciding which approach to choose, one must consider the nature of the production at hand. Product inspection is one example of these techniques. The production process would only be complete with the inspection. This allows you to see the production process in action. This evaluates how well the products are made and the specifications.

In China, inspecting each product component to determine its quality is standard practice. The customer can choose the criteria used in this evaluation, or the product’s general appearance, craftsmanship, functioning, safety, etc., can be verified.

Piece-by-piece inspection of China can be undertaken before or after the product has been packaged. It may take place at either your site, the facility of your vendor, or the Chinese warehouse’s sorting facility.

Quality control in China relies on inspecting individual components to ensure consistent output and minimize flaws. Buyers will find this especially helpful in ensuring that the products they purchase are compatible with and up to the standards set by their customers and the marketplace.

In China, full/piece inspections can be performed anytime during manufacturing to guarantee flawless exports. On the other hand, quality control checks are almost always performed after manufacturing but before shipment.

Why Do You Need Pre-Shipping Inspection?

product inspection

First, it’s important to understand what goes into a China inspection; purchasing from China involves a complex web of purchases, supply channels, and distribution strategies. Before delivery, it is important to ensure the goods are of acceptable quality. Also, you need a Pre-shipping inspection for the reasons mentioned below:

a. Inspection in China is There to Check Quality

Every business has quality experts who aim to ensure that products and services meet or exceed client expectations. When you place an order with a vendor in China, they will conduct a pre-shipment check on the items. Buying consumables requires extra attention to inspection criteria to ensure they are met. If the products you sell are low quality, your consumers will be dissatisfied by leaving bad reviews and ratings. Suppliers who care about their good names will do all it takes to keep their products in high demand.

b. Following are some of the many reasons why quality inspection is so crucial for businesses

China inspection is crucial to manufacturing firms since it ensures that their products and services are of the highest quality for their clients.

If your products pass inspection, your customers will have more faith in purchasing from you. These businesses inspire trust in their partners and customers.

c. Inspecting the products you sell in an investment in your brand’s reputation

Investing in high-quality products is a crucial element to the success of any business. To be shipped out of China, products must first pass the strict criteria standards the China Inspection Service sets. In this approach, companies may give buyers confidence that their products will meet or exceed their expectations.

When Do You Need Full Inspection China Services?

Some importers choose partial or full-quality inspection in China for these reasons:

  • Numerous goods are thought to be defective, and it is believed that the vendor’s quality control is insufficient.
  • Because of the high cost of the restocking fee, it is preferable to spend more time and resources sorting out the defective goods before returning them.
  • As soon as the examination is complete, defective items can be swapped out for quality alternatives.
  • Adjust the quantity and packaging to your needs.

Full Inspection VS Random Inspection – Which One is Better for E-commerce Seller?

a. Random Inspection:

Importers should schedule random quality checks as part of their quality control strategy.
Most purchasers rely on random quality checks as their default to save time.

ISO 2859-1 (or ANSI / ASQ Z1.4) is commonly used as the standard by which Sellers establish their AQL limits and levels of inspection.
If you work with multiple suppliers and your quality standards indicate 2-3% of secondary products, you may need to do a random inspection.

-This is the standard procedure for random inspections:

  • A quality control representative visits the factory where the supplier’s goods are produced.
  • It would help to count how many are on the screen and randomly pick boxes and goods.
  • The item and its wrapping should be inspected for apparent flaws.
  • Guarantee that everything is up to par with the requirements
  • Write a report with your results, including whether or not you passed.

Full Inspection:

Some importers prefer 100 percent quality control inspections of each item for these three reasons:

  • Because of the high cost of the restocking fee, it is preferable to spend more time and resources sorting out the defective goods before returning them.
  • Many goods are thought to be defective, and it is believed that the vendor’s quality control is inadequate.
  • After the examination, defective items can be swapped out for quality alternatives.

For example, mass-produced products at cheap cost and significant volume benefit from less stringent quality control measures since mechanical processes are so dependable. Pre-production testing is acceptable for these items.

At the same time, the production processes required, and hence the expense connected with items’ high defectiveness, can require frequent inspections for high-priced, low-volume goods. However, in this case, you can select for inspection of the finished product while it is still in production. For instance, an inspection can be carried out before the start of a process that cannot be undone.

Choosing an inspection model depends totally on your preference. If you’re an E-commerce seller, choose the suitable inspection method based on your online store needs.

For example: If a person is selling merchandise in their store, a full inspection might not be needed, and a partial inspection will work just fine. But if someone is selling a tech gadget or custom-made product, they might need to go for a full inspection as there might be a technical defect in one or more devices.

Using a quality inspection service to double-check your labels and barcodes before listing your product on Amazon is a must. Amazon will reject orders with incorrect labels. Therefore, it’s essential to take all necessary precautions.

What to do if I Need a Full Product Inspection Service in China?

full inspection - 4

Why Product Quality Control and Assurance is Important?

If you own a business or operate in quality control China manufacturing, you need to implement the most effective inspection procedures. The end user’s happiness is the primary goal of quality inspection procedures. If a supplier’s goods are up to snuff in consumer requirements, they can comfortably release them to the marketplace. This ensures the supplier has a large number of satisfied suppliers. Confidence in the quality of the goods sold benefits both the vendor and the buyer.

These are the procedures of quality assurance used in warehouses and distribution centers. As a result, inspectors must be vigilant in their search for flaws in the supply chain and in their efforts to correct them before items may be released. Quality assurance and quality monitoring procedures have established guidelines that must be followed. These principles aid in the standardization of supply chain operations and safeguard the rights of consumers.

Businesses stick to the rules because they are audited often. The production and paperwork processes are inspected thoroughly to ensure accuracy. These actions help strengthen the company’s brand and safeguard its reputation. Compliance with all applicable ISO standards is essential for every production line.

Who Can Help With Full Inspection in China?

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a. Manufacturers

Before placing an order, you can have the manufacturer do quality inspections and submit their findings. This method may be a financially viable one. However, most producers prioritize meeting profit targets rather than ensuring product quality. Their quality assurance procedures may differ from yours, which could have an adverse effect. Maybe they want to crank out things and get them to you as fast as they can, regardless of quality.

b. Sourcing Agents or Trading Partners

A sourcing partner in China is another option to consider. The partner will assist with quality control and assurance, including sourcing products from legitimate producers in China. If your sourcing partner is compensated on a commission basis, they will do their utmost to keep you as a client by providing you with an objective product inspection report just before shipping. In addition, they have solid relationships with numerous producers; you can use these to your advantage.

c. Thrid-Party Inspection Companies

An impartial organization, neither the vendor nor the buyer, conducts the inspection. Still, the buyer is typically the one who hires an independent inspection service.

Since the buyer doesn’t employ the supplier’s quality control staff, they may lack the necessary experience to identify issues with the products sold.

Even if issues are discovered, the supplier’s QC remarks might not make it to the buyer, and the supplier’s sales staff or leadership might spin the results to improve their image.

Smaller and medium-sized purchasers typically cannot manage the considerable overhead of maintaining an overseas presence. Since they provide a dependable, inexpensive, and as-needed quality control option for small and medium-sized buyers, 3rd party quality control services have become increasingly popular.

d. Self-Inspection

Even though it’s a hassle, self-inspection is your best bet for determining whether or not the product’s quality meets your standards. Costs associated with self-inspection, such as transportation, lodging, and education, will increase the final price of imported goods.

Quality assurance is something a business can never take for granted, especially when sourcing products from other countries.

How to Incorporate QA/QC Full Inspection Into Your Deal?


It’s possible that you and the vendor won’t see eye to eye on every aspect of the product’s quality.

You must first ascertain quality. For instance, you might learn how important factors like product functionality and material quality are to you. The consensus on the final sample will reveal this. The Acceptable Quality Limit is the maximum percentage of defective items present in a given batch of goods, and all parties should settle upon it.

After completing these steps, the final step is to contract with an inspection firm to keep an eye on things. The process of placing an order requires extensive research. If not, there may be a security issue.

Things You Need to Know About Full Inspection China

How to choose product inspection services

How to Choose Product Inspection Services in China?

The major question that comes to every seller’s mind is how to choose the right inspection agency. See, there are multiple factors that you need to take into consideration. If not taken care of such factors, there is a chance that you will land yourself into problems that can lead to the business going sideways.

So, to prevent that, here are the things that you need to consider while choosing the right inspection agency.

a. Knowledge

One of the first things that should be on your list is knowledge of a product inspection company. You must choose a team that has knowledge of the product niche. For instance, if you are selling mobile phones, your inspection company should be able to see whether the EMI/EMC radiation is at a minimum. Moreover, they should know the acceptable battery heat limit. This is just one example.

Remember that, if your product inspection company doesn’t know your product, they cannot inspect it. So, when choosing the team, make sure that they know ins and outs of your product.

b. Experience

Experience is another important factor that plays an important role. If your team does not know what tools or paperwork is needed for proper inspection, then there is no point in hiring that team. See, product inspection is an important step, so proper experience is needed. For instance, if requires sending in the samples and getting proper paperwork. Moreover, your team should be able to interpret the inspection report. Such things should be available in your inspection team.

c. Reputation

Next point is reputation and reviews of the inspection team. There are plenty of websites that can give you detailed analytics into the inspection company’s past jobs. See, what other people are saying about these. Go through the comments and reviews to see whether they are a good fit for you or not.

What Are the Duties of Suppliers During Product Inspection in China?

full inspections

The pre-shipment inspector requires a workforce due to the complexity of the Chinese inspection process. Time constraints mean that the vendor must lend a hand to the inspectors. Suppliers play a key role in facilitating these procedures;

  • Moving export-bound cases from storage to quality control areas
  • The process of opening the shipping containers so customs officials can inspect items.
  • Vendors are also responsible for repacking the boxes following quality assurance inspections.
  • To free up inspectors’ time for defect identification and correcting non-conformities, all non-essential responsibilities should be delegated to vendors.

Three Best-Way Product Inspection Process In China

Before starting manufacturing, clients have a right to list any specifications they have. Products should be tailored to the buyer’s needs to ensure their satisfaction.

  • The first thing to do when acquiring items from China is to include a detailed list of all the inspection criteria you have for them in the purchase order.
  • The supplier and the testers should have access to the quality control agency’s checklist, which you should give. Include all of your packagings needs on the list.
  • Before beginning manufacturing, you should provide the supplier with all files related to the retail package and request samples.

Many businesses employ packaging design to increase product sales to consumers. You will find commercial success once you stop trying to sell your product and instead let it sell itself.

If a problem is found with a product during an inspection, it can be fixed before being sent to the consumer. That is the primary goal of inspections in China, as passing them can help you avoid bad feedback from buyers. Suppliers in the manufacturing sector in China must invest in quality control inspections to protect themselves from the financial consequences of customer complaints.

What to Include In QC Checking List?

QC checking list

There are several parts to an inspection report that must be taken into account. The following are some of these components:

  • Type of Item
  • The Succeeding Product’s number
  •  Failed Number
  • Isn’t applicable

Every production batch is evaluated according to these standards. This gives inspectors a window into the quality of the production.

The inspectors will determine the length of the report. Through dialogue, they will develop it further.
The report provides crucial details regarding the manufactured goods and their inspection status. Both the inspectors and the consumers can create evaluation criteria.

Before entering any data into the report, we evaluate all available parameters. As a result, considering the items using criteria that aren’t part of the standard may be inappropriate.

Products currently for sale in the market are used to assess the adequacy of the compiled list of examination parameters. Making adjustments to the criteria list is simplified. Auditors learn how the parameters are put to use.

Whether the product being imported is simple or complicated, expensive or inexpensive to manufacture, the importer should always give the manufacturer with a quality control checklist.

What to Expect from QC Report?

The agency will provide a PDF report, including photographs and other data gathered during the quality inspection, the next business day.

Don’t forget that the PDF report serves as a quality checklist to ensure you receive exactly what you’ve asked for and that the team won’t just make or fix the things you specify.

You can see the total number of issues, detailed descriptions and visual aids in the report. As a result, the information might be a basis for your decision on the order.

It would help if you never considered working with a vendor who does not fully accept quality control.

You need to inform your vendor immediately that you plan to have quality control performed on order. You need to know this even before you request a sample.

As a buyer, you should verify the existence of a quality assurance procedure and ensure that the supplier is aware that you require the highest possible standard of quality.

If the items are manufactured and approved, you will be responsible for making the final decision and coordinating the transportation of these goods. However, you may easily train to ensure that the supplier fixes any quality or product faults and reproduces all of them before approving and receiving the items at the end, assuming the contract you signed with the supplier specifies such.

Every potential Chinese purchaser knows that quality control is more than just a testing process; it also includes the steps taken before manufacturing and before quality control to guarantee a positive outcome for decisions made after quality control to make sure the right things occur and to avoid any problems it is best to employ a quality agent to handle the process on your behalf.

Once your products have been insured and shipped, it is too late to request a refund or exchange because you will have to bear the risk associated with quality issues once the goods arrive in your country. Instead, before making the final payment, you must ensure that your items fully conform to all applicable technical specifications and quality standards.

Information Related to Top Inspection Service Providers in China

Top Product Inspection Service Providers In China

a. Equator Shipping

equator supply chain

Since 2015, Equator Supply Chain has provided full-service purchasing from China for international e-commerce giants.

Their offerings cover a wide range of support for businesses, from conceptualization to manufacturing to distribution.
With all these options, you can rest assured that your time spent sourcing from China will be positive.

With Equator’s supply chain management system, customers may acquire low-cost, high-quality goods, enjoy stress-free international shipping, save money on storage, and benefit from Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) programme.

Equator Shipping has profound industry knowledge of product inspection, allowing businesses to get what they are looking for. Our redefined  QA/QC services such as product inspection, plant evaluation, checking packaging requirements, and documentation allows users to save the hassle. Equator’s detailed QC reports serve as a valid certificate and contain detailed insight on whether the product is good to go or not. Moreover, it enables eCommerce sellers to show that report to customs agencies for clearance purposes.


Having your goods tested and certified by QIMA opens the door to markets in North America and the European Union because it is an accredited lab by European and North American countries and key standards authorities.

Quality Inspection and Management at QIMA (QIMA) provides quality assurance services for various food and consumer items. Pre-shipment inspection, production monitoring, starting production check, during production check, container loading inspection, and food inspections are other services they offer.

QIMA offers a variety of audit programs for suppliers, laboratory testing, and certifications, in addition to its inspection services. ISO 9001, EN-71 for toys, California’s Proposition 65, REACH, C-TPAT, Sedex, etc., are only a few validated tests, methods, and standards.

QIMA has been granted permission by AQSIQ to perform laboratory tests and inspections, and it also holds accreditation from the China National Service Accreditation for Conformity Assessment (CNAS).

In addition to its headquarters in Hong Kong, QIMA also has offices in the Chinese cities of Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Wenzhou.
Some of the services that QIMA provides are:

  • Factory audit
  • On-site inspection
  • Remote inspection
  • Pre-custom clearance inspection
  • Quality assurance training

c. Sofeast


Sofeast Limited is yet another formidable competitor for quality control services. They employ quality assurance inspectors that have worked in the industry for at least ten years.

The business operates in a highly competitive industry. It allows them to provide excellent customer service, regardless of volume, consistently. The company does excellent work since they follow all the rules. Their inspectors work around the clock to provide fast, convenient, and affordable services.

d. G.I.S

The quality engineering and management consulting service provider is GIS (General Inspection Service Co., Ltd). Its primary goal is to help businesses enhance their quality assurance and quality control systems and successfully aid those businesses in the growth and management of their supplier networks. Since 2005, GIS has been offering third-party inspection, plant evaluation, project quality management, product testing and inspection, and quality engineering consultancy under the auspices of the General Administration of Quality Supervision and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China.

Why Quality Control Inspection is Important? The Best Practices

QC  is important

Using a Refined ERP with Quality Assurance

The only approach to ensure high-quality output is with a completely automated system. So the fact that most factories haven’t made the switch is shocking. On the other hand, enterprise resource planning (ERP) has quickly become the industry standard, used by virtually every firm today. ERP’s quality assurance features are adaptable, making them helpful in pursuing the final objective. Its accessibility to quality assurance solutions is crucial. It equips users with the resources necessary for efficient quality goal management. This is performed through the distribution chain.

The procedure entails an initial assessment, a final product, and the product’s distribution. In this way, QA teams can keep tabs on every component of the manufacturing process. The procedure inspects the final items for flaws and mistakes to maintain uniformly high standards. It’s done to ensure the final items aren’t harmful to consumers and accomplish their jobs well.

QC Brings Loyal Customers

The inspection process is only as good as the quality control measures put in place. Excellent customer relations are developed as a result. Therefore, there is a relationship between the two. ERP solutions should be actively promoted to manufacturers for use in their manufacturing processes. This is because the implemented solutions result in superior final goods. The quality of the product directly correlates to the amount of repeat business it receives. It is recommended to implement an ERP system with solid QA features.

Internally and externally, it collects vital, real-time intelligence.
Production facilities, warehouses, and the supply chain can contribute to the data. Data related to human resources are also accessible.
When a manufacturer has this data, they can make better products and provide better customer service.

Helps Reducing Costs and Improve Decision Making

There are other offerings from a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with quality assurance features. The capacity to accurately predict potential future trends is one example. Particularly so in the supply chain operation. With such a prediction in hand, processes can run more smoothly.

There are many different organizational methods to choose from in good ERP systems. These methods demonstrate the usefulness of a flexible workflow. The workflow process is essential to production planning, stocking, and distributing. Businesses that implement ERP systems report better decision-making and significant cost savings.

Helps Companies Gain Better Customer Satisfaction

Businesses that want to build loyal client bases should allocate resources to quality inspection. A firm must spend money to check off all the boxes regarding quality control. This guarantees the timely delivery of a high-quality product. In such a situation, the prospect of client loyalty grows.

In addition, the client is more inclined to tell others about the product. Over time, these benefits increase consumers’ bottom lines. The producer might go the additional mile for his customers by giving them details about the status of the quality inspection of the products they purchase from China. If the company proves its commitment to product quality in this way, it will win the trust of its customers.

Helps in Getting Compliance

All factories are concerned about regulations. It’s a major problem that needs immediate attention and a workable answer. ERP combined with QA is a great answer. Since the problem has been solved, consumers have more faith in the product. The systems monitor manufacturers’ adherence to health and safety regulations in the workplace. Failure to comply may result in monetary sanctions.

An Enterprise Resource Planning system is recommended to avoid such consequences. It monitors the security of the workplace by gathering data from various sources. Potential dangers and risks can be avoided in this way. A manufacturer’s ability to independently produce testing mechanisms is an essential feature of an ERP solution. The inspections aim to guarantee that the goods are of adequate quality and safety. The software can generate weekly or monthly safety reports. Both inputs and outputs must be tested to ensure they are up to standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

QC  is important

What Type of QC Checks Can be Performed by Inspector?

An inspector can perform any checks mentioned in the quality check report. Furthermore, you can include more types of checks in the checklist you provide to the inspector.

When Should You Book a QC Inspection?

You should book a QC inspection during production or at the final stage before they get delivered to you. QC checks are crucial for buyer’s satisfaction as they provide quality assurance to the buyer.

How to Check If Inspector is Capable of Performing QC?

Firstly, try to look for a well-experienced QC inspector in the industry. Spending a few more bucks won’t disappoint you in the long run. Secondly, if you are hiring an agency for QC inspection,  take a sigh of relief as reputed agencies only hire well-experienced and well-groomed Inspectors from the industry.

How Long Does It Take to Generate QC Report?

The agency will provide you with a PDF report with images and other data they gathered during the quality check no later than the next business day.

Dimensions, defect descriptions, and other such data may be included. Likewise, you can ask to see videos whenever you like. The PDF report mirrors the quality checklist, so you get exactly what you expect. During the review, they will not make any last-minute changes.


Your import risks can be reduced, production costs can be cut, and delivery times can be shortened with the help of quality checks. Regardless of the order size, quality control must be integral to importing from China. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a reliable quality assurance partner.

As an experienced shipping agent in China, Equator has an extensive team including overseas experts who can solve all your problems locally.  Also, Equator could help in importing products from China to your place.  If you still have queries about our services, come directly to us.

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